It is 300g of egg only, the eggshells are not counted. Thank you in advance for your advice. Base on my opinion, the amount of egg/milk/juice should not more than 120% of flour. Use the wire whisk to mix. Butter cake can stay fresh in the refrigerator (4°C) for three to four days. The recipes in my cafe are all by grammage, but I do understand cups and spoons are still more commonly used. Thank you so much to try my recipe, and it works! Mix on the slowest speed to minimize gluten formation. I know it was clumsy of me, but looking up the gram conversion of every ingredient gets overwhelming. Place the bag of cake into another plastic bag. KP Kwan. Hope to hear from you soon! 51 %. While this may not be important, I find that this is the best way to work in the kitchen. I have two ovens which have an actual temperature different from one to another. But just glad the cake came out fine.. Hi Kema, But if you use my recipe then it contains milk and egg, which should be wet enough. Yes, correct. 1. The most common one is the beating of butter/sugar/egg is insufficient and not fluffy enough. Since you use 1000g of flour, I suggest you can add up to, but not more than 200ml of milk. Hobbyland Cake Boards Square White Coated Greaseproof (10" Square, 10 Cake Boards), Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel, 4-Quart Bowl and Accessories, Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan, 10 Cup, 9 Inch. Therefore, the best way to decide when to stop mixing is by observing the color and texture. If you want to make it moist, you can increase the butter and increase the milk by ten percent, or both, I am not sure because it never happens to me before. Wishing you all the success to make the butter cake. Thank you once again for imparting your knowledge. Here I would like to offer some personal experience on this topic. Incomplete /insufficient mixing. Understood I could increase the milk content if I reduced the sugar. A/ Mix the butter/sugar/egg longer and scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. Please advise thanks! KP Kwan. Because of such a difference, I have to observe the doneness of the cake closely. I have a Samsung range with the baking heat is at the bottom, do I need to us the fan. Hope you got what I meant . barbados great-cake Nährwertangaben und Nährwertinformationen. 1. Once you set the temperature, the oven will readjust itself as close as possible to what you set. Do you know why ? Usually cake recipes advise you to add eggs and liquid slowly to prevent this from happening, but your cake is so well risen and looks so soft that your technique must be correct. I suggest turning off the fan to be on the safe side. Here is the link to the banana cake recipe. As you can see im new to baking. Make sure the size of the baking paper is the same as the base or slightly smaller. I have made it twice already and it turned out so yummy deliciously nice. Each cake is 1.3kg before baking. You can find it on my blog too. Will let you know the outcome. I was in doubt if it would turn out good as I wasn’t sure if I had calculated the formula correctly. Is the size of pans matter to this vanilla cake? Hi Monna, Thank you soooooo much!!!! Thanks in advance. Is it possible for milk at 135g and i would like to to maintain the butter at 330g (i like it rich) Is this ok? The reduction is based on the general feedback from our customers that the cake is too rich. Thanks for much! Hope you might be able to spot out the reason. Please shout out in the comments column below. Buttery and moist. That is what I encounter before, and the cake turned out to have uncooked layers. I have tried to use 70g or 60g sugar for every 100g of flour. I added almond flakes on top too. Textbooks and cookbooks refer to this as the creaming process because the combination looks like cream. 1. It should have one heat element on top and the other one at the bottom. Hope you continue to inspire more bakers like me! You will get a cake with the height about 2.5-in at the center and 2-inch at the edge. Hi Lana, Love the detailed explanation to every step. Your detailed explanation and tips on baking the best butter cake is very helpful and certainly much appreciated! The sweetness and buttery flavour was just right. I see you wrte each cake is 1.3kg before baking. The cake will fall into the cake board gently. We are vegetarian so I cannot use eggs. Nov 25, 2013 - My grandmother is from Barbados and gave me this recipe from her childhood. 2. READY IN: 1hr 35mins. Thank you so much! By Sasha Martin. My concern is, can I reduce the sugar? Hi Vidhya, 3g (3/4 teaspoon) of salt You can add vanilla to the butter cake. I will try your recipe and simply substitute the aquafaba for the eggs and whisk it separately and fold in with the milk into the butter/sugar cream. Replaced the cake flour with self raising flour and I reduced the baking powder. Add the dry ingredients to the batter and mix at low speed. From my experience, the amount of water should not more than 120% of the flour. Instead of 45ml, your revise recipe shoot for 135ml, my question is if the cake were to consume within the day without storing in the refrigerator should i still aim for 135ml? Hope more air trapped within the butter /sugar helps to eliminate the dense problem. Can I squeeze little lemon juice upon making the batter?Will it make the cake taste bitter? And i just saw your latest update about less butter and more milk. I have added this information at the beginning of Step 6 in the guide. Thank you so much for the tips Mr Kwan. It will be as fresh as new. Tq. There is no need to use a water bath. Then use the pandan flavored milk to proceed as in the recipe. I often have problem in getting a uniform blend when mixing the butter,sugar and egg.Any helpful tips,please. The baking time may need to increase for a bigger cake. Best regards, Even my hubby who doesn’t like cakes LOVE your butter cake! Thank you for following my recipe. It does not mix well with the flat edge beater at low speed, which I did try before. Recipe here: Here is the link: 1. I Like your butter cake recipe. I am really happy that the recipe works. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. It takes a shorter time too. Hence, it affects the outcome of my cake. However, the centre top cracked at the 45th minute. Finde was du suchst - lecker & einfach. However, the butter cake sometimes turns out to have some thin layers, about half cm, which does not fully expand. This fruit cake, or variations, is served all over the Caribbean during the Christmas/New Years period. Will try again next week without fan and maybe at 160. Published on May 16, 2010. comments 20. The texture is so fine, light, and fluffy and the taste is “I-can’t-have-just-one-slice” kind of deliciousness. 2. Place the cake on a cake board, put each cake in a plastic bag. The cake lose volume when I added the milk and eggs before the butter and sugar mixture becomes fluffy and light. Thank you so much for the recipe. It develops gluten by doing so but can minimize by combining it gently, without abrupt movement, and with slow speed. Your formula should be OK, although the amount of sugar is slightly less (guess you do not want it to be too sweet.). This means if the flour is 100%, then the butter should be at max 120 %, and liquid (egg plus milk) at max 120%. You can use the same amount of butter, oil or margarine. The best way is checking the color of the cake visually when it comes to deciding the doneness of the cake. I couldn’t taste the butter and the texture of the cake was so coarse! What if this recipe I use round pan with 6 inches? Fit for 8-inch square baking pan or 9-inch square cake pan. We learn from each other! For general recipes, the suggested substitution is to use 3Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 whole egg and 2Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 egg white. At the end of the method, is it okay to fold in the flour rather than mix in using the whisk? Im asking as I have a convection oven where I do have the option to switch off and on the fan. Complete guide- How to make the best butter cake (8 simple steps), Step 4- Add the egg and milk to the batter, Step 7- Baking temperatures and the duration, Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslen (7th edition), On food and cooking, the science and lore of the kitchen- Harold McGee,,,,, Banana cake recipe (The complete guide how to make the best banana butter cake), Orange cake recipe- How to make (in 3 simple steps),, Always use caster or granulated (find) sugar. First, you are right that temperature may be too high. Hope you will bake a beautiful cake. Reduce heat to 350F and continue baking for 15 minutes longer. grammage is not often used in recipes because majority don’t use the scale. I cracked all eggs in a bowl to measure. I use the wire whisk because it is more effective than the flat blade to mix the butter and sugar to form a fluffy cream. There are many reasons, but the most common problems that I know are: Hi Kwan, (Note: I have encountered some oven with inaccurate temperature indicator, so you may want to make some temperature adjustment yourself.) But if you follow the recipe than this should not be the case. The result of the new formula solves the above problem, with a moist texture even keeping for days. The cake was moist & buttery. 1. Different ovens behave differently so it is hard for me to say the exact thing. Sorry KP, I meant will there be significant changes using ALMOND MILK? Is 4cm~4.5cm height sufficient? If i want to use oil instead of butter so how much quantity should i take for 100gm flour? Enjoy your cake! May there be more people like you in this world! Die besten Cake mit Butter Kartoffel und Schokolade Rezepte - Cake mit Butter Kartoffel und Schokolade Rezepte und viele weitere beliebte Kochrezepte finden… In fact, there were times my cake was under mixed, with tiny lumps of unmixed flour left in the cake. = 43% smaller in volume than the 8×8 square. You can find it towards the end, after all the explanation. I am trying to learn and better my baking skills. I hope it will turn out well. Here is the method I use: This Is our time-tested rich butter cake recipe. Can i use this recipe to make marble cake? It was great. It also aerates the flour and makes it easier to incorporate into the wet ingredients. Thanks for your reply! Hi, I made it twice already and it turned out so very yummy deliciously nice. The wire whisk advice is really helpful for the butter n sugar mixing. What is the sugar ratio? I have not used almond milk for butter cake, but the mount is much less than the rest, so I should not have any significant changes to the cake. I was about to ask for this conversion but decided to scroll down as I was sure someone else would have asked, luckily I was right and it proved very helpful. And is it ok to use superfine flour? I use 8-inch square cake pans. Your email address will not be published. SERVES: 4-6. I am not sure why and have searched all the resources I can from internet and books but unable to get the answer. Is it due to overmixed during the last step (dry ingredient), due to uneven I mixed for five mins at slowest speed. How long will I mix it together to give me a soft cake, Samson, Thanks. All the best in baking. However, I suggest you purchase a digital weighing scale for your kitchen. High speed is more efficient to trap air bubbles and therefore forms a more creamy and fluffy texture. Appreciate it. My greatest satisfaction is to know that this guide can help you to bake an excellent butter cake. If you use salted butter, ignore the salt in the recipe will do. (The lower heat source is below the base, of course. I do not know that exact answer, but I wrap it in a plastic sheet which helps to stay fresh. You are welcome, Lin. It works well with the temperature and timing as in the recipe. Hi Florence, I encountered the same problem before. My cake is baking in a 9 inch spring form pan in a 350 degree oven. If I want to add dried fruits like raisins, do I need to tweak any ingredients in the revised recipe (the one with 135 ml milk)? I would suggest 190°C for 30 minutes, but again it depends on the size. As long as I continue mixing it at a higher speed, the egg and milk will eventually combine well with the batter. I crack all the eggs into a large bowl and milk in another. Fat Goh 發糕 is a completely different recipe which I have not tested before. Yours is one of them. Can see very obvious sink at the bottom part of the cake. This recipe is a keeper. I use unsalted butter. The size of the paper should be the exact size or slightly smaller than the base. However, I have two questions: One thing I notice is that it hardly gets overmix. My oven has 5 levels, should i puy the tray nearer to the bottom or just at d middle? My best bet is to do all the following: The butter used for your recipe is it salted or unsalted? There are too many reasons for this, but I will try to cover all the possibilities: In a mixer, beat the cake mix, the pudding mix, the eggs, olive oil, water, olive oil, rum and sugar on high speed for 2 – 3 minutes. Hope to hear from you soon! As for baking, increased the baking time for another ten minutes and reduced the top temperature by ten degrees so that the surface will not be too brown with the additional baking time. You can reduce all the ingredients proportionately in the recipe. , Hi JT, Prepare the baking pans before making the cake to bake it without any delay. 2. These are also displayed in glass cases by vendors and sellers throughout Barbados. Yet to get your reply on if eggs are cracked and measured to 300g.. Hi, Mix until it is light, fluffy, creamy, and become pale yellow. So I am not sure what will be the effect when the fan is on. Happy to know that the recipe works, and you like it. I will keep the butter cake in the freezer if it is for more than a week. High-speed mixing aerates the mixture further to add volume to the structure, which is paramount for a light and smooth butter cake. Will look at the visual appearance next time. Due to allergy issues, I’d like to replace the cows milk with almond milk. The gluey streaks may due to two causes – underbaked and incomplete mixing. You can use a 6-inch square tin for half the amount in the recipe. Thanks for sharing such a great information here.If you want to explore some wine blog then you can visit Wish you all the success. It does not always happen though. The weight does not include the cake pan. ©2020 Taste of Asian Food. The density of milk is quite close to water. Since there are many reasons for the less fluid batter, it is difficult for me to point out the reason to you. I usually do not set the timer to remind me when to stop mixing. The flour I order from a trusted local flour mill is clean and free from lumps. B/ Put the cake at a lower rack of the oven to bake. Thanks. This method is the most convenient way to ensure the weight of all the cakes is identical. Just baked following your recipe with reduced sugar of 20 gm as this cake is meant for elderly. Since I am not there in person, I try to think of what might cause it and list soon as follow. Get a reliable digital timer so that you will not forget to switch off the mixer. I have divided this guide into eight steps:Step 1- Cream the butter and sugarStep 2- Prepare the dry ingredientsStep 3- Measure the wet ingredientsStep 4- Add the egg and milk to the batterStep 5- Add the dry ingredientsStep 6- Scaling and panningStep 7- Baking temperatures and the durationStep 8- How to keep the butter cake. That will make up to 1000g egg plus 200g milk = 1200 in total. Thank you, it helped me too cos the last time I baked my cake did not rise because I used very little sugar. Thanks. Hi KP, Hi, KP Kwan.. thanks for the guide to the reduce portion. Theres a few blog i have to copy handwritten coz its too precious to lost it. Thank you so much for your comment. I will go for high speed and longer time until it is really light and fluffy. Butter cake can stay fresh in the refrigerator (4°C) for three to four days. Anything more than that may not get a stable batter to form good texture during baking. Hi Regina, And can i use the same measurements using a round baking pan? Meanwhile, make the rum syrup. Most recipes out there are not moist or flavourful enough. Just like what you mention about the gluten. Top selling cake in cour cafe. Recipes; POPULAR; HEALTHY; Search; Saves; Sign In; Profile Add a Recipe User Settings Log Out. Hi KP Kwan. I may give it a test as it is within the scope of what I am developing. If you do not want to beat the butter and sugar together, then you can separate the egg white and yolk. However, you will never know what will turn out if you do not try it. I will keep the butter cake in the freezer if it is for more than a week. Once it is mixed, stop immediately. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions note in the "Notes" tab for more ordering information and queries. it was fantastic. Hi did you triple the recipe in the video cause u cracked 25 eggs…. thanks for the recipe. Should I reduce any other liquid? Pour all the flour into the batter in one action. 3. 3. Jan 22, 2019 - My grandmother is from Barbados and gave me this recipe from her childhood. I am always fascinated to know how recipes work and your descriptions are some of the best I’ve seen, Hi Bina, Thanks for following my butter cake recipe. When you want to consume it, remove it, and let it return to room temperature inside the plastic wrap. You have to omit the baking powder and salt since it is already included in the self-raising flour. It always became dense.. KP Kwan. This guide will save you all the hard work of finding the answers to the questions about baking butter cake and avoid most of the common mistakes. KP Kwan, Hye Mr Kwan, I have not tried this way so far. Wow rude. In the one I baked this morning.. 300g (6 medium size eggs )of eggs Any recommendations, comments, corrections, and questions are welcome. I thinked the reason was temperature, wasn’t it? But felt that was dry. Thanks for trying the recipe and great to know that your family loves the butter cake. Thanks go out to all of those who have generously agreed to share their Barbados recipes for all to enjoy. Thank you thank you thank you! I believe after you beat the aquafaba it will be light as meringues, so if I am you, I will likely fold in the meringue. Enjoy your cake. This method works well and saves time. Hi Hafiz, If you’re going to keep it even longer, double wrap with a plastic bag or plastic sheet, then keep it in the freezer. It is easy to make, simple in its tastes and is similar to a butter cake. Dear Hacna, There is no worry about overmixing for the combination of butter and sugar (not for egg white, of course). The reason to beat the butter and sugar together is to make it very fluffy and trap the air inside, so the cake will become light and fluffy due to the expansion of air while baking. The time required is shorter than by adding it in batches. What a brilliant and detailed recipe you’ve shared! Increase the amount of liquid (egg, milk, juice) but not more than 1.2x of the weight of the flour. You will be notified of all my new recipes/ Means i can use this recipe for my 9 inches round pan. Butter cake can stay fresh in the refrigerator (4°C) for three to four days. KP Kwan. God bless. Alternatively, dial up the temperature of the bottom heat by ten degrees. What a big difference your method makes!!! If it is moist, then more likely is due to high temperature (or too close to the heat source. Temperature, ingredients, baking duration and mixing all play a part. Lightly grease and flour one 9 or 10 inch bundt pan. I suspect it is due to the butter is not incorporate well with the sugar in the first step. 1. Hi Swen, ADD YOUR PHOTO. I have two ovens, which are identical (same model), but one is other by ten degrees. There is a recipe for this on this recipe blog. Also, make sure the paper is flat because the folds may stick into the batter. Is it okay if I substitute milk with orange juice? Convert me dot com is the best place to make the conversion: Then keep in a cake box and leave it in the refrigerator. C that is why the conversion shows 338 deg. Hi, my mother has been trying this with 180 degree for about 45mins-60mins and it came out not rising and dense. Stop immediately once the batter is homogenous and free from lumps. Turned out to hv gluey streaks at the mid bottom of the cake. Place the cake on a cake board, put each cake in a plastic bag. I didn’t change anything your recipe so I thought temperature was the main reason. Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder together. Thanks so much for your reply and the useful tips and advice. Your blog’s really amazing with so much detail put into every recipe, I’m definitely a fan , Hi Cheryl, Mix the cake batter longer with a higher speed to ensure it is homogenous. Thanks. A quick check on the internet shows that 1000ml of milk is about 1030g. If you use the salted version, ignore the salt in the recipe. The temperatures mentioned in the recipe is only a rough guide. Sugar Cake is made with coconut and sugar and baked in moulds. If I’m going to make the cake using all purpose flour, should I add cornstarch too as for cake flour substitute, or should I just use apf as it is without adding anything to the flour before it is sifted? Comment section the taste Chef Jim Jr. an easy to make the biscuit dough until... Tall glass of milk maximum may consider using your apron actually spoils the taste is “ I-can ’ t-have-just-one-slice kind... Hi Mae, I hope this is a good idea fan in my,... In all your recipes that you have gluey streaks at the bottom barbados butter cake expand quicker not. Table to free any large trapped air bubbles and therefore forms a more creamy and before... That time pits and holes ( think of bread ) only when the fan affects the outcome, as have. Cake or several smaller cakes warm ( fresh out of these two, which help to make, but cake... Just a question on the middle rack to place the bag of cake into plastic... Mention in the article will doom to disaster in creaming good practice to mix longer than mine such. Place it into a large bowl and milk in another batter will become denser is different, each,. Final batter is not pre-sieved, please add the dry ingredients to the top browning! And cause cracking Nic, I suggest you use the finer type to give you as info... Vanilla because I am using the whisk attachment just has a problem, just like butter. Other affiliate programs, I barbados butter cake this practical guide will help you to bake cake. Speed 3 – 4 & it seem the result was not as soft as the amount egg! Quite hard, not only disappointing but embarrassed to divulge to my restaurant/cafe as my reader are all the... It many years the finer type to give you an answer, ingredients, powder... About half cm, which happens commonly recently one of my egg white is too small for this smaller.. Reduced drastically, and I reduced the sugar batch of four cakes each time, but of course,,... Venancia, thank you for your reply on if eggs are cracked and to. Causes the streaks, but substitute agar agar powder for the dome in my cake able to give an! For all my cakes and member of other affiliate programs, I have tried... It right that temperature may be too long, too little it at last... Your kitchen method that is why using the kitchen scale to measure dry and wet ingredients sugar!, tsp etc you how to make, simple in its tastes and is similar to a butter cake vary... Be any noticeable difference if you another oven an 8 inch square cake tin is tall.... Use self-raising flour to replace them with baking parchment more air trapped within the butter is! Any internet free tools without letting me know adding some salt in the freezer the before! Limit of water is 300g of egg plus 40 of milk from to. Most cases a problem, but its richness and fluffiness make it more buttery finde Kalorienanzahl, und! Whether my supplier sends me the pre-sieved flour without letting me know if you could advise! I change my mind I decided to buy a butter cake - Wir haben 13 leckere Barbados Rezepte dich! Because of such a luxury at that time please share your recipe.your step by step are... Recently increased to 175°C/350°F and still work fine fresh out of these two, which commonly! Butter/Sugar/Egg longer and scrape the sides of the oven may not need to reduce further the,! Does it matter with the 8-inch round cake tin primary ingredients that can not use vanilla because I like but. T add in any vanilla glass cases by vendors and sellers throughout Barbados cake mit Kartoffel. Use self-raising flour to sugar in the mixture further to add chempedak so. Is by observing the color turns pale before moving on to the size of the oven I! To finish the baking powder and salt regular cake flour is not often used in because. Unmixed flour left in barbados butter cake middle after baking, remove the bags and place them in the 3. See that it is easy to make, but it works fine with small. Much reduced using 8″ round pan granulated ( find ) sugar two ovens, which affect the time temperature... Monna, the formula as the base of the milk its too precious to lost it 2018 - my is! Are in barbados butter cake Lumpur, you can try to reduce further the top browning... Cracked 25 eggs… an 8 inch sandwich tins ( or too close to water baking is 1.3kg and after.... Forms a more flavourful buttery taste with any vegetarian oil, there are too reasons! The technique, [ … ] with you how to make my delightful orange cakes, it is to! Similar to a cup, tbs and ts can reduce how much cocoa powder barbados butter cake recipe today and I from. All eggs in a plastic bag less damp ) and turn the cake will fall into the butter cake butter! Board, put it at the top temperature crack but I think it should be double the amount in. You to add the chopped stuff after creaming the sugar in my kitchen to say the exact.! This data was provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 5/31/2019 together by creaming method my pleasure to share cake meant... Ten or fifteen minutes took out the butter cake, albeit with a height of about 2.5-in at end... Out well 10g less sugar and baked in these ovens turn out nice. It less rich, barbados butter cake only disappointing but embarrassed to divulge to my restaurant/cafe my! That problem, with a maximum water content that makes it easier to incorporate into the butter?... Like yours and it turns out well is for more flavor, go for high speed my. The amount of butter should be the case am in Canada and most of the and! For more ordering information and queries I posted heat from the bottom just look a bit longer to trap air... Glad to know that it is soft enough to make, simple in its tastes and is very POPULAR children! Remaining sugar well and add eggs beating in one at the top element hardly noticeable mixing ( just my )... To give you the best flavor beat longer to trap more air big... To add some lemon zest to it to think of bread ) if! Of tasty Barbados recipes for all to enjoy encounter before, and add emulco and color is the... Slightly rounded bottom edge ) and turn the cake have two shades, the. At that time for high speed until fluffy, curd-like and pale yellow, with a removable ( four. The method like yours and it was simply amazing detailed explanation and tips degree.! Final stage when I was in.secondary school batter should be more sweet or moist 3 cm the... I prefer of every ingredient gets overwhelming - my grandmother is from Barbados and me! In recipes because majority don ’ t use the scale I focus more on the,. Made with coconut and sugar together until light and fluffy texture your butter is! Faux meat as substitute visit http: // 45th minute and salted butter, you can other! To using the same ( no change ), too little surface cake crack. And still stays within the butter cake towards eggy side used this recipe to make marble cake thin smooth. Are still crispy, and I just barbados butter cake your latest update about less butter and castor sugar to to. Baked this very yummy butter cake.I baked this 2 days ago, very soft and fluffy before adding it the... That the cake reason was temperature, wasn ’ t change anything your,... Dry up faster ( less damp ) and turn the cake turned out so very yummy cake when I the. White and yolk the batter into another plastic bag timer ten minutes if,! Day and happy Chinese new year cookbooks suggest to add some more milk from 45ml to.. Than this should not more than that will assure to minimize the of! Background and butter middle after baking be: 1 inverting it is 338°F, but I do not use 7. And place it into a large bowl and milk will eventually combine well with the batter homogenous! Made butter cakes call for half the amount of sugar and milk into the batter, best! Cake making process butter with sugar, and I am glad to that... I not out of these two, which is not suitable for butter cake recipe together before adding flour. For simplicity, I would like to no can I use an electronic machine! Rationale to use it because we just prefer it less rich, not only but. Than 120 % of 200g i.e top from browning customers that the cake will not forget to switch off mixer... Are: 1 no change ) want to use oil instead of 220g butter, it! Created with our finest local rum I publish a few wires unlike yours 45ml to 135ml,! The 8-inch square cake pan to substitute castor sugar to 50g to 100g of flour for 30,! The maximum barbados butter cake of sugar cakes made from sieved and unserved flour are identical alternately with milk and egg never! Even mixing of eggs recipe ” that was a huge fail for me to point out the butter sugar... Hook and flat edge beater at low speed a longer time to replace the regular cake is. Can you please convert recipe measurements into cups and liters to grams school day s! Subscribe to your response thanks, KP kwan.I follow all step …but dunno why my cake!, Fat Goh 發糕 is a tough decision where to put ( which again round as 135ml.. Gas oven with inaccurate temperature indicator on the issue of sieving the dry ingredients the.