Continue to blend until you reach a thin medium trace. Spritz the top of the soap with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Was it this one: Click here to add everything you need for this project to your Bramble Berry shopping cart and get *free shipping* on this kit! Hello stweet heart, Family: Floral. The Essential Oil Company. Lime (.9 oz) 8. Set aside. For that liquid amount, you can use water, milk, or a combination of both. In my excitement I added all the purple to my oils without keeping some aside to color yellow. And if there is palm what could I substitute more of another oil with? If I am trying to make my own recipe with goats milk do I have to figure that into the recipe calculation? Water discounting means using less water than you normally would in a recipe. Shea butter Then, cover it with a cutting board or piece of cardboard, followed by a blanket or towel. Use these soaps within 4 months for freshest quality. Measure 2 ounces of lavender essential into a small glass bowl and set aside. If the soap is not holding its shape, allow the soap to sit in the mold for 2-3 minutes, then continue mounding in the center. Gently tap the mold on your work surface to help get rid of any air bubbles. 2 oz. It has a skin-loving blend of coconut, canola, and olive oil. I am not having luck with the soap/lye calculator. so all was well. Or do you place it in the freezer for 2-3 days ? The lye mixture will heat to about 180-190 ° F. Label the container “DANGER: LYE” and place in a safe space to cool until about 120-130 ° F. This takes about an hour. Check out our blog on the gel phase to learn more. It is your responsibility to use essential oils safely in accordance with common sense, research, training, and local regulations, as well as considering the constituents present that are unique to the essential oils you are using. These are marvelous! We’ll be using a 20% water discount in this recipe to help speed things up. Freshly harvested lavender, sweet, floral & revitalising. You can also checkout the digital downloads for that instant gratification factor. It is the “liquid” portion on our Lye Calculator. Thank you very much! Watch the video below to see the Relaxing Lavender Essential Oil Soap made from start to finish. Now, need to wait 2 days to see how my soap came out. A water discount helps soap harden much faster. If you’d like, we can mail you some new labels with the correct information. Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigment After about 1 minute of blending and stirring, the oils and lye will be combined and the soap will be the texture of thin pudding. There is no right or wrong way to create texture on the top of soap, have fun with it! If the sides of the mold do not easily release, give the soap another day to harden in the mold. Thanks for any help!!! I could not find a premade recipe and have used other premade recipes but want to try this basic ones with my friend visiting as these are the only ingredients she will have access to later in her country and we want to try this very soon. I am a beginner how would I know. =). You can add certain oils and butters to help firm your soap up though! Don’t worry about over blending. For instance, if you live in a very hot climate, you may not need to cover the soap with a towel. In a separate durable, heat-safe, non-metal container, measure out 10 ounces of room temperature distilled water. Add the Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil into the soap. 16% Canola Oil Lavender Essential Oil Handcrafted Cold Process Soap $ 7.00. This will release bubbles trapped inside the blender. The soap will be safe to use after the standard four to six-week cure time, but many soap makers prefer to let castile soap cure anywhere from a few months to a full year! If you’re nervous to give it a try, the new Natural Soap Kit for Beginners was designed with you in mind. Because I have never heard about it I have googled it then bought it in CVS. Always soap in a well-ventilated area. It is important to understand IFRA guidelines for essential oil use in soap and how these guidelines affect how much of certain essential oils you can use in your soap. , And more about insulating the soap here: They will be in the brambleberry smaller smaller silicone loaf molds (2) in a wooden surround that I made. If your house is cooler, you may need a towel and even a heating pad to ensure gel phase. The Best Essential Oils for Soap Making: Cold Process. Measure 33 oz. We have found with the Ultramarine Violet that adding a bit more colorant helps make the soap a lovely purple hue rather than a grayish one! Would a thicker one help? Thanks! I have noticed that there were no distilled water. Make sure to check the soap after that 20 minutes. If you have any questions or need recipe suggestions let us know. Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. It does also have palm oil, so the scrub may be a bit stiff at room temperature. It’s a fantastic option for making soap for sensitive or dry skin. When it comes to lavender, our recommendation for soap making is: Lavender 40/42 essential oil; Lavandin Grosso; Lavandin Abrialis; Because of scent variations in most lavender types, lavender 40/42 is standardized, therefore providing the same fragrance every time you use it. It’s amazing how quickly the soapmaking addiction happens. Thank you so much Cheryl! Floral notes: jasmine aromatic essence, true lavender essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, rose geranium essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, ... Starches can be used help cold process soap keep its scent. It smells absolutely divine and looks great. Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. You can choose from three pure essential oil options: Energizing Orange, Refreshing Lemongrass and Relaxing Lavender. And if you’d rather do some reading, Bramble Berry carries a wide range of books on the topic, including my newest book, Pure Soapmaking. After about 2-3 days the soap can be unmolded and cut into bars. Is there anything I can help clear up for you? I had saved a little extra soap to put on top to swirl so I just dumped a little EO in there popped it on top and swirled it anyway. , Actually I was pleasantly surprised when I cut the soap! Typically, I would disperse the pigment in oil, but since this soap is one solid color you can save a step by mixing it into your base oils. Here’s where things get tricky. Add the Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil into the soap. . I’ve made this recipe with a higher superfat content of 20%. Lavender essential oil works great in cold pressed soap making and is a popular oil in aromatherapy, infusions, gels, and lotions. To soap, the oils and lye should be 110-130 ° F. If you took off your safety goggles and gloves, place them back on. Every essential oil contains natural variations from crop to crop, batch to batch, and cannot be accounted for in this calculator. Sodium Hydroxide Lye Ours lost its color. For this project, the colorant is added directly to soaping oils. The great thing is you learn for next time so each batch gets easier. If you add all the strong recommendations to your recipe, that's almost 6 ounces of essential oil for a 48 ounce batch - … Oh I am so sorry about that Rochelle! After two days, pull the sides of the mold away from the soap. To use, simply determine the full amount of essential oil for your recipe and multiply that by each oil in a blend. Castile soap is a cold process soap made with 100% olive oil. Here's my Top 10 Essential Oil List: 1. Often when adding lavender essential oil to a batch of handmade soap, the saponification process seems to slow down and even reverse slightly. If it releases easily, pull the other two sides away from the soap and gently press from the bottom to release the airlock. Once the lye and oils have emulsified, add Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil to give a calming lavender scent. That helps the color appear a bit brighter. Set aside to cool. I got up the next morning and decided to “save” my mold from the ugly soap figuring I’d probably have to throw it out or melt it down and start over. For example: If your recipe calls for 60 grams of essential oil and you want to use a blend of lavender (50%) and litsea (50%), multiply 60 * .5 (50%) for each. Sodium Lactate Continue to stick blend the soap batter until it is the texture of thick pudding and is able to form peaks. Blah. I unmolded and cut my soap today. Large glass or stainless steel bowl for oils. Compared to other lavender scents, it has more fresh notes. E-mailed for an advice Bramble Berry but did not got anything back.It was included in the printed paper/tutorial but did not specified that it is not included. Essential oils are typically added to soap at a rate of .5-1 oz. Carefully remove the soap from the mold, cut it into bars, and set aside to cure., This post on substituting oils has some great information too:, Sodium lactate is helpful as well. . Once in the mold, use a spoon or spatula to create a peak in the center and top the soap with lavender buds. It brings to mind warm, dry summer days in Provence (in my imagination, at least). Oh no!! Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. The problems were all my fault! It also means that most fragrances and colorants can be blended in, rather than stirred since there is less worry about acceleration. Check bar hardness after 4 to 6 weeks. At this point, the soap batter will have thickened slightly. Here are all the essential oils beginning with the letters D - N that we currently carry. As you stir, the mixture will emit fumes; do not breathe them in. Whether or not you cover the soap depends on your environment. You can find distilled water at the grocery store in the bottled water section. (also called caustic soda) 32 ounces spring or distilled water 4 ounces of your lavender essential oil. Do not add the water to the lye. , Espresso Fragrance Oil:, Butter Mints Fragrance Oil: Because you use the stick blender so much, the chunks get stick blended out. Now, let’s soap! Adds a bright and clean scent to soap. (23 g … Maria, Which beginner kit did you use? In a durable, heat-safe, non-metal container, measure out 4.7 ounces of sodium hydroxide lye flakes. Lots of Lather Quick Mix I’ve found that CBD or Hemp Soap tends to go bad faster than other soaps. In addition to free shipping, the Natural Soap Kit for Beginners also includes cute labels that you can cut and wrap around each bar for a professional look. As you continue to stick blend, it will become thicker. 2021 You can find Tangerine essential oil used in my Tangerine-Cocoa & Oatmeal Hot Process Soap! Blend until you reach a light trace. I think I got over ambitious though as I planned to add a creamy yellow colored swirl to my soap. per pound of oils (or 30-60 grams), but for certain essential oils, such as cinnamon or clove, this usage rate is higher than the recommend usage amount per IFRA. 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Description. Haha! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! 33% Palm Oil I have used a small bit that I but off the end and it does feel great and smells great too! The classic lavender scent works well in diffusers, handmade soap, lotion, scrub, and more. During this time water evaporates from the bar, which creates a firmer and longer lasting bar of soap. Figure the full amount of each essential oil, then multiply to get the percentage of each. Find out how much to add with our Fragrance Calculator:, You can also use our Lye Calculator to find out how much lye and liquid to use in your recipe: Use the stick blender to completely blend in the essential oil. The kit includes everything you need to try your first batch of soap made with natural ingredients. Cover the mold with a lid or piece of cardboard and insulate with a towel or blanket for up to 24 hours to help promote the gel phase. Lemon essential oil A refreshing and fruity fragrance that blends great with florals and other citrus oils. Directions to Make: Heat speeds up the saponification process, hardening the soap faster. 3% of 1360g is 40.8g, which is the maximum amount of lavender essential oil by weight that you can add to the recipe. Once you’re happy with the top of the soap, sprinkle lavender buds on the top of the soap. It was actually a very pretty swirl, still a strange color combo of orange and purple but not too bad for my first attempt! 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Spray Bottle. I would like to make a salt scrub with lavender. The bars will still be softer than your average cold process soap. Btw, is there any soap calc. Warmth is key for gel phase! Honey Then, the soap cures for 4-6 weeks to allow water to evaporate. Continue to pulse the stick blender for 15-20 seconds and then use it to stir the mixture. If it looks like it’s getting too hot (it will have a weird texture or may start to crack), you can remove the blanket. Because olive oil is liquid at room temperature, the mixture takes longer to come to trace. Rosemary (.5 oz) 10. The essential oil is a blend of many different lavender essential oils to produce a consistent scent year after year (sort of like the concept of a ‘Red Table Wine’ that is the same from year to year in taste). but through sniff and packing label, I was able to make a beautiful wonderful smelling batch of soap. Once the loaf is cut into bars, they need to cure for 4-6 weeks. Slowly pour the lye into the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. One of the most popular soaps I ever created when I was making and selling soap commercially was a soap called "Lavender Dream." Using the oils listed in the lots of lather, can I use lavender and Epson salt to make this? I’m not giving up! Olive oil is a popular choice for soap making that works well in combination with many other oils. I’ve been making M&P soap for a while now and thought I ought to give this a try. Fixatives are ingredients that are used in soap making to hold or "fix" a scent to the soap. It really does. Sodium Lactate. I am not sure where to post this but I will try here as I need help! I once forgot my coconut oil (which was 30% of my recipe) and made some very lye heavy soap! We tested this recipe quite a bit and found the suggested color amount works really nicely. You will use 30 grams of lavender and 30 grams of litsea in your soap. Lavender buds tend to go brown if used inside soap, but remain a lovely purple if placed on top. I pre-measured 1 oz. Cold process soap making can kill a fresh fragrance, and the fragrance itself can complicate soap making. Olive oil While the lye solution cools, prep the oils. In stock. , Read more about common oils and what properties they add to soap here: Tea Tree Oil: One of my favorites, I used to think Tea Tree was stinky! Petitgrain ( .5 oz) 4. Slowly and carefully add the lye solution to the oils. But I refused to give up on my swirl so I quickly scooped out a cup of purple soap and added my yellow to it. This is thin trace! The name “Castile” refers to the Castile region of Spain, which is where this type of soap is thought to have originated. Once your oils and lye are in that temperature range, carefully add 2 teaspoons of sodium lactate to the lye solution and use a spoon to gently stir in. Enjoy as you browse our many bath and body manufacturing and soap making essential oils!Don't forget to check out our 2012 price drops below as well as all the new sizes that we offer. On to my next project now! Lemon (.9 oz) 5. For instance, in a 3lb (1360grams) batch of soap, you can add 3% weight lavender essential oil. Preparing to Make Cold Process Soap Litsea Cubeba (.5 oz) 6. I can see pretty pastel-painted wooden furniture, bundles of lavender hanging to dry in … Continue reading → In my frustration I just pushed forward with my in the pot swirl, trying to ignore the weird color combo…and forgot to add my essential oil!! 4.7 oz. Soap Recipe: It makes a gentle bar with a rich, creamy lather and adds moisturizing properties to the soap. I have no idea where to get it. So pretty, and I can almost smell it through the screen! Thank you, Using 100% olive oil results in a beautifully simple cream-colored bar. Thanks again for your products. Castile soap also takes longer to harden in a mold than recipes that contain hard oils. If you’re unfamiliar with working with lye, watch this video to learn how to handle it safely. Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil Use a spoon to mound the soap in the center of the mold, forming a peak in the center. There are hundreds of essential oils available on the market, most of which can be used in soap. Finally it arrived! We recommend leaving it uncovered at room temperature. Pulse the immersion blender and use it to stir until there are no longer streaks of essential oil in the mixture. Has the ultramarine violet mica changed? The name “Castile” refers to the Castile region of Spain, which is where this type of soap is thought to have originated. the recipe says lot of lather mix and video says quick mix??? Pour the olive oil into your mixing bowl and place it on top of a pot that’s about 1/3 full of water. I immediately ordered a refill kit. The use of a fixative can help to remedy this problem. After 20 minutes, shut the heating pad off but keep the soap on all night. Can I use the measurements in that recipe for this lavender soap? Lavender Buds I highly recommend checking out our FREE four part series on Cold Process Soapmaking, especially the episode on lye safety. The blend is a favorite of mine. I really like it. This is my first time for cold process soap making. Yay, that’s so awesome Lynne! You don’t need to include the SAP value of the goat milk! The soap needs to sit and harden in the mold for 2-3 days. As you continue to stick blend, it will become thicker. We used a thin blanket during gel phase. The scent of lavender is floral and sweet and also has herbal notes with balsamic undertones. The Lots of Lather is a Quick Mix! Also, so glad the soap turned out well. It turned a sick yellowish orangey gray color. 1.23 oz (35 g) lavender essential oil; If you’ve never made soap before, be sure to thoroughly research the process and precautions before proceeding. If your house is pretty cold, I would recommend popping the soap on a heating pad set to medium. Made this soap back in July 2016, when my shipment arrived I quickly opened the box and realized that some of my bottle labels were blank. Divide 40.8g by this metric, then you will get how many milliliters of oil you can use. In the video, you can see just how easy it is. It helps the bars unmold more quickly. At its base, it's just a simple lavender essential oil soap―but adding some patchouli and some bright sweet orange essential to the blend gives it some wonderful complexity. , Read more about the Quick Mixes here: It also means the bar will harden in the mold faster, as there is less water that needs to evaporate. Try pure lavender essential oil in melt and pour soap, without worry of fading. Pour the soap mixture into the mold, using a spoon or spatula to scrape the bowl. Pulse the stick blender on and off to begin emulsifying the oils and lye together. Cold process soap making can be a harsh environment for essential oils and the curing period can sometimes leave the scent wanting. I am sorry about any confusion Tatiana. The lab smelled really great while we were filming this recipe. Essential Oil Usage Rate: Cold Process Soap: Maximum 6% (this is for a strong scent, feel free to use less) Blend until it’s at thick trace – about the texture of thick pudding. Learn how to make this simple and elegant lavender soap, made with natural ingredients. Or mix lavender and eucalyptus. I had already ordered a refill kit to try again but I was so excited about how this one turned out that I immediately made up a new recipe with some oils I had on hand and made another batch with the blueberry jam fragrance sample I got and that was even better…so pretty!! The colorant can also be added to trace with or without dispersing. , Read more about gel phase here:, Hi, Sunday Night Spotlight: Quick Mixes: Copyright © Once the soap has thickened, pour the batter into the 10” Silicone Loaf Mold. Add 1 teaspoon Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigment directly into the measured bowl of oils. I made my first CP soap with your beginner pack and recipe. Sorry for any confusion! I just love your recipes, but most of them are impossible to me to make, as I live in Brazil, some ingredients such as 10x orange oil thing and the mix of oils are very expensive to me to get from the Brumble Berry Shop. of Quick Mix and adding more from there until you get the consistency you like. 24 ounces of coconut/olive oil 38 ounces of vegetable shortening 12 ounces sodium hydroxide, or lye. It can be hard to wait, but it’s worth it! Once you start blending, the mixture will begin to look creamy. To prevent the lavender buds from creating drag marks, lay the soap on its side and cut the bars. Wash off spoon immediately. Also, a sample of free fragrance oil was included in the package which smelled wonderful. Set aside. Anise (use .5 oz) The amount listed by the name is the recommended amount per pound of oil/fat in your soap batch. Castile soap is a cold process soap made with 100% olive oil. Fragrance Notes: Top, Middle. Gently and carefully, remove the soap and place on a cutting board. App that you recommend? Slowly and carefully add the lye to the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved. Weigh out the lye and water into two separate bowls. I have followed all instructions during my process of soap making but my glasses keep fogging which was extremely annoying. Castile soap is an excellent product that many people love but it does require a few special considerations. Place the stick blender into the oils, and “burp” it by tapping the head of the blender on the bottom of the bowl. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to shorten that timeframe. Lavender essential oil; A definite favorite of many and an extremely versatile oil. But nope! 33 oz. Cornstarch, tapioca starch, and arrowroot powder all work well. The density of this essential oil is 0.905g/ml. I would recommend starting out with just .5 oz. We have percentages for our Quick Mixes here:, 33% Coconut Oil Rosemary essential oil Goats milk The full name is the Lots of Lather Quick Mix. 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold Spearmint (.5 oz) 7. Olive oil is a popular choice for soap making that works well in combination with many other oils. I’m pretty new can you let me know what you think. , Oh darn! That’s why I added a tad bit of patchouli to anchor the lavender scent. SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! Enjoy. I still really love this kit and it was fun despite the mess up! A balancing and soothing aroma that is great in soap on its own or blended. , Blueberry Jam Sample:, Yes it does become addicting! Buy Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil at BrambleBerry. Example blend for a batch of soap with 32 oz (2 lbs) oil: 40% lavender 40% cedarwood 20% fir needle First, figure out the lavender for the entire batch. Castile soap benefits from a longer cure which gives the bars time to further harden. what would the recipe be if I don’t have the bag of premixed oils? First, mix the lye solution and allow to cool. 10 oz. You can add 1 tsp. 3% Castor Oil The name “Castile” refers to the Castile region of Spain, which is where this type of soap is thought to have originated. Lavender (.7 oz) 2. 1 tsp. So, once you plug in your oils and hit Calculate, it will tell you the amount of milk you need under “Liquid.” Nice and easy! READ 9 Essential Oils for Shingles Lavender essential oils works great on its own or blended with other essential oils, especially other floral and citrus oils. Combining a 20% discount with the forced gel stage should enable this soap to be removed from the mold in four to five days. Fully melt the entire bag of Lots of Lather Quick Mix in the microwave or in a double boiler until there are no chunks or cloudiness. Castile soap can sometimes require up to two weeks before it can be removed from the mold. Once the oils are completely melted, give the bag a good shake. This produces a harder, longer lasting bar of soap. So, you’ll want to use the Lots of Lather Quick Mix provided in the kit for this recipe. I got up early this morning, reviewed all the instructions one more time (I’ve been planning for weeks!) For example if I do the math on my oils and sap numbers does goats milk have a sap number and need additional lye for it or is considered the water in the soap? For instance, adding a hard butter, like cocoa butter up to 15%, can harden the bars. does it matter. Watched the video numerous time and found it a bit confusing, perhaps having one person explaining and the other person doing would be much better! I’ve already got plans “brewing” for a coffee scented soap or maybe a chocolate mint one! Have fun making more cold process batches. of oils into a large, non-aluminum bowl capable of holding at least 50 ounces. For example, in a 1lb (454g) batch of soap you can use a maximum of 3% lavender essential … Ensuring that your soap goes through the gel phase is another way to get a harder bar and a shorter time in the mold. I used some that I bought about a year ago from Brambleberry and it quickly morphed to grey. I just love this new hobby I’ve found! I’m so mad at myself!! You can definitely use the Lots of Lather Mix for scrubs. Find out how much of each oil to use with our Lye Calculator:, Palm oil adds some great firmness to your soap, and there is no direct replacement for it. (This is where a double boiler could also be used.) Home / Soap / Lavender Essential Oil Handcrafted Cold Process Soap. The kit ships for FREE to the lower 48 United States. At this point, the soap batter will have thickened slightly. A water discount helps soap harden much faster. You need this natural essential oil in your collection. Check out our blog on the gel phase to learn more. If you are reading this blog post, ... For this recipe, I will be mixing in the Lavender essential oil at thin trace. I decided to use lavender essential oil as it is relaxing and beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, but you may replace it if you have another scent in mind. This kit is great, very informative and easy to follow. Peppermint (.5 oz) 9.