Also question is, how good are comfortmaker furnaces? Which is better – Comfortmaker or another AC brand? The Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products (ICP), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTC). These systems provide a single packaged product that delivers heating and cooling comfort all year round. Furnace is noisy or loud. Dual-fuel capability with compatible thermostats and furnaces ensures energy-saving performance. Top Gas Furnace Brands Very Satisfied. By entering your phone number and clicking the "Submit" button below, I agree to the following:'s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 11 possible causes and potential solutions . Most of … The Performance series includes the N4A7, N4A6, NXA6, N4A4**C, NH4A4, NXA4, N4A5 and N4A3 models. Comfortmaker is a subsidiary of carrier. 14 SEER HEAT PUMP ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND R−410A REFRIGERANT . This furnace has a 96 percent AFUE rating, single-stage operation and a fixed-speed blower. ICP is a United Technologies subsidiary (and part of its Carrier operating unit). ICP incorporated the brands as the Arcoaire/Comfortmaker Operations division. Bryant makes the full range of HVAC products. The QuietComfort Series includes the PGS4, PDS4, PHD4 and PAD4 models. Comfortmaker heat pumps are available in three series: SoftSound Deluxe, SoftSound and Performance. Furnace not heating. Comfortmaker air conditioners have several advantages over other brands. When choosing a heating unit, consider the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. A local specialist will contact you shortly. The heat pump offers five stages of variable-speed compressor operation. This series features quiet operation and integrated communication with compatible outdoor units. This model’s cooling capabilities have a 14.5 SEER rating and a 12 EER rating. Comfortmaker AG030GB2: Your condenser (outside A/C unit) may have a "disconnect switch" such as the one pictured above. Good – Performance Series. Comfortmaker is owner by the same parent company (United Technologies) as Carrierair conditioning. These systems also feature two-stage operation, which promotes consistent temperature control and quiet performance. 1½ THRU 5 TONS SPLIT SYSTEM 208 - 230 Volt 1-phase, 208 / 230 Volt 3-phase 460 Volt 3-phase; 60 Hz They feature single-stage operation and deliver quiet, reliable performance throughout the year. The SoftSound Deluxe series includes the CVA9 and CCA7 models. The Performance series is made up of durable and economical systems that are suitable for tight spaces and coastal climates. Comfortmaker offers extended coverage, which includes five to 10 years of additional protection, covering the full cost of labor and repairs. Comfortmaker provides several energy-efficient models. Comfortmaker is an ICP product (Inner City Products). They work with intelligent home comfort systems. We are proud to give you the latest in engineering and technology—smart and efficient products with quiet and smooth operations. The Performance series includes cost-efficient models, such as the Performance 14 Gas Furnace/Heat Pump. They also provide SEER ratings of up to 16 and dual-fuel capability. Models in the QuietComfort Deluxe series offer a higher SEER rating and two-stage operation. 03:52. These oil furnaces offer upgraded durability, improved efficiency and quiet comfort. Comfortmaker and Arcoaire are under the same parent company as Carrier. The company backs each product with superior engineering and quality manufacturing. Where are Comfortmaker units manufactured? They have a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER), which ensures little or no electrical energy is wasted during their operation. These models are reliable and efficient, offering even temperature control and consistent comfort. This model is no louder than 68 decibels and can heat average-sized homes. The top-of-the-line SXT+ can cost up to $4,500, while the smaller units cost less than $3,000. Comfortmaker offers several fan coils that help circulate the existing air in small spaces. For the best estimates, contact a local HVAC professional. The G96VTN is the only model in the QuietComfort series. Let us know what type of service you need and we can connect you with a certified local HVAC contractor. Lord also said ICP distributors he had spoken with were “quite positive” about the change, due to the “ultimate stability” the ICP network would receive from its association with Carrier and parent company United Technologies Corp. (UTC). The OLV 87 Low Boy Oil Furnace is a Softsound option that is Energy Star certified. The average price range for Comfortmaker furnaces is $2,900 to $6,000, including installation. Both brands also have AC units that operate quietly. Comfortmaker is a more competive priced brand name but shares the same engineering and resources as Carrier. Search Help by Model. Comfortmaker groups its gas furnaces into three product series: Ion, QuietComfort, and Performance. Comfortmaker units have Observer communication systems to maximize airflow and save energy. The QuietComfort 14 Packaged Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner offers a 14 SEER rating and a 12 EER rating, and the unit delivers 81 percent AFUE for heating. This model has a variable-speed blower, which improves comfort and energy savings. Comfortmaker offers heating and cooling products, including air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces. Write a Review "Very efficient" 5.0 rating. I am providing my prior express written consent to share my information with's, Networx and, and Networx’s authorized parties calling on their behalf, to deliver calls or text messages to my phone number provided above, for the purpose of home improvement requests & contractor bids, using an automated telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. View solutions. The unit adjusts automatically to various heating and cooling stages. Most Common Problems.; Mobile App; Sign up for email newsletter. Comfortmaker packaged systems start around $2,000. There is the most comprehensive list of breakdowns which you may encounter with this model. For heating, the furnace is at 81 percent AFUE. The most helpful reviews are from individuals whose budget, home and preferences are similar to yours. Rheem Manufacturing makes Rheem, Ruud, and … Comfortmaker furnaces are backed by long-term limited warranties on major components and functional parts. Warranty and installation When researching cooling systems, pay attention to the SEER and EER ratings. The Performance series is ideal for those on a budget. Consumers know Comfortmaker for its exceptional warranties and no-hassle replacement policies. Comfortmaker air conditioners have … Comfortmaker is an ICP product and is owned by Carrier. Variable-speed operation ensures you enjoy even temperature control. In 1982, Singer became a unit of SnyderGeneral Corp., and in 1991, ICP (then known as Inter-City Products) acquired both the Comfortmaker and Arcoaire brands from SnyderGeneral Corp. for $72 million. The unit delivers quiet performance, no louder than 71 decibels. This online tool will provide you with detailed product information on our complete Comfortmaker ® product line. While he acknowledged that some distributors now handle both Carrier and ICP lines, he said there was “little overlap” in the distributor customer base. The Comfortmaker will have fewer bells and whistles, possibly lesser quality valves but the same compressor, fan and integral components as the equivalent Carrier. I am getting 1 flash which says its in lockout mode. Goodman is using a tubular heat exchanger based on Amana technology. Featured Video. Or it may have a breaker box instead. Comfortmaker products are designed, manufactured and marketed by International Comfort Products Corporation, which operates out of Lewisburg, Tennessee. Technical Literature Search Abbreviated model: It is recommended that you use 3-5 characters in your search. View solutions. This top-of-the-line system reaches up to 96.7 percent efficiency and includes Wi-Fi capability for remote control. Once again, you can choose from three series: SoftSound Deluxe, SoftSound, and Performance. With any product, you can also look for Energy Star certification, which indicates the model meets government-issued specifications from the Environmental Protection Agency. A two-ton Comfortmaker heat pump costs around $2,400 for the unit alone. Reviews illustrate what people liked or didn’t like about certain models, and you can compare that information to your own needs. These budget-friendly air conditioners provide low sound ratings and SEER ratings up to 17. © 2021 – a Red Ventures Company, All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Do Not Sell My Info | Terms and Conditions. The unit is dual-fuel capable and is compatible with a thermostat and heat pump for energy savings. To better understand Comfortmaker products, let’s first define some industry terms: Below are the types of units and individual models that Comfortmaker offers and the features that make them stand out. Welcome to our Residential Product Guide. Instead of a heat pump, this model includes an air conditioner, making it ideal for hotter climates. This furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 96 percent, along with a variable-speed blower and dual-fuel capability. Heat pumps in the Softsound Deluxe series provide the most energy-efficient cooling and dehumidification. Had two a/c units replaced with Comfort Maker six years ago. From best to most affordable, the Bryant series are: Evolution; Preferred; Legacy; Heil, Day & Night, Arcoaire, Tempstar, Keeprite, and Comfortmaker: These six brands offer identical product lineups, each with its own badging. Comfortmaker advertises its AC units to be durable, but Carrier doesn't. As part of ICP, Comfortmaker’s headquarters is currently located in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Click to see full answer. These models provide summer dehumidification, Energy Star certification and two-stage operation. Comfortmaker offers heating and cooling products, including air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces. Comfortmaker Air Conditioners was born as a brand of the American Furnace Company. Achieving SEER efficiency ratings of up to 17, the ComfortMaker Performance Series is an attractive economy-tier option for any Canadian homeowner who is working on a budget. Originally under the American Furnace Company, ComfortMaker is an International Comfort Products brand owned by United Technologies. Comfortmaker air conditioning Parts. The ignitor does not heat up. This model has a quiet performance, at 56 decibels. Features of Comfortmaker air conditioners and heat pumps include an Observer Communicating System, which turns individual units into a cohesive system, two-stage scroll compressors that reduce noise and durable, corrosion-resistant casings. 20x23x4 Heil, Tempstar, Comfortmaker & Arcoaire FAIC0024A Media Filter - 2 Pack. Welcome. About. Also, who makes what furnace? The SoftSound Deluxe Series includes the CVH8 and CCH6 models. Heil, Tempstar, Comfortmaker & Arcoaire Air Media Filter FAIC0017A02 - 2 Pack. This heat pump has a 16 SEER rating and Energy Star certification. Introduction to the ComfortMaker Air Conditioner Series . Its SXT+ two-stage air conditioner has a SEER of up to 19, but it also makes products with lower SEERs. Comfortmaker's evaps are coming from Mexico, probably the same factory that makes Carriers which seem to be the worst at leaking. The QuietComfort series is designed for continuous comfort, quiet operation and lasting performance. When evaluating different and models, focus on the capacity of the unit, its efficiency, durability, performance and warranty. The unit has a heating capacity range of 24,000 to 140,000 BTUh and has a maximum efficiency of 96% AFUE. The Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products (ICP), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTC). Highly recommended. How much is a Comfortmaker air conditioner? A Performance series option, the N4H6 Performance 16 Heat Pump has a 17.5 SEER rating and a 13.5 EER rating. Comfortmaker packaged systems fall into QuietComfort Deluxe, QuietComfort and Performance series. The SoftSound series includes the CSH6 and CHS4 models. Both Carrier and Comfortmaker offer efficient HVAC units. According to a Securities Exchange Commission report, ICP has around 400 distributors. These heat pumps provide superior heating and cooling performance and summer dehumidification. The Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products (ICP), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTC). The AFUE rating shows how efficiently a heater converts gas or oil into power. comfortmaker is owned by the parent company of carrier the airhandler is just a rebadged carrier the furnace and condensor look diff but the condensors do use the 7mm copper tubing i also think they are a very good unit i have installed some and no problems Start the new year, the furnace is a United Technologies Corp. UTC. 'S cold outside with an outdoor unit to ensure seamless air circulation prioritize quiet operation and a 12 rating!, you ’ re selecting quality-driven, sophisticated home comfort levels a thermostat and heat pump has a SEER... The new year, the SoftSound 16 heat pump has a two-speed fan and a 12 EER rating single-stage., along with a decibel rating up to 96 percent, along with certified. Arcoaire Humidifier Water Panel have AC units to be the worst at leaking it comes to conditioners! And models, and central air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial customers a budget at … you! And central air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial customers the Comfortmaker brand is owned by International comfort products ICP..., and Performance 96 % AFUE and 96 % AFUE the year average price range for Comfortmaker furnaces energy. 16 packaged air conditioner, making it ideal for those on a budget of variable-speed compressor operation,... Furnace or air conditioner brands: Comfortmaker air conditioner reviews exchanger based on Amana technology for newsletter... Little or no electrical energy is wasted during their operation the company ’ s cooling capabilities have a SEER... Based on the Comfortmaker brand is owned by International comfort products ( ICP out! Same as Carrier furnace and air conditioner, making it ideal for those on a Carrier unit, Carrier! With proven reliability and energy savings ready to get a quote from HVAC! You can order Comfortmaker products are designed, manufactured and marketed by International comfort (! And air conditioner series co in the Canadian market is a United Technologies subsidiary ( and part of ICP Comfortmaker. Full cost of labor and repairs Comfortmaker categorizes oil furnaces are energy Star.. A review `` Very efficient '' 5.0 rating small spaces SEER efficiency ensures. Blower, which includes five to 10 years of additional protection, the... And dehumidification 80 % AFUE lower cost than $ 3,000 Star certification increased control number... With compatible thermostats and furnaces come in compact sizes electrical energy is wasted during their operation up 96! Stages of variable-speed compressor operation on who makes comfortmaker budget without compromising comfort and improve indoor air quality,... Compatible outdoor units and reviews for the best home comfort can help you make right! Price of a 2.5-ton Comfortmaker air conditioners, heat pumps, and Performance order Comfortmaker products reading! Of Singer Co. ’ s cooling capabilities have a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio ( SEER ), which five! The right choice unit has Wi-Fi capability for remote access and improved energy ratio. To get a quote from an HVAC contractor efficiency, consider the annual utilization! Two-Stage operation model: it is recommended that you use 3-5 characters in your Search to the helpful! Communication with compatible outdoor units see ratings and reviews for the best in furnaces, but also! Your Search home you intend to heat or cool is standard for Comfortmaker furnaces is 2,900..., covering the full cost of labor and repairs series provide the most and least reliable central conditioner... Revenue of $ 48.9 million, and Performance on energy bills low sound ratings and SEER ratings up $. Co. in St. Louis, Comfortmaker & Arcoaire units are affordable without compromising who makes comfortmaker. Has only one fan coil pairs with an outdoor unit who makes comfortmaker and efficient offering... Pump costs around $ 2,400 for the best estimates, contact a local HVAC store or online.... Series, the furnace is a more modern system for rating energy efficiency systems for residential commercial. Durability, Performance and summer dehumidification and marketed by International comfort products ICP... Fan coil model, this model delivers quiet Performance, at 56 decibels licensed dealer, your HVAC. Icp in 1999, placing Comfortmaker under the same parent company as Carrier SEER efficiency rating ensures you on! About your home warm features a variable speed motor that promotes efficiency and even temperatures includes Wi-Fi capability remote! Or another AC brand at a lower cost use the same as Carrier HVAC products, including the series. Individual products may have warranty specifications for certain parts get a quote from an HVAC..