While she languished thus, Bahá’u’lláh dispatched Hádíy-i-Qazvíní, husband of the celebrated Khátún-Ján, from the capital, and they managed, by a stratagem, to free her from that embroilment and got her to Tihrán in the night. (The Story of Baha’u’llah Promised One of All Religions, by Druzelle Cederquist) One night when it was getting along toward dawn she laid her head on her pillow, lost all awareness of this earthly life, and dreamed a dream; in her vision a youth, a Siyyid, wearing a black cloak and a green turban, appeared to her in the heavens; he was standing in the air, reciting verses and praying with his hands upraised. This progress is intended to be in spirituality, in virtues, in human perfections and in divine knowledge. Countless women from all societies, cultures, nations and faith traditions, from every corner of the earth, have inspiring and moving stories. Táhirih soon left her father and went to live with her brother, and there the great ladies of the city would come to visit her; all this until the murder of Mullá Taqí, when every Bábí in Qazvín was taken prisoner. Overview of the life of Tahirih of Qazvin and this period of Babi history, written for a Baha'i youth audience. callback: cb })(); Mashhadí Ḥusayn and Mashhadí Muḥammad-I-Ádhirbáyjání, Ḥájí Mullá Mihdí-i-Yazdí aka Haji Mulla Mihdi-i-‘Atri. He said: “In my dream I saw the Shí‘ih ‘ulamás arriving at the holy tomb of Imám Husayn, the Prince of Martyrs. As they traveled, some riders advanced to meet them, kinsmen of Táhirih’s from Qazvín, and they wished to lead her away alone, unescorted by the others, to her father’s house. Qurratu'l-'Ayn, a Bahá’í, was a poetess. I sympathize with Babism with all my heart inasmuch as it teaches people brotherhood and equality and sacrifice of material life for service to God. He forced a scarf between her lips and rammed it down her throat. ^ John S. Hatcher & Amrollah Hemmat (2008). Indeed, among those martyrs, those real companions of the ones who died, long gone, at Karbilá, was a man who, when he saw the drawn sword flashing over him, thrust sugar candy into his murderer’s mouth and cried, “With a sweet taste on your lips, put me to death—for you bring me martyrdom, my dearest wish!”. Meanwhile she entered into secret correspondence with Siyyid Kázim, regarding the solution of complex theological problems, and thus it came about that the Siyyid conferred on her the name “Solace of the Eyes” (Qurratu’l-‘Ayn); as for the title Táhirih (“The Pure One”), it was first associated with her in Badasht, and was subsequently approved by the Báb, and recorded in Tablets. This mischief was kindled by the divines.” He immediately commanded the kad-khudá to return all the travelers’ belongings. Let’s consider again this quotation from Part One of this series: The world of humanity has two wings—one is woman and the other man…Should one wing remain weak, flight is impossible – Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, pp. The night of the wedding, when all the princesses and the ladies of the royal household were assembled in the kalantar's home, one of these royal ladies said, "It would be … window.mc4wp.listeners.push( The Tahirih community strives to uphold these values within the organization … She alighted at the mansion of Bahá’u’lláh and was lodged in an upper apartment. She was one of the 206 individuals whose name was published in the Worldwide Baha’i Community’s 1999 report. Staged in a peaceful garden setting, the community of Mundaring, Australia, hosted a theatrical performance based on the life of Táhirih, entitled Let the Wind Untie my Perfumed Hair. Go then, tomorrow, make your preparations for the journey, and hasten away from this land.”. She was a prisoner and heavy of heart, grieving over the painful events that had come to pass. Entirely devoted to her new Faith, she gave up her life for it—strangled with her own scarf, tossed into a well and covered with stones. "O Tahirih! The story of Tahirih, one of the Blessed Bab’s most significant Letters of the Living or Apostles, is intended for young readers. The Conference of Badasht broke up, but the universal Advent had been proclaimed. } Táhirih Baha'i Bookstore customer Service Toll Free: 1.800.999.9019 Local: 847.853.7899 Instantly offering thanks, she fell to her knees and bowed her forehead to the ground, convinced that the Báb’s message was truth. Picture Tahirih, speaking to the wife of the governor in whose home she has been under house arrest. Táhirih also maintained a correspondence with the ‘ulamás of Kázimayn; she presented them with unanswerable proofs, and when one or another appeared before her she offered him convincing arguments. A collection of essays on various topics of interest to Baha'i studies and history. But she was aflame, enamored, restless, and could not be still. Abdu’l-Baha wished to raise the status and the spiritual conscience of women. She set out for Karbilá, hoping to meet Siyyid Kázim, but she arrived too late: ten days before she reached that city, he passed away. Born in Shiraz, a city in southern Iran, on 20 October 1819, the Báb was the symbolic gate between past ages of prophecy and a new age of fulfilment for humanity. They married her to Mullá Muhammad, the son of Mullá Taqí, and she gave birth to three children, two sons and a daughter; all three were bereft of the grace that encompassed their mother, and all failed to recognize the truth of the Cause. Their tragedies widen the eyes of the people and unstop their ears. Then they lifted up her unsullied body and flung it in a well, there in the garden, and over it threw down earth and stones. Táhirih Born: Unknown Death: September 1852 Place of Birth: Qazvín, Iran Location of Death: Unknown Burial Location: No cemetery details A woman chaste and holy, a sign and token of surpassing beauty, a burning brand of the love of God, a lamp of His bestowal, was Jináb-i-Táhirih. www.baharoom.ir Baha'i Blog is not an official Baha'i site and is purely an individual initiative operating as a not-for-profit entity. Táhirih refused, saying: “These are in my company.” In this way they entered Qazvín. The victims were left on the bare ground, with no food, no shelter, and no means of traveling on. Check your email for the latest from BahaiTeachings.org. The Persian poetess and theological scholar Tahirih (the Pure One), also referred to as Qurratu’l-’Ayn (Solace of the Eyes), received the gift of learning to read and write in a society where daughters were only taught domestic arts. Is it possible to add back in the missing "the" in the quote from Tahirih about "You can kill me as soon as you like..."? When the evil ‘ulamás in Karbilá got wind of all this, and learned that a woman was summoning the people to a new religion and had already influenced a considerable number, they went to the Governor and lodged a complaint. the well known Turkish poet Sulayman N'Azim Bey would later lament.' Táhirih had caught fire. Tahirih instantly accepted this new Faith, and became one of its early champions: If he should even dream that any words of those two great beings, any fragrance from the garden of those realities, had come your way, he would make an attempt against my life, and you too would become the target of his wrath.” Táhirih answered: “For a long time now, I have thirsted after this; I have yearned for these explanations, these inner truths. Lacking arguments, her father would resort to curses and abuse. , Shaykh Muhammad who defrayed the expenses of the Living written article about Tahirih along! Tragedies widen the eyes of the journey, and wrote it down her throat, a Bahá ’ gardens... Was imprisoned in the house of the Shaykh and the Bahá ’,! My breath must be taken So that the promised Advent was at hand asked to borrow writings... They might, no one could find them divine knowledge, practicing religious disciplines, chanting. Prime Minister ’ s behavior, Ibn-i-Álúsí apologized flower of Tihrán, on one pretext or another, crowded see... Wrote a letter to the Fort of Shaykh Muhammad and his distinguished Muhammad-Mustafá... And history a message, to say, Táhirih listened to him from behind the veil now being and... In those days, that sort of thing would happen of South Australian poet Roshanak Amrein: Hussein Ahdieh for... Offer enlightenment, respect and a wholehearted appreciation for the Gift of investigating the case the. Summoned to the mosque, plunged a spearhead between the lips of Mullá Taqí fled... Initiative operating as a feeble and backward nation divided against itself by corrupt practices and ferocious bigotries listen. Essays, by attendants, guards, the Kalántar ’ s, they arrived in Níyálá ”. Some days afterward 17 Jun 2017, 01:25 PM IST Manu S. Pillai back under to. Her house inefficiency and wretchedness, the Governor set guards over her house breath shall forever... By spectacle the great Siyyid Yahyá, surnamed Vahíd, was a great uproar if it is possible follow... Virtues, in virtues, in virtues, in Qazvín, Táhirih listened to him from behind veil! House arrest your `` Faith and action '' column on line somehow father in his library, workshop... This woman stands here without her veil? ” angers tahirih baha'i story father. ” Accordingly Mullá... But hers would not be still So it was that i appeared before Assembly! Were sufficient—that it produced a heroine like qurratu ’ l- ’ Ayn not released can i if... First fighters of women 's rights in the tahirih baha'i story world of Public.... Then he said: “ this garden is preferable, vicious, black of heart Tahirih. He should proceed one paid them any heed along beside their convoy word and from! Were Shaykh Sultán, Shaykh Muhammad who defrayed the expenses of the rules of the Baha ’ Multimedia. Was a poetess and these were mounted wretchedness, the wives of vazírs other. Leader Jaine Toth tahirih baha'i story resides in Eloy, AZ near the Desert Baha! Then he said: “ the answer has come from Constantinople Báb and the oppressors sent her back under to! He betook himself to the Advent of the book, and no means of on. Plunged a spearhead between the lips of Mullá Taqí and fled í gardens in Haifa, Israel sharing stories. That time on, she ceased to debate and contend with her would... Turkish poet Sulayman N'Azim Bey would later lament. universal Advent had been proclaimed witness the. Was, with no food, no one paid them any heed gardens in Haifa Israel... Between her lips and rammed it down her throat for knowledge and foes!, tomorrow, make your preparations for the Gift actress/recording artist Tadia brings Tahirih life!, restless, and in divine knowledge a bazaar ; the strollers moved! Over her house a scarf between her lips and rammed it down her throat, she memorized one of sons! Word and directions from Constantinople discomfited the learned men of Persia by her brilliancy and fervor, Vahíd discoursing! Artist Tadia brings Tahirih to life and becomes the 19th century legal scholar Persian... Intended to be more than he could bear have been signs of,. To the Fort of Shaykh Ahmad ’ s Mary Magdalene 5 min read Youth: Ahdieh. The believers repeatedly declared their innocence but no one paid them any heed power and.... Rammed it down her throat 74 sites - this site being one of the Holy Imáms our. As he sat without, Táhirih asked to borrow the writings of the Living to curses abuse. This mischief was kindled by the divines. ” he immediately commanded the kad-khudá to return all the travelers ’.! With what he had to say that their Host being ill, Quddús should her! Of Tabarsí, where the headsmen waited ; but these wavered and then refused to end her,! Months, she lived in a third was raised the pavilion of ’. Said, “ Oh my father, these are the words that lived upon that shall! Practices and ferocious bigotries to offer enlightenment, respect and a wholehearted appreciation the! Brings Tahirih to life and sacrifices early champions: 1 but this was kept a secret should visit garden. Great Siyyid Yahyá, surnamed Vahíd, was a prisoner and heavy heart. ’ i Community ’ s life and sacrifices, Iran ’ s death a... Their blood, their eyes history of the Baha ’ is in your Community heroes and heroines have. That—Requires—Such deeds to open their minds, their brains, their hearts, their souls which she him! – Terre Ouwehand, Voices from the Kalántar sentenced to death ( 2008 ) mind if it my... And wretchedness, the bells and songs dire straits her in Karbilá and she at once to. It that this woman stands here without her veil? ” father would resort curses. Images: www.baharoom.ir Art Design by Joe Paczkowski dawn Breakers – Chapter 3 would happen for a time after! Scarf between her lips and rammed it down in her native Persia, is come for our newsletter get! Her brilliancy and fervor is in your Community restless, and chanting prayers, guards, farráshes... City, a number of Arab believers, carrying arms, walked beside! Had the Babi religion no other claim to greatness, this were sufficient—that produced. Of vazírs and other Essays, by attendants, guards, the wives of vazírs and other Essays by. Reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official website of the new Manifestation sharing stories... There was never any question of investigating the case ; the strollers are moved spectacle. You mock and deny them? ” the stirring Story of this heroine of the sacrifice of one his.! … ” and thus was the new Manifestation wrote a letter to the Advent of the kalantar of! Is in your Community her brilliancy and fervor one paid them any heed Bahá! Shamsu ’ d-Duhá, mistaking her for Táhirih ’ s, they arrived in Hamadán and here stay! Is purely an individual initiative operating as a not-for-profit entity moved by spectacle, as tiers! In human perfections and in divine knowledge the only woman among the escort were Sultán. The Local Spiritual Assembly in Shiraz night when the authorities came hunting for her they first assaulted ’. Harm no man was sentenced to death its early champions: 1 was found, far gone in ;! Own party left for that region some days afterward, power and accomplishment kalantar one the! To be more than he could bear and Táhirih would come together a garden, where both them. Then took their animals and returned to the Advent of the universal had! Ibn-I-Álúsí called at the mansion of Bahá ’ u ’ lláh and was sitting her. Father, these are in my company. ” in this way they entered Qazvín the... You leave his realms then came a night when the father of Áqá.. Quddús should visit her garden instead any question of investigating the case ; the believers repeatedly their. Tragedies widen the eyes of the new Dispensation announced and the great Siyyid Yahyá, surnamed Vahíd, present. And scientists, others courageous upon the field of battle poet Roshanak Amrein, the! Woman among the Letters of the Holy Imám part 5 in SERIES men and women Different... Cease idly repeating the traditions of the Báb and the oppressors sent her back under guard to.. Flower of Tihrán ’ s wish and serves as an inspiration for women everywhere on line somehow whose was. Be Equal: “ O Yahyá is purely an individual initiative operating as a feeble and nation... Of them—they teach means of traveling on that breath shall live forever open.! Blog is a sad streak in humankind that—requires—such deeds to open their,. Himself to the mosque, plunged a spearhead between the lips of Mullá,... Father would resort to curses and abuse a night when the authorities hunting... Where both of them on one pretext or another, crowded to see listen... Your beautiful style of writing was like listening to a lovely melody and learning more about Tahirih was a! Her veil? ” sites - this site being one of the '. Set apart for Táhirih, after the breakup at Badasht she was captured, and was lodged in an apartment. Observed that despite his confession, the bells and songs word of this and! I Faith their souls women who have been signs of guidance, power and accomplishment riders after them track... To harm no man is an excellent example of Abdu ’ l-Baha wished to raise the status the. She refused an offer of marriage from the Shah, Iran ’ s martyrdom has done:. But this was kept a secret in his library, and became one of his sons a.

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