At Axis Militaria, the main interest is WW2 Aircraft and Vehicle parts and memorabilia (USA, Japan, Germany). [84] While many officials and police reluctantly followed German orders, some acted as agents for the Polish resistance. Two of the three greatest bloodlettings of history, the battles of the Somme and Verdun, occurred within months of each other at the height of the war. By November 1946, the UK Home Secretary was in a position to inform the UK House of Commons[143] that most of the allegations lacked substance and only 12 cases of collaboration were considered for prosecution, but the Director of Public Prosecutions had ruled out prosecutions on insufficient grounds. [38] The group alone murdered almost half of Latvia's Jewish population,[41] about 26,000 Jews, mainly in November and December 1941. By December, he had recruited more than 10,000 Russians into 12 reconnaissance battalions, unified into Special Div-Russians (Sonderivsion R). [78][87] Some of the collaborators – szmalcowniks – blackmailed Jews and their Polish rescuers and assisted the Germans as informers, turning in Jews and Poles who hid them, and reporting on the Polish resistance. Demands to introduce the death penalty were likewise rebuffed and so were German demands to allow German military courts jurisdiction over Danish citizens and demands for the transfer of Danish army units to German military use. Following Operation Barbarossa Germany occupied large areas of western Soviet Union, parts of which remained under German control until late 1944. [citation needed] The predominantly Scandinavian 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland division along with remnants of French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch volunteers were the last defenders of the Reichstag in Berlin. [43] Although formally the Latvian Legion (Schutzmannschaft or Schuma) was a volunteer Waffen-SS military formation; it was voluntary only by name, because approximately 80-85% of personnel were conscripted into the legion.[44]. The "Poglavnik" also stated that "Croats are not Slavs, but Germanic by blood and race". Convinced that in a forthcoming war the Nazi Reich would be victorious, he formally subscribed to the German-Japanese Anti-Comintern Pact on November 6 of that year, and on December 11 he withdrew Italy from the League of Nations. This resulted in the invasion of Syria and Lebanon with the capture of Damascus on 17 June 1941 and later the Battle of Madagascar against Vichy French forces which lasted for six months until November 1942. The Italian governorate of Montenegro was established as an Italian protectorate with the support of Montenegrin separatists known as Greens. The connections among the Axis powers were strengthened by a full military and political alliance between Germany and Italy (the Pact of Steel, May 22, 1939) and by the Tripartite Pact, signed by all three powers on September 27, 1940, one year after Germany’s invasion of Poland and the beginning of World War II. Then, after a bitter campaign in the Nazi press against the Austrian chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg, German diplomat Franz von Papen, in May 1936, started negotiations with Schuschnigg for a modus vivendi. Vichy signed Joint Defense and Joint Military Cooperation treaty with Japan on 29 July. [43] In 1943, this brigade, which would later become the Latvian Nineteenth SS Volunteer Division, was consolidated with the Latvian Fifteen SS Volunteer Division to become the Latvian Legion. The policy of the Island governments, acting under instructions from the British government communicated before the occupation, was one of passive co-operation. Luxembourgish men were conscripted into the German military. [85][86], The Polish Underground State's wartime Special Courts investigated 17,000 Poles who collaborated with the Germans; about 3,500 were sentenced to death. There was a special on the history channel recently regarding the attempts to assasinate Hitler. The Axis powers . A special case was that of the infamous Ukrainian-Greek Sevastianos Foulidis, a fanatical anti-communist who had been recruited by the Abwehr as early as 1938 and became an official of the Wehrmacht, with extensive action in intelligence and agitation work in the Eastern front. Support for the Nazis within Germany was far from universal, and at least a few would end up fighting like crazy to wreck the Nazi war machine from the inside. The Self-Administration's autonomy enabled it to maintain police structures that On 18 September 1941 in Zhytomyr, 3,145 Jews were murdered with the assistance of the Ukrainian People's Militia (Operational Report 106). Collaboration with Nazi Germany in German-occupied Ukraine took place during the military occupation of what is now Ukraine by Nazi Germany in World War II.The new territorial divisions included Distrikt Galizien and Reichskommissariat Ukraine, which covered both, the south-eastern territories of the Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, across the former borders. In the 1930s an aggressive new colonialism developed on the part of the Axis Powers, which developed a new colonial doctrine (“living space” in German geopolitics, the “empire” in Italian Fascist ideology, the “co-prosperity sphere” in Japan) aiming at the repartition of the…, During World War II, scientists in several countries performed experiments in connection with nuclear reactors and fission weapons, but only the United States carried its projects as far as separating uranium-235 or manufacturing plutonium-239.…, On November 25, 1936, the Anti-Comintern Pact was signed with Germany, and in 1937 it was expanded to include Italy. On November 1, in Milan, Mussolini completed the bargain by proclaiming the Rome-Berlin Axis and by violently attacking communism. In April 1943, Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler created the 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian) manned by Albanians and Kosovar Albanians. Serbian collaborationist organizations the Serbian State Guard and the Serbian Volunteer Corps, the party militia of the extreme right-wing Yugoslav National Movement "Zbor", lead by Dimitrije Ljotić, had over 30,000 members and helped guard and run concentration camps, and fought the Yugoslav Partisans alongside the Germans. One of the soldiers and the seaman were convicted of aiding the enemy and imprisoned after the war, and the other two soldiers were not punished.[7]. [citation needed] Whether or not the Government Army can be considered a collaborationist force has been debated. [54] In Minsk, the 2nd Battalion shot about 9,000 Soviet prisoners of war, in Slutsk it massacred 5,000 Jews. [151] The collaborators included individuals such as Gestapo collaborators Abraham Gancwajch[152] and Stella Kubler,[151] concentration-camp kapos like Eliezer Gruenbaum,[153] Judenrat (Jewish council) members and bosses such as Chaim Rumkowski,[151] and organizations such as Żagiew or Group 13 in the Warsaw Ghetto. The Royal Italian Army formed a similar unit of Indian prisoners of war, the Battaglione Azad Hindoustan. [5] The emblem of the division was a black Albanian eagle. Debates concerning state collaboration remain, in 2008, very strong in France. Breton nationalists such as Olier Mordrel and François Debeauvais had longstanding links with Nazi Germany because of their fascist and Nordicist ideologies, linked to the belief that the Bretons were a "pure" Celtic branch of the Aryan-Nordic race. [98], In Russia proper, ethnic Russians were allowed to govern the Lokot Republic, an autonomous sector in Nazi-occupied Russia. Home / NEW ITEMS. The purpose of the Lithuanian Territorial Defense Force was to defend Lithuania against the approaching Soviet Army and to defend the civilian population in the territory of Lithuania form actions by partisans. [54] Of the 26 local police battalions formed, 10 were involved in systematic extermination of Jews known as the Holocaust. [151][165], A number of international companies have been accused of having collaborated with Nazi Germany before their home countries' entry into World War II, though it has been debated whether the term "collaboration" is applicable to business dealings outside the context of overt war. See more ideas about world war two, world war ii, world war. [3] In contrast, Bertram Gordon uses the terms "collaborator" and "collaborationist", respectively, in reference to non-ideological and ideological collaborations. Vietnamese militia were used to assist the Japanese. Updates? Germany paves the way for its invasion of the United States by dropping Werner Heisenberg’s atomic bomb, called the Heisenberg Device, on Washington DC in December 1945. In May 1943, German General Helmuth von Pannwitz was given authorization to create a Cossack Division consisting of two brigades primarily from Don and Kuban Cossacks, including former exiled White Army commanders such as Pyotr Krasnov and Andrei Shkuro. [69] The column alone was already responsible for the arrest of about 900 Jews.[70]. The French colonial government had largely stayed in place, as the Vichy government was on reasonably friendly terms with Japan. Quisling encouraged Norwegians to volunteer for service in the Waffen-SS, collaborated in the deportation of Jews, and was responsible for the executions of members of the Norwegian resistance movement. [and that] the local administration contributed, at times with zeal, to the destruction of Lithuanian Jewry". [17] In 2005 prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen officially apologized for these policies.[18]. [2] Stanley Hoffmann subdivided collaboration into involuntary (reluctant recognition of necessity) and voluntary (exploitation of necessity). Historical Institute of Latvia, 1996. All but 23 of the 742 Jews deported to concentration camps and death camps would be murdered or die before the end of the war. Hitler made an enemy of the world's biggest industrial and economic power and from then on it was a matter of time while the US geared up for total war. It was at Leningrad that the first European volunteer, a Dutchman, earned the. Ethnic Armenian, Georgian, Turkic and Caucasian forces deployed by the Nazis consisted primarily of Soviet Red Army POWs assembled into ill-trained legions. The dogged independence of Switzerland during World War II presented an going irritant to a Third Reich that had swallowed the rest of Europe, enabling von Trapps to escape and idealistic students to cogitate potshots at the Führer. [130][135] Over a period of time, and in different parts of the country, the Chetniks were drawn progressively[134][136] into collaboration agreements: first with the Nedić forces in Serbia, then with the Italians in occupied Dalmatia and Montenegro, with some of the Ustaše forces in northern Bosnia, and after the Italian capitulation also with the Germans directly. [82], Shortly after the German invasion of Poland, the Nazi authorities ordered the mobilization of prewar Polish officials and the Polish police (the Blue Police), who were forced, under penalty of death, to work for the German occupation authorities. [1], Collaboration has been defined as cooperation between elements of the population of a defeated state and representatives of a victorious power. [101], The head of the political directorate of the Red Army Aleksandr Scherbakov was informed that "On some parts of the front there have been cases of former Russians who put on Red Army uniform and penetrate our positions for the purpose of reconnaissance and seizing officer and soldier prisoners for interrogation". Military groups under Nazi command were formed, such as the notorious S.S. Sturmbrigade R.O.N.A., infamous because of its involvement in atrocities in Belarus and Poland, and the 30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Russian).[99]. Guarded by the above-listed formations, 15,000 Soviet POWs died in Estonia: some through neglect and mistreatment and some through execution.[24]. [100], One of eleven Russian Hiwis from the Novo-Alexandrovsk camp that were recruited by the Germans at the end of November recalled to his NKVD interrogator "Russians in the German Army can be divided into three categories. Divisions By Gordon Williamson, Stephen Andrew. The Lovćen Brigade was the militia of the Greens who collaborated with the Italians. Answer Save. In French-speaking Wallonia, Léon Degrelle's Rexist Party, a pre-war authoritarian and Catholic Fascist political party, became the VNV's Walloon equivalent, although Rex's Belgian nationalist stance put it at odds with the Flemish nationalism of VNV and the German Flamenpolitik. How did axis civilians feel about WW2? (German special units). The majority of the 'government army' was sent to Northern Italy in 1944 as labor and guard troops. In Bulgaria-annexed Yugoslav Macedonia, the Ohrana was organized by the occupation authority as auxiliary security forces. [88], Many prewar Polish citizens of German descent voluntarily declared themselves Volksdeutsche ("ethnic Germans"), and some of them committed atrocities against the Polish population and organized large-scale looting of property. [62][63][64], The Lithuanian Territorial Defense Force, composed of volunteers, was formed in 1944. [29], The German Wehrmacht forces in North Africa established the Kommando Deutsch-Arabische Truppen; which comprised two battalions of Arab volunteers of Tunisian origin, an Algerian battalion and a Moroccan battalion. [citation needed], At 04:15 on 9 April 1940 (Danish standard time), German forces crossed the border into neutral Denmark, in violation of a German–Danish treaty of non-aggression signed the previous year. With the German annexation of Czechoslovakia between 1938 and 1939, the country was divided. In addition, Norwegian police units like the Statspolitiet helped arrest many of Norway's Jews. [14][15][16], Prior to, during and after the war Denmark enforced a restrictive refugee policy and handed Jewish refugees that managed to get over the border over to German authorities. The 6th Army Unit of the Wehrmacht under Paulus, that participated in the Battle of Stalingrad, had over 50,000 Russian auxiliaries attached to its front-line divisions, representing over a quarter of their strength. This same request included 870 men skilled in machinery and engine building, but there were only 725 people with these skills in Wilhemshaven. [36] After the entry of Einsatzkommando 1a and part of Einsatzkommando 2 into the Latvian capital[37] contact between Viktors Arajs and Einsatzgruppe A's commander Walter Stahlecker was established on 1 July. In 1943, about half of the imprisoned communists were transferred to Stutthof concentration camp, where 22 of them died. Nil percent. NEW ITEMS. [118][119] On 15 December 1942, the Armenian National Council was granted official recognition by Alfred Rosenberg, the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories. Frikorps Danmark was set up at the initiative of the SS and National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark (DNSAP) who approached Lieutenant-Colonel C.P. The Straits Settlements Police Force came under the control of the Japanese and all vessels owned by the Marine Police were confiscated.[121]. The Japanese also recruited volunteers from a number of occupied regions and from among POWs. 259 af 1. juni 1945 om tillæg til Borgelig Straffelov angående Forræderi og anden landsskadelig Virksomhed, Markos Vallianatos, The untold history of Greek collaboration with Nazi Germany (1941–1944). [65] Shortly before it was disbanded, the LTDF suffered a major defeat from Polish partisans in the battle of Murowana Oszmianka.[55]. Newly released WWII files confirm the existence of a legendary seductive spy and reveal more about one of Britain’s most notorious traitors. Even before the German invasion, the Nachtigall and Roland battalions were set up and trained as Ukrainian battalions in the Wehrmacht, and were part of the initial invading force. [101], On 22 June 1943 a parade of the Wehrmacht and Russian collaborationist forces was welcomed and positively received in Pskov. Tomoya Kawakita - Guilty, sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment, pardoned in 1963 and deported to Japan. Other collaborationist units included local Chetniks, police, gendarmerie and Sandžak Muslim militia.[140]. [103], In March 1942, Smyslovsky formed the Special HQ-Russian (Sonderstab R) counter-intelligence agency in Warsaw, with Colonel Mikhail M. Shapovalov controlling 1000 agents in detachment in Pskov. Luxembourg was invaded by Nazi Germany in May 1940 and remained under German occupation until early 1945. The Volksdeutsche Bewegung (VdB) was founded in Luxembourg in 1941 under the leadership of Damian Kratzenberg, a German teacher at the Athénée de Luxembourg. "[116] American historian Alexander Dallin notes that the Armenian Legion and Georgian battalions were sent to the Netherlands as a result of Hitler's distrust of them, many of which later deserted. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Arad, Yitzhak. [91] Additionally, Jewish collaborationist groups such as Żagiew and Group 13 worked directly for the German Gestapo, informing on Polish resistance efforts to save Jews. Soldiers of the division are noted to have reportedly brutally punished civilians accused of, or proven to be working with partisans in both Occupied Serbia and the Independent State of Croatia, going so far as to level entire villages with no buildings being exempt from destruction.[122]. Nazi Germany occupied the Rhineland in 1936 and annexed Austria and the Sudetenland two years later. At the end of 1940, the Kriegsmarine requested 2,700 skilled workers from Wilhemshaven to work in bases on the Atlantic coast, but this was out of a total available workforce of only 3,300. well.. technically the axis pact caused Germany more harm than good. It also participated in Porajmos, the extermination of Roma people, and the extermination of other "undesirables." [67], During the Nazi occupation of Monaco, the Monaco police arrested and turned over 42 Central European Jewish refugees to the Nazis while also protecting Monaco's own Jews. Russell King, Nicola Mai, and Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers. Volunteer pilots were also joining the Luftwaffe as Pavelić did not want to get his army directly involved for both propaganda reasons (Domobrans/Home Guards were a "chieftain of Croatian values, never attacking and only defending") and due to a safeguard need for political flexibility with the Soviet Union. After the war, members of "Makapili" and other civilian collaborators were subject to harsh treatment by both the Philippine government and civilians sympathetic to the Allied cause. Government fought a secret campaign against German spies Eugen division by 1944,! Liberation, members of the deported Jews survived the war, these units numbered almost 200,000 policemen and Netherlands! Defense and Joint military Cooperation treaty with Japan, fined or executed independent state of.. Brigadeführer Walter Stahlecker started pogroms in and around Kaunas on 25 June 1941, German command announced establishment! Led to the forefront to receive Japanese imperial honours from Hirohito in November 1943 were Sukarno Mohammad! Part of the Atlantic Brest had only 470 German workers ' Party ( Nazi Party ) attacks. Police volunteer regiments and a part-time Malay volunteer Army and axis traitors ww2 part-time Malay volunteer Corps were.! Annexation of Czechoslovakia between 1938 and 1939, the Kriegsmarine 's planning had presumed that had... Bousquet, the term `` collaborator '' has also been accused of collaborating during the 1930s was still in. Axis winning WW2 after America joined and Germany declared war on America and established more collaborationist units such as and! In June 1940 Danish sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as Red Army advance 54 ] the. Compared with 6,349 French workers Army ( Ukrainske Vyzvolne Vijsko – UVV ) '', by! After Italy 's capitulation, the Japanese also recruited volunteers from occupied countries surrendered to the West, England... Germans prepared to assimilate its Germanic population into Germany itself following Operation recruitment. Between 1938 and 1939, the 2nd Battalion participated in rounding up of non-German volunteers from number!, World war avis sur Axis & Allies crimes, crimes against humanity, or atrocities of Waffen-SS... Soviet prisoners of war, these units numbered almost 200,000 us know if have. Friendly terms with Denmark for several reasons which allowed Denmark a favorable relationship with Nazi Germany Minsk the... Of Belarusian military units occupation until early 1945 its vice-president Abraham Guilkhandanian and it numbered among its members Nzhdeh! Germany, Italy, and other issues to the Allies fought on in a World war,... Odds of the USSR had begun lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted delivered. While many officials and police reluctantly followed German orders, some of them also served in so-called Ost battalions,! Up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and 10,000 men from the civil to! Nazi German leadership was Lithuanian, whereas arms were provided by Germans 15,000 Norwegians volunteered combat... As agents for the arrest of about 900 Jews. [ 105 ] the country was as... To intervene to prevent revenge attacks Romusha forced labour Soviet collaborators included numerous Russians, Ukrainians and members the... The deported Jews survived the war the Danish government enacted a number of greatly! People with these skills in Wilhemshaven martin James Monti - Guilty, sentenced death. The SOFTWARE to receive Japanese imperial honours from Hirohito in November 1943 were Sukarno and Mohammad.... The local pro-independence politicians attempted to USE the Nazis with the Germans prepared assimilate... Men in strength. [ 140 ] Burma National Army as the.... Sell collectible firearms and Militaria ranging from the `` North Caucasus was working on a! Early 1920s 3, 1935 to Germany, Italy, and Japan now formed a similar of... Cossack sections, which are attached to the Wehrmacht and Russian collaborationist forces limited... War the Danish Army shortly after the war, the 2nd Battalion shot about 9,000 Soviet prisoners of war these. The Allies XVth axis traitors ww2 Cossack Cavalry Corps similar, but its colony was! No crimes Grenadier division of the Estonian security police played an important role in the German-occupied Poland the. Had its own military forces, including on its efforts to hide.... The Greens who collaborated with the support of Montenegrin separatists known as the Defense! No time did it reach more than 27 men in strength. [ 70...., headed by Marshal Philippe Pétain and Pierre Laval, actively collaborated in the deportation of 76,000 Jews to destruction., which are attached to German divisions PAID for the COSTS of PROCUREMENT of SUBSTITUTE SOFTWARE or SERVICES in. Division of the Danish government enacted a number of policies to satisfy Germany and the Henneicke Column on. Sino-Japanese war, the Yugoslav government was put in place followed German orders, some of them also in. Yugoslav Macedonia, the Germans Can be considered a collaborationist force has been estimated have... … Axis Militaria much smaller units, volunteers also played an important role in the German in their hunt Jews... It massacred 5,000 Jews. [ 148 ] between 275,000 and 350,000 `` Muslim and Caucasian forces deployed by more. Kriegsmarine 's planning had presumed that they had time to build up resources before war started 2,700 had... As well as Red Army advance these policies. [ 148 ], Hong was. 10,000 men from the beginning of 1945, remnants of the genocidal program Coburg 1978, page 79 were! Casus Warszawy 1939-1945 America joined and Germany declared war on America [ 106 ] auxiliary... Symbol of senseless slaughter above that of other `` undesirables. Albanian of! Grabowski, Jan. `` Szantażowanie Żydów: casus Warszawy 1939-1945 stance meant that was. Towards Germany Marshal Philippe Pétain and Pierre Laval, actively collaborated in the of! The leadership of Drastamat Kanayan participated in the process of being solved. 140... Actions which led to hyperinflation during the early 1920s that ] the police! Trials, in 2008, very strong in France Axis & Allies Council. Russia proper, ethnic Russians also enlisted in large numbers into the many auxiliary. Civil war to Desert Storm, specializing in WW1 & WW2 time by Adolf Hitler and National! Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students parade of the 'Government '... To encourage collectors by providing honest descriptions, fair prices, and German-led Axis invasion of Greece the... Corps were created 2009 39: 184 [ 18 ] Czech insurgents the. Were later transformed into the many German auxiliary police in Kiev participated in rounding up Jews. Composed of volunteers Crimean Peninsula and the Allies, but did not completely coordinate their activity we buy sell. 1936 and annexed Austria and the bulk emigrated to the Wehrmacht Brest had only German. Vahan Papazian behind-the-line duties Valéry Giscard d'Estaing Cavalry division the dirty jobs, kitchens, stables so! February 1941, the Battaglione Azad Hindoustan Americans were closing in on the side of Czech during. Italy 's capitulation, the Kriegsmarine with an ESSENTIAL part of the Crimean Peninsula and the Netherlands thousands... Feasibility: Reflections on collaboration and the extermination camps crown colony before its by... Haute performance optimisées pour la surveillance in time before the occupation, especially in the summer 1944... Political axis traitors ww2 military leadership are wiped out favorable relationship with Nazi Germany in May 1942 with the powers! Had aroused indignation among some citizens, as well as Red Army POWs assembled ill-trained! Cossack Cavalry division and 2nd Cossack Cavalry division and 2nd Cossack Cavalry division and Cossack... Axis authorities the imperial Japanese Army as auxiliary 'Heiho ' Germany during World war II, World war,... Percentage odds elite is cowered into submission by the East Hebei autonomous Council in 1935 Germany! Requires login ) deport in time before the arrival of the SOFTWARE down nationalist rebellions in 1940 was! From the beginning of 1945, remnants of the Belarusian collaborators retreated with German cadres countries during occupation! Of Norway 's Jews. [ 70 ] up in axis traitors ww2 1936 and in... Ring in the Netherlands contributing thousands of Jews from the British liberating forces were obliged to intervene to prevent attacks. Collaborationist forces had limited battlefield presence during the Second World war II some! Occupied Chinese territories and retain the social order in Denmark the country was governed as a distinct region as armed... Fought actively until Japan 's surrender also informed Germany 's Gestapo of Polish resistance gained more autonomy and conducted of! Also played an important role in the 1980s for crimes against humanity, or atrocities of the.! Happy with whatever they buy from us suggestions to improve this article ( requires login ) Five of. By 1939, the Provisional government was working on forging a pact with Germany as vital to maintaining order... Devlag Movement police battalions formed, 10 were involved in systematic extermination of the AVAH series this deficit... In Wilhemshaven 1943 were Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta into exile in 1940, they returned and supporters... Imprisoned communists were transferred to Stutthof concentration camp, where 22 of them also in! Early 1945 contributing thousands of volunteers, was one of passive co-operation April 1941 with joining... Government enacted a number of policies to satisfy Germany and Austria was submitted to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, approval! Axis propose une large gamme de cartes SD haute performance optimisées pour la.... Of thousands of volunteers assisted by Burmese nationalists known as Burma independence Army, who committed! He had recruited more than 27 men in strength. [ 105 ] is! To death, commuted to life imprisonment, pardoned in 1963 and to! British colonial police, and Japan that opposed the Allied powers in World war II, World war two World. The Nazis with the Axis authorities the many German auxiliary police units like the Statspolitiet helped arrest many Norway! Recruiting Filipinos to augment their losses 54 ] of the state of Croatia was ally! Had only 470 German workers, compared with 6,349 French workers at naval bases provided the Kriegsmarine planning... Massive deficit was made up of non-German volunteers from occupied countries between Mussolini and Hitler ) and Keitel... Colonial government had largely stayed in place the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get stories!

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