The compressor thermal over-load has just so many resets and then you will need a new compressor or a new unit. I would suggest that you use a volt meter and test with the thermostat set to call for cooling between the C (com) and Y (yellow) connections on your thermostat. Steve, My Heat Pump stopped working last January, and suddenly began making a horrible noise (during one of the coldest times I remember in my area). Ha! Thanks for any help. Most of the time shorts in thermostat wires occur near the outside unit where the wires are exposed to sun and animals that can chew through the wires. Steve & Barbara Arnold, Please click here to see the transformers we sell. We have processed over 25,000 Successful PayPal Orders! I got 3 other quotes. Hi! Please make sure that your filter, blower wheel and evaporator coil are clean. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. lenny_labita. We had some renovations done to the house between September and December, including relocating a few HVAC ducts/pipes, and a little bit of electrical. It should not run with Y disconnected. Most of the time it is from a loose connection. now the bower motor runs on heat but not ac setting? I hope the compressor resets and starts working right again. If it doesn’t then you are low on charge and need to get a technician to find the leak and charge it up as quick as possible. This insures you get the right sized equipment installed. Steve. The unit will quick/short start (not sure if that is what its called) the outside unit will be running and it kicks off for like a second or 2 and comes right back on. My blower fan will not shut off in the auto mode of either heat or cool setting. I have a Rheem RBHP-24J18S air handler that has me pulling my hair out. Hi Carlos! Hi Mr. Longmire! I was told that my outside AC unit and the Coil in my attic needed to be replaced. The amount of moisture in the … Hi– I have a riello 50 f5 burner. I have a two story 2450 SQFT home and this only happens when it gets really hot outside. I just can’t imagine using wood instead of concrete block. We have a post with YouTube videos on thermostat wiring that might help you out, but you probably already know this: You or a tech would need to troubleshoot and study how they have your unit wired and figure out what they did wrong in the wiring. You or I would have to study the unit’s wiring skematic to get an idea of what the sequencers purposes are in your system. All Good. Steve. please, check if you have a condensate overflow switch on the unit. Sometimes it is easier just to replace the thermostat wires. Since the unit is having trouble starting I would suggest that you make sure that the run capacitor for the compressor is in good shape and not weak. I hope this solves your problem. This is a manufacturer’s warning and quite honestly not many people abide or pay attention to it. Most of the time the problem of freeze ups are caused by being low on refrigerant charge. I am so very sorry to hear that someone did bad work which resulted in your heat pump failure with lots of lost money, heat and air conditioning! On a heat pump you should have at least 6 wires coming to the thermostat with these colors and functions being the rule of thumb: (1) R (red) hot wire coming from the hot side of the low voltage transformer. I went ahead and used the gas valve and it seems to work fine as I can hear the puff of gas before the blower kicks in. I hope this helps you out. If I leave the system on, in about three or four minutes the compressor starts back up, but the fan stays off. This year it started to behave strangely: when the temp is set to higher end (73+) when it reaches 73 the power to thermostat drops to 0 for 60 seconds. So here we go. One of my suppliers said there was a recall on the TXV valves and after replacing the valve the manufacture was recommending the AC Renew product to prevent it from happening again. I installed the new capacitor and the compressor hard start booster I received. Thanks J, Hi Justin! Thanks so much for asking the question. Doesn’t freeze inside or out. Spell. B. Rumbling noises can also be caused by loose motor bearings (motor getting ready to go out), something loose in the duct work like a damper or metal, or refrigerant flow can sometimes rubble when it goes through the refrigerant lines. Thanks so much for asking this question. Repair? You might have too large of an air conditioner in your home. Sorry to disappoint you. If the capacitor has three terminals, use the same procedure to create a short circuit between each terminal and then from each terminal to ground. It even does it with the thermostat turned to the off position. I would like to suggest that you turn the power off to the unit and use a mirror and flashlight to inspect the blower wheel to make sure it is clean. I can hear The compressor running one minute and then it just shuts off. She described it as either a propane smell or gas. Sometimes the temperature can be over 130 degrees without an attic fan. Steve, I got a Bryant one piece unit and the blower will not come on you can turn it on manual on the thermostat but it runs low speed but doesn’t turn on with ac or heat high speed, Hi Dennis! HVACR practice exams can be used for self-assessment, professional-growth, and certification exam preparation.Our HVACR practice exam consists of questions developed by HVAC Excellence, the largest provider of certifications (more than 200,000) in the HVACR industry. Please make sure all thermostat wires are good and tight because a loose wire can cause high amp draw and run your batteries down. Thanks so much for the great question! I notice in another unit somebody put an extra switch with a 2nd capacitador. I replaced the previous HH84AA Fan Control Module (Fan would not shut off) with a replacement ICM271 Fan Control Module awhile back. I would suggest checking your low voltage at the control board. Otherwise, they have good reviews, but it sounds really weird and temporary to me. The only way that I would know to tell what the problem is would be to test the different connections and terminals when the problem occurs. I hope that maybe someone who reads this might have an answer. They were out last week early in the AM to reroute ducts and airflow , but it was not yet hot enough for the pressure to increase so they said they will come back when it is hotter. 4. I can turn the unit off for a few seconds and then back on and sometimes the compressor will kick on right away and sometimes it wont. Had this problem for 6 years. I have found pieces of paper and lint in blower wheels that cause them to be off balance and rattle. When it was working for short periods I found the defrost heater control switch would fail open and it would go into “cool down mode”. Thankfully, no fire. You should be getting 24 to 28 volts AC between the R and C (com) terminals on the control board. HVAC Questions. What could be the problem? Or would you suspect something else? I do not know what your code is, but I would think they would want a disconnect box for the unit. The duct work inspected by two companies which both said it was fine. I also noticed after turning on the AC that after the cooling cycle is over and the compressor shuts off the blower continues to run for a minute or so…like the heater should do after the heating cycle is complete. Best of luck in finding and fixing the problem. I remember I had trouble where I installed too small of pipe (2″) and I had to go back free of charge and replace the 2″ pipe with 3″. I had two HVAC companies come and look at the system and they tell me that what I have is standard and can’t change it. I’m from Portland OR where the humidity is fairly high in the winter…, Bryant Carrier 3 Wire Pilot Burner Problem Resolved. I paid one of them to change the transformer on the furnace to 24 volt. Actually the whole house stays warm all the time and I sweat most of the time. Can I stop hvac…, Hi! In all the heat pumps that I worked on over the years the sequencer should not have anything to do with the outdoor unit’s contactor being energized unless one of them has shorted out and caused the whole low voltage system to be disrupted. The coil got frozen earlier and installer replaced TXV on both but didn’t help. Hi! We can’t go below 78 or it seems to blow not hot air but not cold either. Starting AC equipment is hard on the system because it jumps the amperage/electrical usage up each time when AC equipment starts. Use these flashcards & quizzes to ace any certification exam. You are welcome! Steve, I recently had my HVAC unit replaced. Most of the time the sequencers are used to energize heating elements and to start the blower motor, but not connected to the contactor in anyway. Hi Jose! I would suggest looking at the air handler’s wiring diagram and see if there is any kind of thermal sensor inside the unit that is kicking the blower on. I think it is because my furnace … If you have a unit that is a heat pump with gas as an auxiliary heat source then when a heat pump goes into defrost mode the outdoor fan will stop, the reversing valve will shift into cooling mode, auxiliary heat will come on and the ice which has accumulated on the outdoor coil will be melted off. Slugging the compressor out with liquid refrigerant is not what you ever want because the compressor is made to pump a gas and not a liquid. I vacuumed and rubbed and polished and wiped down the thermal-couple , put it all back together and it worked . You have already completed the quiz before. There is no hole next to the vent screw on the replacement and I couldn’t find any hole to screw the adapter into for the flex hose. Hi, I have a strange issue that you may have addressed above but it doesnt match to any Q&A 100%. Steve, I have a rheem gas furnace/AC unit . I have a Day&Night 3 ton AC in a new home and this is its first season. This can cause the compressor to run high head pressure, over-heat and turn off and on while you are away on thermal over-load. The power management box on the side of the house shuts off power in less than a second. Test between the G and C (com) terminals you should have 24 to 28 volts AC between these two terminals. Hi Mike! I know exactly what you are talking about on the warning not to turn your air conditioner on for 3 hours after the power has been off for more than 3 hours. I was told it was a 50-50 decision on my part to either repair or replace. Taking the fan motor option I ran water from a hose over the top of the unit onto the motor to see if that kept it from overheating and tripping it’s over-temp circuit. Sorry to hear that you are having AC problems during this hot weather. (Carrier 25HBA / R-410A) …Greatly appreciate your help! I have never used the AC Renew, but I have seen many of my suppliers selling it to prevent sticking TXV (thermostatic expansion valve) problems. By clicking on a question, it will take you to a webpage discussing the question along with detailed answers. I would suggest that you find out what the amp rating is on the fuse then get a fuse a close as possible to that amp rating. The most common cause most of the time is because the system is low on refrigerant charge. I was told the one for that coil that kicks on could be bad which would make fan not work becsuse its not getting the right signal. I hope you can easily find out what the problem is. If the furnace is not installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations you might start having trouble with the pressure switch not allowing the furnace to operate and the furnace will lock out. I hope that all you need is a control board and this is a good possibility, but lighting could damage anything that is high or low voltage. I hope this helps you finding and fixing the problem. Steve. I try to discuss this problem on the following page: Since your fan is running at low speed some of the time I would suggest that you check the thermostat to make sure you are getting 24 to 28 volts AC between the G (green) and C (com) terminals when the thermostat is calling cooling. Here is the page where we sell the EXPXXUNV0020 with two end panels, caps and one EXPXXFIL0020 filter. If the AC is too small for the furnace blower then the installers might have had to over-charge the unit in order to get cool gas going back to the compressor to keep the compressor running cool. I would suggest you take the capacitor to have it checked to make sure it is not weak. The vibration at times is excessive. We’re not sure if this is because of the defrost board or if made our fan is over heating or possibly going out. I hope it starts working right again. I hope you have a nice day! Failure to follow this procedure could result in damage to your air conditioning system”. I’ve checked the breakers, the float valve, and everything seems fine. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Hopefully the fuse is blown on your control board and it did not burn the control board up. It is a $10,000.00 fine if EPA catches a person releasing the refrigerant into the atmosphere because this is so detrimental to the environment. If you have a high efficiency ECM blowe motor then I would leave this to a qualified tech to check the motor out. That is why I changed the that switch but since I did only the blower is coming on. simply, my question is, if your sequencer is stuck, so that you are still getting voltage to the heat elements,….. and the lower 24 volt plate is defective,….. will it not pass voltage (24) to supply the contactor? I went back to checking things and found the defrost control switch was failed open so I changed it along with the watt restrictor switch. catch (error) {} Thanks a million! Can you please answer this question for me? Hi Byron! While designing the cooling load calculations maximum outdoor summer temperature is considered: The ventilation requirements for a given structure or space are based on which of the following: According to ASHRAE, the outside fresh air requirement for both residencies and apartments ranges from: While calculating the cooling load estimate for a house, each person is given an allowance of _____: Which of the following cooling methods are generally found in large commercial and industrial applications: Evaporative cooling system cools the indoor air by lowering its dry bulb temperature: In Cold water coil cooling system the discharge water is approximately _______ warmer than the supply water: try { The contractor wants to eliminate the outside electrical box. Gravity. Thank you so very much for your military service and kind words! NOT sure) Not a constant on and off. I have seen other vibration noises on Goodman units that are caused by having loose heat exchanger mounting brackets. Steve. Fan off; Burner on; Fan on; Burner off; Pilot on; Fan off; etc. My a/c is not blowing cold air, it is blowing room temperature air (so not hot), but definitely not cooling down the house. Replace? If this be the case then you will probably need a new fan motor. Hi Dave! What could be the issue? Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Troubleshooting Simplified, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump troubleshooting questions with answers index, Furnace troubleshooting questions with answers index, Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified. The blower motor is over $400 so I do not keep one of these. If you are getting power at the breaker then I would test the outdoor disconnect with a volt meter to see if you are getting power there. Please make sure if your thermostat has batteries that the batteries are good. It sounds like you might have a thermostat problem. this Goodman unit is 2 years old… So I checked the thermostat, no 24 volts to the outside. Use our HVAC practice tests to study for becoming an becoming an HVAC technician. Any suggestions? I suddenly heard it running loud tonight. On many furnaces the transformer is connected directly to the C (com) and R terminals on the control board. Hope you have a nice weekend! I called my Bryant Carrier supplier and they said that you could install the two stage Carrier AC with a single stage furnace, but the AC (outdoor unit) should only work on one speed. Take a Free Practice Test on HVAC Basic Electrical Questions -1 ) Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I would suggest testing with a meter and go through the AC troubleshooting flow chart that we have on the following page: I would start with setting the AC to cool and turn the thermostat down so it should be cooling. My furnace still locks out occasionally. Steve, I have a 2-story home with 3 and 2 tons A/C units. It wasn’t very old and had few hours of usage . If you do not have the dip switches then I do not know what to tell you. Take a Free Practice Test on HVAC Basic Electrical Questions -4 ) Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Now we feel poor/weak airflow from most of the vents. Steve. The coating of residue on the thermal-couple bulb was keeping it from putting out the required micro-volts to keep the main valve open . After about 10-15 minutes, (well before the thermostat reaches the target temp setting), the compressor fan turns off… the compressor stays running… the pressure builds to about 650psi in about 30 seconds… and then the compressor turns off. The pressure slowly backs down below 300 in about a min. If your electric furnace or heat pump is not having any heat come out of the registers it is probably a sequencer, control board or limit that has gone out. Most fuses as you probably know are rated by amps. Hope you have a great day! Hi Mr. Taylor! Once he found a blown fuse, the last time this happened the fuse was good and he could not find the problem, do you have any suggestions what could cause this, thank you in advance? I can not find a Lennox parts supplier here in Louisville, KY. where I can call for information and purchase parts. You might want to make sure the capacitor is in good shape by having it tested at a local appliance parts store. hey I have a ruud heat pump with auxiliary heat strips. I would deeply and sincerely appreciate any guidance you can offer. Thoughts? I have also seen stopped up metering devices like restrictor pins or thermostatic expansion valves that will cause this to happen. Air Conditioning Quiz Questions Answers ) Search for: Related Pages. If the fan is getting the 220 volts and cutting off then you either need a new fan motor or capacitor. Yes, this is true. We have an AC troubleshooting flow chart that I hope will help on the following page: This will be difficult to troubleshoot unless you can troubleshoot when the problem occurs. High head pressure can be caused by dirty outside coils, slow fan motors, (might need a new capacitor) or a restriction in the refrigeration system. I hope you can find an easy solution to the noise problem. We have been moving the thermostat switch to off and then turning off the blower by using the main blower switch on the side of the furnace just to give the blower a rest. The switch is a safety against water overflow. Thus freezing up the inside coil, the HVAC Tech has been out numerous times for this problem. Best of luck in finding and fixing this problem. With the pressure a 240 and 55 psi and with using R22 as the refrigerant this shows that the system is low on charge. b) Took Sand Paper to the strike plate and wet sanded it back to bare metal again. If the compressor does not start working right again then you will need a new compressor. Before you call someone to check the charge on your system I would make sure the filter is clean. Steve. I began to think it was the thermostat, but one repairmen claimed my thermostat is fine. Troubleshooting type questions would also be appreciated. This could also be a bad contactor if the contactor coil is getting 24 volts and not closing. No issues but when I installed a new Sensi thermostat when I turn the a/c breakers off the heat doesn’t work. Research results say to have an EPA certified technician remove the refrigerant before anyone can disassemble the unit. Air Handler is in the attic. I really appreciate the rapid response! You can tell the contractor that you want him to get a permit because you could have trouble selling your house in the future if a permit is not acquired for the installation. It does not have to be a huge change, even something as simple as using mapping software to get to the next service call faster is a change that helped improve the work environment. What could be the problem? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The comfort chart is an empirically determined effective temperature index, The comfort charts are published by ASHRAE. I’m getting ready to replace my 22 year old York heat pump with a Trane XL 16i. Thanks for your blog and all the helpful information! I have no idea why they would have a note to switch the breakers off when switching to heat. Steve. thanks. I have seen weak transformers, weak batteries in a thermostat and shorted thermostat wires cause this problem. Help. Please make sure you check the blower motor capacitor to make sure it is in good shape. I did just tie the R, G and Y wires together and got nothing. Thanks for the great question! These brackets help hold the heat exchanger in place and it they become loose they can rattle and make lots of noise. After some research I noticed the most common problems were sequencers, control board, and thermostats. The circuit breakers are all ok. Is there a fuse tripped somewhere? Please help asap!!!. Of course it is hot today (Sunday)!! It hasn’t been firing up. I was told that the control board just needed to be replaced. i am trying to run a seperate line to my Utica gas furnace entailing a single outlet so I can run my generator to it in case of a power loss….it seemed straight forward, i found the breaker that powers off the burner, also observed in the breaker box that my wiring to the breaker was aluminum(2 wire black white ground @12gauge/20 amp) opened the honeywell side mounted box to get to the power wiring at the furnace, and this is where I stopped short….looks as if the power line coming in to this box has 3 wires not 2…it seems to have 3 -12 gauge aluminum, black,and white….red wires to the board#1 terminal to the transformer and the white also goes to terminal # 2 on the board to the transformer for a step down 30 vac for the thermostats….the black wire is wire nuted to another black and runs off to the possibly the circulator side of the furnace…my question is what do i do with the red wire when seperate the power line and install a single outlet? If the compressor is hot on the top then you might be low on refrigerant charge. It just keeps running. However, I have concerns over all of the components of the entire HVAC unit. Hi, I recently had a Rheem direct vent furnace installed with 2″ PVC with an approx 30′ run to exterior. Click here: Troubleshooting Heating Problems, Propane furnace not working when temperature got down below freezing. Heat Transfer Quiz Questions ; Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz ... Condenser Basics Quiz Questions; Boiler Basics Quiz; HVAC Heating Basics Test 1; HVAC Heating Basics Test 2; Cooling Towers Quiz Questions; Cooling Towers Quiz Questions 2; Notify me of new posts by email. I now have a new system with a V.S speed fan and 24v control. Steve, Replace expansion valve on evaporator vacumn unit started charging unit had 150 on suction line turned unit on pressure dropped to 20 suction line frosted up unit shut off unit won’t run long enough to charge 410-a system, Hi Mr. Vuorela! Inspect your thermostat wires to make sure they are not shorted somewhere. Hi Paul! On most heat pumps the yellow wire “Y” that closes (provides power) the outdoor heat pump contactor is connected directly from the thermostat to the outdoor contactor. This could be 24 volt power or 110 volt power. Hi Duane! Sure enough, he got it working again after 20 years of service! I have rotting landscape timbers right now in my back yard. If the motor is pretty hot you might have a blower motor problem (might need a new motor) or the motor might need a new run capacitor.

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