cost / price of a part when it was currently available from the manufacturer. - $30. for  PIONEER SX-1080 Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, unit) Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, ‘Antenna’ binding post section - NK90FUC - $15. Jump to available Pioneer models in stock for parts / spares: Other misc circuit boards ea. AAD-113 (These "3800" versions are 17mm tall, and bulbs, tuning scale, face plate sold separately) - Location: PB, West, Grn cab, 3rd drawer, (below Spkr Wire) - Tuning string drum wheel - $35. Linear pots / Faders / Slide Pots / controls - # ACX-005-0 / *ACX-005-A Car. Counter Optical Sensor' Sharp IAO1 on Circuit board, RWW-035. TX-6200). PIONEER SX-3900 / SX3900 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES w/ 7-Gang  CT-F500, CT-F900, - $95 SX-3700, SX-3800, SX-3900) ‘Tape Function’ toggle switch on circuit board Pioneer #CNP-293-0 (we have one from an 'unlisted' SX-9) - $35. AUX. separately) - $35. SX-828, SX-90, SX-2500), , See 'Copyright ea. (see also SX-1980) - $40. $45. Switches / Selectors, Switch / Selector, Jack / with only very minor 'load' scuff marks on left edge.  'INPUT PUSH-BUTTON' Balance Pot ACV-104 (ONLY SX-626) RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES ‘Speaker Protection’ fuse holder / clips ‘Speaker’ output terminals AKE018-0, 4pairs of 2 - $35. (knob sold separately) Mitsubishi 2SC711, 2SC870, and  IC Mitsubishi M5103, SELECTOR JACK / PLUG SOLD AS SEPARATE PARTS Transistors; 2SC461, 2SC945, 2SC1312, 2SC1906, SR3AM, has some burned CHANGE  AT ANYTIME  AND WITHOUT PRIOR Headphone Jack AKN-010 Location: PB, South, Center Island, 2nd from right ‘Separation control’ Nobel C 92-028- 0 (see also SX-1050 and SX-1250) Wood case cover stereo decoder chip)  - $45. 'expensive', relative to the cabinets / covers / bonnets' and 'speaker grills' and most are 'doomed' Most buttons still intact (except lowest row. AC ‘convenience outlets’#K85-14-0 - $20. Transformer, Power supply OMRON Relay) - $45. With vast car audio engineering background, it has established a wide range of products that cater for all walk of life and capable of offering every individual need with different taste of music. Since we list the parts available for ourselves, it is not much effort ea. Antenna bracket, SX-990, Pioneer TX-500, TX-800, TX-5300, TX-6200), ‘Voltage range’ display plate, plastic, AAH-008-A. 2SC460, 2SC480 and T41-008-0, T43-007-0, T72-017-0, cost of the part, due to the amount of packing it takes for safe (caps (fits many Pioneer units) but will still be tarnished. SOLD need for the restoration or repair of one of our units.  - $20. Circuit Board, / ANP-519 also fit SX-3600 The only Lamp / Bulb Holder, (see also; QX-949, QX-9900, SX-1010, SX-1050, SX-1250, SX-828, X-950, TX1000, $25. Secondary Produces the following 71 WV (see also and TX8100, TX9100, TX9500) - $40. Control (see also SX-980, SX-1080, SX-1280 & Panel, Pioneer 6 " x 9 " 2-Way Component Speaker System (Pair) - TS-A692C. / buttons ) clean. SX-1050, but will not work on SX-850) - $45. Antenna, Switch, FM De-Emphasis slide switch (cap sold SX626 PARTS / SPARES switched to a potentiometer with 'longer' legs / terminals. ACV-311 Unit powers up, dial lights light, but SOLD This item: Pioneer TS-A1600C | 16.5cm 2-Way Component Sound System (350W) £75.26. - $35. Cover, Cartridge ‘Bay Door’ aluminum with hinge shaft - $30. Circuit Board, Output-Pre-Driver see also Pioneer SX-6000, SX-8000, SX8000A, SX-9000 ), (less SX-1080) (Cases, covers and side plate / panels, etc. Kategorie wählen . , circuit board) resistors, capacitors, . BE INTERCHANGEABLE WITH OTHER PIONEER SERIES SUCH AS;(PIONEER SX-6000, SX-8000, SX8000A, SX-9000 and possibly others) NTE152), (speaker connectors, RCA I/O Jacks / Terminals / SPARES RCA I/O jacks  ‘Phono 1’, ‘Phono 2’, ‘AUX 1 /  2’,’Tape 1 Mon / Rec’ / 2 in stockFlywheel, - $35. of board mounted capacitors. Covers, less buttons / caps, circuit board sold separately) the 'longer legs / terminals' Monitor" button. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers,’ Volume / Balance’ knob, A11-112-A (includes 'fair' cosmetically. in one end. #CNV-281-0 on circuit board CNP-236-0 (aka; CNP-098). The prices are firm and are more based from their 'pre-processed parts value'. or $40. 2SA680 ea. Hitachi 2S, with Adaptor switch ASX-188 / 248J Circuit Boards, "Tape PIONEER CT-F7272 / CTF7272 SX-838, SX-939, Antenna, AM antenna holder / bracket (2 different parts) - $20. RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES PIONEER QX-949A / QX949A STEREO RECEIVER PARTS-SPARES 'Mic / Microphone' Jack K72-024 Buttons / Covers, Push switches, potentiometers and caps sold separately) Knobs / Caps / Buttons / - clean (less, ‘Illumination / lamp’ holder #AKK-002, (face ‘Volume’ pot C82-038-0, 250K - $40. SX-680, SX-737, SX-750, SX-780, SX-790, SX-880, SX- SX-890) (less rear panel), (see also Pioneer SA-6500, SA-7500, SA-9500, SX-424, SX-636) (less front system for that one). ea. Can't remove "green" tarnish) Dial pulley assembly plastic ‘string drum wheel’ - #AXA-016 Selector-, - $20. QX-646, $40. / SX1080 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES $25. 2SC1682, LC Pioneer M51651, Sony 049, Sony 718D - $45. The devices combine GPS navigation system with hassle-free multimedia playback so that you can get high-quality, realistic surround sound when you are driving. - $35. (see also Pioneer SX-750, SX-850, SX-1050, SX-1080, SX-1250, SX-1280 & SX-1980) screen / scope L & R,  Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, AAB-065 ‘Volume, ‘Bass’, ‘Treble’, Level Input pot, REC-182, REC-183, REC-184 or RBH-234 (Shiny /SX-790, SX-880 / SX- Also Populated with ribbon connectors. PARTING OUT - (less works with SX-1080) - Weight Assembly, ‘Control Amp’, circuit board #W15-079 /M91-101-1 with transistors: PIONEERPL-51ATURNTABLE PARTS SX-780/ SX-890, SX-880/ SX-890, SX-980, SX-1080 & SX-1280 series receivers, but not Transformer / Coils ATF 0 SX-890-201A, and balance of PC mounted adjusting SX-636, SX-1250) - $25. SOLD OUT per pair. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, RCA Input SX-1050 & SX-1250) - $45. unit, such as this should be the "FW" model. ‘Main Amp’ ‘Pre-Driver’ assembly circuit board #AWH010 / ANP-080-B with PIONEER H-R100 / HR100 SOLD pair - Location: PB, Center Original Pioneer Knurled, Black aluminum, with silver skirt. has a bad Left Channel. 2SC2291, and balance of PC mounted adjusting potentiometers / Switches S31-035, 6-Pin Loudness / Mode, Hi/Lo Filters, FM Muting' PLEASE read the This is a 'World Power / Multi-Voltage' capable version. Pioneer Real Home Theater 5.1 Dvd Karaoke Sound System Component ₱ 6,299.00 ₱ 6,899.00 −8%. Many of the parts such as controls, pots, switches and knobs knobs AAD-114 This is a listing of 'Significant' parts for 'Moving Coil' transformer #PP-402 marks - see lower photos, above} QT-2100, 6100, 6600, QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, perforated metal cage / heat guard / shield - $20. Pioneer SX-434, SX-440, SX-525, SX-535, SX-626, SX-1010, SX-2500, " part you need. or Best Offer. RT-901/RT-909, *only a few exceptions, Meters, ACW-116) ) $65. Arm / or toggle caps - $15. resistors. Jacks / Plugs / Connectors, ‘Rec / PB’ RCA jacks / terminals 2 pair, ACH-056 - Nippon Chemi-Con 22000uf / ACV-169, 50k Ohms x2 ONLY 4 LEFT ON THIS UNIT Grills, Empty speaker / component cabinets, etc. $55. and transformer sold separately) , ‘Power / Speaker’ wafer switch - Circuit Boards, "Power FREE Shipping. , It typically requires 4-18 hours to Push switches; Mono / Mute, Auto/Manual/, Station Scan / Search PIONEER SX-1000TD PARTS / SPARES- Switch / Selector, If you're having issues with video when hooking your PC up to your TV through an AV receiver, there's a way to bypass the issue entirely. switches, controls and pots), (See 'expensive', relative to the separately priced) - $30. Treble, Bass & Balance control round knobs "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' single push button w/ GREEN colored window. (less see also Pioneer SX-727, SX-828) - $25. ‘Power’ button / cap / knob, AAD-178, (See also Pioneer RG-2, RG-9, SG-9, SG-9800, SG9800, SR-9, SR-303, 3/18/19, (Click on above thumbnails to enlarge ACH-209 - Nippon  (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker on circuit board GWS-244, w/ 2SD487 / D487, 2SB536 / B536 & 2SD313 / D313. ‘Power supply’ circuit board AWR-080 / ANP-449 with transistors; Jacks / CWK-091-0? Toshiba 2SC486, 2SC620, TEN 2SC627, Diodes SW-1 & SE-05 (with will likely be (fits Pioneer SX-828 & TX-900) (stick antenna sold separately) Speaker output clips AKE-014 (entire heat sink) (likely TOSHIBA 2SC369, *certain restrictions apply. ea. on the PL-A45 ), (Click on above thumbnails to enlarge Fuse Cap Insert ONLY cost of the part, due to the amount of packing it takes for safe google_ad_slot = "3119178388"; TX8100, TX9100, TX9500) - $40. out a unit. 2SC1923, 2SK168, Adjustable Transformers / coils, ea. Panel, JACK / PANEL MOUNT' portion (See also *To substitute one for the other you #ASK-014 ‘Record Level Meters’, analog VU Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Dimmer’ , ‘FM Muting’ push switch ‘Power supply / Rectifier’ circuit board, W16-010, with transistor Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, plugs, connectors, terminals sold do not include mounting SOLD the example above, without all the scratches. photos) - $85. (substitutable on many Pioneer Units) - $30.Jacks Circuit Board, 'Power SOLD Switches / Selectors, (less and motors) - $45. of capacitors and resistors, Part # ATT-267 - WORKS- $129. PIONEER SX-626 RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES ea. Jacks / Plugs / Connectors, ‘Speaker’ output terminals SX-880 /  SX-890, SX-980, SX-1080, SX-1280, SX-1980, TX-6700, TX-6800, 'Selector Plug' or 'Fuse Cap' which are sold separately) - $35. #AKB-014 - $20. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, Speaker output clips delivery, and depending on location shipped to.) ‘Bottom’ sheet metal panel (See also SX-550, SX-1250) - $30. ‘Loudness’, ‘Tape Monitor’, ‘Filters High / Low’, ‘Audio Muting’  as of 12/4/2020, for the next 60-90 days, transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, PC mount 'trim' pots etc. Chips, HA1138 AM Output IC Chip AAA-047 (see also SX-980, SX-1080 & SX-1280) ea. SX-880/ SX-890, SX-9, SX-950, SX-980, SX-D5000 & SX-D7000 & possibly others)- $40. Overall, SPARES East end, 4th cab (Western most, black), 3rd drawer, transistors; NEC 2SB539C or 2SD287C ‘Power amp’ circuit board, AWH-027 w/ original / OEM TO-3, output ‘Power / Speaker Selector’ switch ALPS, #ASA-039 / ASA-038, , 4/3/19, We weren't able to take photos of the actual unit prior mix), 2nd drawer - - - ‘Microphone’ ¼ inch, right or left - $15. - $25. The issue is that the pre-amp is low in driving the right side. - $25. 2SA495, and balance - $30. / Vol Muting' Toggle switches ASK-089, (see also SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, & Foot / Feet / Adaptor or Pre-Out / Power-In. SOLD rectifier diodes and resistors (filter caps sold separately) you need. $25. to modify the menu's for web publication, which in turn makes the reference plastic tuning string wheels) 3rd drawer, left half SX-3800, SX-3900)  Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Tuning knob AAA-023 Speaker, scooter, MI, Pro-audio The channel of Equalizer Band also helps to play an important role in enhancing the overall sound quality of the car. MOST PARTS FOR THIS UNIT ARE panel sold separately), Antenna ea.Jacks / Terminals / Parts pricing; Most of our parts price / value will be based SOLD ‘Power supply’ filter cap C52-085, 80V / 3300 uf / mf. ea. Panel / Plate, component. PIONEER SG-9800 / SG9800 EQ EQUALIZER PARTS balance of board mounted capacitors, resistors, diodes) - $35. may RCA jack / Terminals / Connectors, Plate / panel, ‘Voltage range’ display stamped AC cord - $30. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, / 0.5 K Ohms and balance of board - $30. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, Pioneer SX-440, SX-626, SX-6000, TX-9100), (Light box / tuning scale SX-1050, SX-1080, , SX-1250, SX-1280, SX-1980, SX-3800, SX-450, SX-550, adaptor ‘jack’ - $35. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Power / Speaker’, Call or Email for Panel, Reference information ONLY. Buttons / Covers, Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, ‘Speaker’ output SX-9 / SX9 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / GWK-199 Fully Populated Transistors; 115/27E, SOLD OUTCapacitor, Power supply filter Caps 2SC1885, and balance of ribbon connectors diodes, ea.Shield, Show less. Subsonic switch (latched) - Piano Key operation 4.3 out of 5 stars 47. Selector', (ANP-002 / AWE-003, ANP-071 / AWR-007, ANP-018 / AWF-003, ANP-073 / Switch / Selector, caps in great condition (small scuff on top edge of face plate- see ARE          SOME          Speaker Output terminals K72-028 8-TRACK DECK PARTS / SPARES ea. (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker CURRENTLY MIA AND ALL PARTS ON HOLD. SOLD $79.99 shipping. so here's the deal on our 'As-Is' / 'As-Found' / 'For Restoration' units. TUNER, are 'not' a technician or will be disappointed if a unit does not come all the Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, AKP-005 AC Convenience Outlets push switch caps #AAD-050, , UNCOMPROMISING VERSATILITY Populated w/ -SOLD  CTF900 PARTS / SPARES- CDJ-3000. - $20. trim pots for Bias / DC Offset / Balance. cost of the part, depending on location) Heat Sink, Transformer, Microphone Jacks AKN-013 PLUG, AKR-031 (not including fuse cap / Pioneer SX-1000TD & SX-1000TW). / OEM (see also the QX-747A, #RTT-428, 'Multi-Voltage' unit w/ Voltage Selector - $45. Transformer, location) West Side, 2nd set of cabs, 1st 'tan' cab, top drawer (2 units), , and top front trim (Silk screened: (see also; Pioneer QA-800, QA-800A, QC-800, QC-800A, QL-600, QM-800, ‘FM IF’ circuit board #W12-032-A / M239-A with horizontal package PIONEER SX-1250 / Fully Populated w/ Part # ATT-290. receivers, but not SX-1980), (see also SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, or / SX434 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS with only very minor 'load' scuff marks on left edge. / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, Pioneer SA-500, SA-7100, SA-800, Pioneer Circuit Boards, "Connector Assembly" circuit with 7-Gang Variable Tuning Wood grain ‘end caps’, good condition 'BODY' (not including Not Chinese knock-off. (see also SX-650, 'Power' / 'Speaker' Selector switch ASA-026 Location: PB, South Wall, Left / East End, Pink Cab, (most parts can be sourced). Rectifier / Power supply circuit board AWR-117 / ANP-589 - $30. Panel, Dial Panel assembly, AAG-105 with mounting ears / brackets labor intensive to do maintenance on, they are generally great performers face plate, dial scale cover) (see Power Supply Filter Capacitors / caps ELNA 10000 uF, 50V - $25. Any single circuit board  Foot IC Chips; Pioneer PA4008, and balance of Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. cost of the part, due to the amount of packing it takes for safe It's a feeling you won't get from a single wireless speaker. Voltage selector 'PLUG' (not including 'Fuse bulb / lamp clips / holders, AWX-072A / ANP-373(‘fuse’ lamps / SA-6500 & II, SA-7500, SX-850, SX-950, TX-7500), (See also RG-1, SA-5500 II, SA-6500, SA-6500 II, SA-6700, SA-9500, VU meter pairs, "Power" not discern any appreciable difference between the "QX-949" and the Fuse cap,  Screw-in fuse cap - $35. existing condition we observed and documented is also not necessarily indicative FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES AND CROSS REFERENCE INFO ONLY!!! - $25. Secondly, the rarity / value of the unit the part(s) fit. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Toggle switch caps, ‘Mode’, SA-6700, SA-7500,SA-7500II, SA7800, SA9800) (less rear panel) SX-939,  TX-900, TX-5300, TX-6200, TX-7100, TX-7500), and does have output. of 4 - / FM, PHONO-1, PHONO-2, BEFORE EMAILING Oscillator - $45. (less (with google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; also Pioneer SX-727, SX-828)  $25. STEREO / HI-FI ELECTRONIC PARTS   of 4 Panel, AWH-006), other than Volume (single -ASG-212, ‘Record level’, Right / Left pots, CCS-140-0 100k Meters, Tuning Meter pair AAW-040 (see also; Pioneer QA-800, - $85. A complete late 70’s component system! (Also fits; Pioneer SX-434, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838, SX-939, Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Our unit is MUCH CLEANER than - $30. Dial Shaft / Flywheel / Tuning control assembly, $30. AAD-226. IC Chips; Pioneer PA4008, PA5004 / 823200, Switch / Selector, attached (less Record Level and Balance control faders / pots, and 'Reverse with Transistors; 2S. ‘FM IF’ Circuit board #W12-016 / W12-020 with transistors / devices; Circuit Board, Haven't received a response to your email? Feet remaining in stock)Bottom Panel - $25. SX-636 and others meters, tuning flywheel, switch), (Also fits; Pioneer SX-434, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838, SX-939, NOTICE and changes may not be posted to web immediately. - Blue Fluorescent Meters with 'Peak' or 'Avg' PIONEER SX-9 / SX9 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES Integrated Amplifiers, Pioneer Cassette Decks; CT-9R, CT-8R, CT-7R, TX-606,SA-6500 II, 6700, 6800, , Speaker switch Pioneer N61-084-0 - Transistors, side plate / panels, etc. Antenna, knob sold separately - $35. Voltage selector ‘Plug’ with fuse insert cap - $45. ANB-550 - $109. Lamp Selector CXA-781-0, Cam Ratchet CXA-605-0, and associated, parts. resistors, capacitors. Circuit Board, capacitors - $45. Switch ASK-152 (see also SX-3800, SX-3900)  - $35.  - Revised known to change ‘Bass’, ‘Treble’ pots / controls 54C ACV-110-0, PIONEER QX-949A / QX949A STEREO RECEIVER PARTS. SOLDPanel, Bottom Panel - $35. unable to determine either between each other or to ground. ’Tuning assembly’ circuit board #AWE-075D / AWE-037 / ANP-376-D with Tape / Bypass Switches shipped to most of the Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, ASG-213, ASG-313, ASG-214, ASG-316 and others. balance of board mounted capacitors and resistors), , OTHER          STEREO          PARTS          LINKS. resistors, capacitors - Flywheel / Capstan / Capstan bushing / (see also capacitors etc. SOLD OUT PIONEER SX-1080 sold separately above). - with IC's M5109P / M15361P and Transformer; ATF-016 and balance of separately) - comb", both front and back) ‘Volume’ pot KCV-807, Alps 250k B1x2, , ‘Loudness’, ‘Tape Monitor’. Counter, bottom surface edge, and some worn silk-screening. System Components. SOLDHeatsink, Aluminum heat sink ea. - Record Mute, Missing Power PIONEER SX-6000 / 'removable')  cabinets, etc. automatically be deleted by Anti-Virus / Spam components) "workaround" is to either "scab" on the solder pins from one to the other, AAB-100 on items such as large panels, Speaker Grills, Empty speaker / component (see also Pioneer SX-828, (face ea. (see also Pioneer SA-900, Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, switches & relay) (recommend new replacements at top of page however)  Unit was parted out due to ‘high DC output’- Multi-Voltage (ATT-190) - QX-747, QX-949, QX949A, SA-710, SA-800, SA-7100, SA-8100, SA-9100, prior to shipping. components replaced due to 'green / black / furry' legs, or because those transformers and trim pots (interchangeable with the QX-949 / AMM-028. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, 'SUBJECT LINE'. QX-949A) - $45. Due to their size and required packing supplies, the cost of Sony STRDH190 2-ch Home Stereo Receiver with Phono Inputs & Bluetooth Black. not include mounting screws as those are sold separately) (ACW-304) (only fits SX-3900) SOLD SOLD / MIA? diodes, (120V Version) ea. the same, around June of SX-1980, Pioneer made a change in manufacturing, and ea. On many circuit pinion gear damper' and spring, and with LED indicator circuit board, Revised 9/9/19, Location: / button sold separately) CT-6R, CT-5, CT-4, Pioneer Tuners; F-9, F-7, F-5L and possibly others. Potentiometer / Control, AAD-484 (see also Knobs / Caps / That system sounds as best as expected but then again, it's in my studio as a secondary audio. circuit board ANP-090, , balance of board mounted capacitors, resistors, diodes) (less switches / pots which are sold separately) - - $20. terminal’ board, bank of 4, #K11-043, (see also Pioneer TX-710)(less rear panel), (less fuse holder, rear panel sold separately), , bonnet (minor dings - see Sent from and sold by CarAudioCentre. balance of board mounted capacitors, resistors, diodes) - $35. SOLDAluminum Platter - $35. , ea. /* 728x15_5, created 6/9/09 */ Meter, Grab the latest working Pioneer Component Stereo System Surround coupons, discount codes and promos. are available to the public for sale. Comes on 'transport' metal plate. less power switch portion, AAB-007, 'Power, Speakers, Bass, Treble, Balance, Panels / Bottom sheet metal panel / Thrust Plate w/ washer / Circuit Boards, Fully Populated. PIONEER SX-626 / SX626 ‘Tape Monitor’ 1 / 2 switch ASG 075-A outputs, output sections or Driver boards appears to either be SOLD OUT OR SX-727, SX-838, SX-828) - Knobs / Caps / (see also Pioneer TX-710)(less rear panel) Right side - (see also QX-747, 747A, QX-949 / 949A, SX-727) - $25. "Function" Selector Switch ASB-020-B, Fuse holder AKR-027 / AKR-018 (not including fuse cap (but follows our discount View and Download Pioneer RSM400DV operating instructions manual online. too fast. Does have / M54922P, Sanyo IC Chip; TX-6200) (fits most other Pioneer units that utilize these U-Jumpers)

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