Today marks the first day of the Q70 SBS aka LaGuardia link. Shared Ride Services: Shuttle to subway and rail: The Q70 SBS LaGuardia Link *Must pay fare using a MetroCard or exact change in coins at curbside machines before boarding. [13][16] The change, however, took direct airport service away from airport employees who live along the Q33 route in Jackson Heights,[16][13] although MTA studies indicated that only a small portion of LaGuardia-bound passengers came from these areas. Sign up for Email || Twitter || Facebook || Tips & Tricks [12] However, the Bx41 extension has yet to be implemented due to a lack of funding. Out of terminal B, C, D to Manhattan (Midtown or South of 59th St.) Subway 7, E, F, M, R subway lines. [37], For additional information on the current bus services, see, A terminated Q70 SBS laying over in Woodside, Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street station, Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, 74th Street–Jackson Heights Intermodal Terminal, New York City Department of Transportation, "Transit & Bus Committee Meeting: January 2016", "Transit & Bus Committee Meeting June 2016", " | Services to LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports", "Q70 Limited-Stop Service to LaGuardia Airport", "MTA Bus: LaGuardia Depot Pick Glossary; Effective: 09/04/2016", "Introduction to BUS RAPID TRANSIT PHASE II", "BUS RAPID TRANSIT PHASE II: Future Corridors", "LaGuardia Airport Access Alternatives Analysis Public Meeting #1", "LaGuardia Airport Access: Improvement Summary", "LaGuardia bus finally takes off: Zippy new Q70 brings relief after decades of slow slog on Q33", "Bus Rapid Transit – LaGuardia Airport Access Alternatives Analysis", "MTA | news | Plans Follow Last Week's Announcement of Rebranding of Q70 Airport Bus Service", "Transit & Bus Committee Meeting June 2013", "New York City Transit and Bus Committee Meeting March 2020", "MTA | news | Fast and Reliable Bus Connection Will Operate Every 8–10 Minutes", "Take 15-minute ride to LaGuardia Airport on Q70", "Q70: Limited-Stop Service to LaGuardia Airport", "+selectbusservice 125th Street: Sunday, May 25, 2014 M60 Select Bus Service is coming! We focus on topics relating to travel including destinations, airline, hotel, car rental and credit card reward programs. Re: Fare free on the Q70 SBS LaGuardia Link bus - Spider-Pig - Fri Dec 23 10:41:23 2016. [2][3][5], The Q70 runs 24 hours a day. [33][34] Between 2016 and 2019, ridership on the Q70 SBS increased by 35%. The Q70 Limited bus was part of a program to create faster bus service between Woodside, Jackson Heights, and LaGuardia Airport. [19], Although the Q70 was intended as a bus rapid transit project, for its first three years of service it was not branded as Select Bus Service (SBS) and did not employ most SBS elements, lacking ticket machines, all-door boarding, branded buses, and dedicated bus lanes. Choose your direction: to LAGUARDIA LINK +SELECT BUS TERMINALS D-C-B . A one-way trip on MTA buses or subways costs $2.75. Woodside LIRR, Jackson Heights E F M R 7 Subway, LaGuardia Airport. The route was created on September 8, 2013, as a limited-stop route. In response to ridership, the Q70 Limited bus will be re-branded the LaGuardia Link. As opposed to other SBS routes, the Q70 was originally wrapped in a light blue scheme with clouds and airplanes on the top half of the bus imposed with the standard SBS livery on the lower half. Our goal is to help people travel better. New York City Tourism New York City Hotels New York City Bed and Breakfast New York City Vacation Rentals New York City Packages Flights to New York City 22 New Lounges Join Priority Pass, Including 4 in the U.S. At these transit hubs, transfers could be made to the subway, Long Island Rail Road and buses from the new connector route. Choose your direction: to LAGUARDIA LINK +SELECT BUS TERMINALS D-C-B . Service; Contacts; Fares; Passes. Q70-SBS to LAGUARDIA LINK +SELECT BUS TERMINALS D-C-B. Thu, June 13 -> Mon, Sep 2. What time does the Q70 start running from Corona to LGA morning, Good morning, I live in Brooklyn, ( Carroll Gardens) and planning on taking the Q70 tomorrow morning to go to LGA, where do I go to get the bus that it’s closer to me? On weekends, you can buy a CityTicket from Penn Station to Woodside for $4.50. Next, take the R subway from Jackson Hts - Roosevelt Av - 74 St [E,F,M,R,7] station to 49 St [N,Q,R] station. [12] The M60 became an SBS route on May 25, 2014,[23] and the Bx41 SBS route had been planned to be extended to LaGuardia Airport under the LaGuardia Alternatives Analysis. However, the same can’t be said about LaGuardia which requires taking a bus called the Q70 LaGuardia Link. [16][17] The Q70 originally ran with 40-foot (12 m) buses. Re: Fare free on the Q70 SBS LaGuardia Link bus - TerrApin Station - Fri Dec 23 10:06:24 2016. Points, Miles & Martinis takes no responsibility for any decisions and / or outcomes resulting from readers actions. Billions saved. Thank you, Your email address will not be published. [25] The Q33 runs on local residential and commercial streets, which are frequently congested, resulting in slower service. Buses would run south on 75th Street and then west on Woodside Avenue without any intermediate stops, terminating at Woodside Avenue and 61st Street, some 250 feet (76 m) from the LIRR and subway station. Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or suggestions expressed on this site are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. [2][7][8], In 2009, under the Phase II of the city's Select Bus Service (SBS) program, faster bus service to LaGuardia Airport was recommended as a primary need. Weekend service began running every 10 minutes, and service during overnight hours was increased to run every 20 minutes from every 30 minutes. [31][32] The insides of the buses were to have air traveler branded messaging. Find the latest info on airport services, transport options & accommodation. Fare for the Q70-SBS is $2.75. And the first to do so in MTA bus. It’s nice to see LaGuardia offering the Q70 bus free of charge, however quite frankly this should always be free, since you still have to pay for a subway ride to/from the bus, and this always includes a free transfer. In order to relieve traffic congestion on roadways, if you are traveling to or from Fiorello LaGuardia Airport in New York on the bus route known as the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS, you will ride for free, as the collection of the usual fare of $2.75 has been suspended through Sunday, November 26, 2017. This move will help encourage ridership on a route that serves an airport with no rail access. ROOSEVELT AV/61 ST ; 74 ST/ROOSEVELT AV STATION ; LGA TERMINAL B /PARKING GARAGE ; LGA/TERMINAL C/D ; LGA TERMINAL B/HOV LANE ; ROOSEVELT … Attention Travelers: The report mentioned that 85% of passengers using the Q70 already transferred to and from the subway, meaning that the bus brings no new revenue to the MTA. Weekday trips start at 12:00am with the last trip at 11:45pm and most often run about every 8 minutes. SBS coming to Q70, the LaGuardia route 1. In March 2020, MTA Bus proposed to the MTA Transit and Bus Committee that the Q70 fleet be converted to 60-foot (18 m) articulated buses due to increasing ridership. Remember to get your printed receipt from the sidewalk kiosks before you board. Operating Hours. Hotel Offers || Airline Offers || Bank Offers || Cash Back Offers. It was also thought that in the interim, the combination of highway use and widely spaced stops would provide sufficient benefits. ROOSEVELT AV/61 ST ; 74 ST/ROOSEVELT AV STATION. Does anyone have any further information on this plan? You can read all about getting from Manhattan to LaGuardia LGA Airport by subway and bus here. Here, a transfer is available to the Flushing Line (7 train) and IND Queens Boulevard Line (E, ​F, , ​M, and ​R trains) at Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street station; the Jackson Heights stop is the most heavily used stop on the route. The Q70 is one of three SBS routes that were planned under the LaGuardia Alternatives Analysis. [2], The Q70 is the first SBS route for MTA Bus. There is also the potential for traffic signal priority for the corridor on which the Q70 runs, which would speed up travel even further. - See more at our About Us page. Currently New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) both are accessible to NYC, via trains and AirTrains. Points Miles & Martinis takes no responsibility for decisions made by readers or as a result of anyone visiting this blog. The Q70-SBS LaGuardia Link runs Daily. [15] The Q33 was subsequently cut back to 95th Street and Ditmars Boulevard. [18]:173, In April 2016, in response to higher ridership,[2] service on the Q70 was increased to run every 8 minutes instead of every 12 minutes during midday and PM peak hours. New York City Tourism New York City Hotels Bed and Breakfast New York City New York City Holiday Rentals New York City Holiday Packages Flights to New York City [15], On September 25, 2016, Q70 Select Bus Service started with the route being branded as the LaGuardia Link. [24] According to the city government, the three routes "would provide "shorter term, lower cost transit improvements" for LaGuardia Airport. Ease of Use. [18]:177 This would eliminate a sharp turn at Broadway and 75th Street for southbound buses, as well as relocate the route onto less-congested streets. For details on current offers visit the card issuer’s site. Stops for Q70 SBS LaGuardia Link are distinctly marked outside LIRR’s Woodside Station/61 St-Woodside subway station and the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av /74 St-Broadway subway station … LaGuardia Link Route. Just over 3 years of service, and it is finally converted into a Select Bus route. [18]:175 This change was expected to take effect in April 2020, but was instead implemented on June 28, 2020. Only the rush hour suburban Express buses cost more and need a special Metrocard (or higher fee by pay-per-ride) [12] The M60 became an SBS route on May 25, 2014, [23] and the Bx41 SBS route had been planned to be extended to LaGuardia Airport under the LaGuardia Alternatives Analysis. Unfortunately the local bus nomenclature is a bit confusing: "regular" buses stop every two or 3 blocks, "limited" buses only stop about every 10 or 12 blocks and SBS buses use the fare system described above. Schedules Maps Fares & Tolls Planned Work ... Queens Bus Network Redesign; Queens Bus Network Draft Plan: Route Profiles; Draft Plan: QT70 LaGuardia Link. The new Q70 LaGuardia Link SBS will provide travelers and airport workers with access from Woodside and Jackson Heights to terminals B, C and … LaGuardia Airport is an airport located 15km from Manhattan, New York. New York City Tourism New York City Hotels New York City Bed and Breakfast New York City Vacation Rentals New York City Vacation Packages Flights to New York City Just have this. The Q70-SBS bus (Direction: LaGuardia Link +Select Bus Terminals D-C-B) has 7 stops departing from Roosevelt Av/61 St and ending in Woodside Av/61 St. Q70-SBS bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:04 AM and ends at 11:51 PM. Anyways as the construction is going on, LaGuardia is offering the Q70 bus service free of charge all summer long. Operating days this week: everyday. We’ve written about the differences Between the 3 New York City Area Airports (JFK, LGA, EWR). The route then travels non-stop, running via Broadway before turning onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Grand Central Parkway towards LaGuardia Airport. The Q70 LaGuardia Link SBS provides non-stop service linking the main terminals of LaGuardia Airport (Terminals B, C and D) with regional intermodal transit hubs in Jackson Heights and Woodside, Queens served by subways and the Long Island Rail Road. Route Priorities 1. Improved branding, a distinctive exterior design, and luggage racks help to promote this route as a fast and efficient method of travel to and from LaGuardia Airport. Improved branding, a distinctive exterior design, and luggage racks help to promote this route as a fast and efficient method of travel to … The Q70 SBS was implemented on September 25, 2016, when it was rebranded as the "LaGuardia Link" with the implementation of off-board payment of fares. Weekend trips start at 12:00am with the last trip at 11:45pm and most often run every 10 minutes. [a] The route then loops through the airport roadway and continues back to Jackson Heights and Woodside. [2][11][12][13] At the time, the airport was the New York area's only large airport without any rapid transit connections to Manhattan. The total trip duration for this route is approximately 60 min. Previously the Q70 SBS. The route loops around LaGuardia Airport terminal bus stops and continue operate towards southbound terminus. Q70-SBS LaGuardia Link. Under the LaGuardia Airport Access Alternatives Analysis study, another SBS study which was conducted by NYCDOT in partnership with MTA Bus, New York City Transit, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2011–2012, it was recommended that a bus route should connect the central terminals of LaGuardia and transit hubs in Jackson Heights and Wo… It has been rebranded to emphasize its route, connecting the airport and two major subway stops in … The rebranding was to encourage more people to take public transportation when using the airport. Points, Miles & Martinis does not include all offers available in the marketplace. Better Connections 2. This is similar as to what the Riders Alliance proposed, but the route would still require a free transfer or a regular fare. The Q70 LaGuardia Link SBS was launched in September 2016. Ride free on the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS Beginning Thursday, June 13, 2019 through Monday, September 2, 2019 No fare is being collected on the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS. The Q70 SBS connects the subway lines and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to LaGuardia Terminals B, C and D, providing a worry-free limited-stop ride with customer amenities designed for travelers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. [18]:173 In conjunction with this action, the southbound path of the Q70 would be modified between 75th Street and 61st Street. See Service summary for Q70-SBS. If you have any questions about getting to LaGuardia, feel free to comment below. Furthermore, the terminus at 61st Street and Roosevelt Avenue would no longer be shared with the Q53 SBS route; the new articulated buses meant that there was not enough space for both routes at that terminal, since the Q53 also used articulated buses. Our site may contain affiliate links. On Select Bus Service (SBS) routes, which use a combination of Bus Priority Treatments, customer travel times typically improve 10-20 percent along corridors with priority treatments. However, it’s actually not all that exciting as you’d still have to pay for a subway ride, which includes a free bus transfer normally, so unless you’re one who only takes the bus and then someone takes another mode of transportation into the city such as Uber/Lyft, you’re not actually saving any money. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and under no circumstance should be considered as suggestions or advice or a course of action to taken by the reader. Free bus service on the LaGuardia Link Q70 is returning for a second time year, the Port Authority announced on Wednesday.

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