Trek Duration & Day-Wise Itinerary. Photo Courtesy: Amitra Kar. There is still a small stream of water flowing down from where the hot spring used to be. Vasudhara Falls is covered by high mountain peaks like Nilkantha, Chaukhamba, Balakun. snow. Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Valley of Flowers at a distance of 300 km, while Rishikesh is the nearest Railway Station at a distance of 277 km. First the best time to visit valley of flowers between second have of July to first half of September because u will find valley full of flowers during this season. So, the first day of our Valley of flowers trek started with the GIO Adventure’s team picking us up from Haridwar railway station at around 7 in the morning and off we were(a group of 19 odd people), in two tempo travelers. To know about things to carry for the trek is very important. Moreover June is holiday season in India and therefore the peak season for Hemkund Sahib Pilgrims and therefore the base camp village is too much crowded by Sikh Pilgrims. Valley of flowers is a world heritage site. Uttarakhand. It is 9km from Badrinath to Vasudhara. In September the weather gets clearer and trekking gets easier but the flowers start drying up. Hi The perfect time to visit here is from June to October. During this time the Valley of Flowers is in its full-bloom. It’s a must do trek in life time. Usually, the Valley of Flower opens for tourists from 1 June to mid-October, but this year because of a Covid-19, tourists were not allowed to the national park. #gallery-1 .gallery-item { It is the time when you can see maximum number of flowers! How To Reach Valley Of Flowers From Auli? One can say this is the last month for visiting Valley of Flowers. The water of this lake is chilling cold, just like snow. width: 25%; How long a trek would be at Valley of flowers maximum..? And if you don’t care about heavy rains, you must visit in the month of June and September. The Vasudhara falls look amazing during monsoon. But after the heavy flood of 2013, it cannot be seen anymore. BEST TIME TO VISIT VALLEY OF FLOWERS. The best time to see the maximum number of flowers is August and September. This waterfall is located near Badrinath in Uttarakhand. Please watch the picture below of August last week. Then don’t waste your time, just pack your bags, and keep yourself away for a few days, from your busy life, and just go out to explore the beauty of Uttarakhand. During this time the flowers get converted into seeds slowly but still you can see a good number of flowers and the shade of the valley starts changing from lush green color to yellowish green color. Monsoon season is the perfect time to trek to The Valley of Flowers in India, with 300 different varieties of alpine flowers | Best Time and Season to Visit Valley of Flowers | Weather & Temperature How to cover Badrinath along with Valley of Flowers in July and August. It is not so difficult trek. Valley of Flowers is snow clad for most of the year and is accessible only from June to September. For your information, you can also download the Road map depicting the route to Valley of Flower and the Bus route Map to different part of Uttarakhand. This National Park is located around the peak of Nanda Devi in the state of Uttarakhand. } With its alpine flowers blooming during summers, you might wonder about Valley of Flowers best time periods. Yumthang Valley of Flowers, Sikkim Also known as the Sikkim Valley of Flowers, it is situated North of Gangtok. Best time to visit the valley of flowers Valley of Flowers, also known as the " Foolon ki Ghati " is one of the rare treks that is favoured by trekkers during the monsoon season . As rainy season gets over by the end of August so the valley You can visit Uttarakhand any time of the year, but still, the best time to plan a trip to this place is from March to October. be snow fall and the plants and seeds will be buried deep under the Best time to Valley of Flowers remains open for visitors from 1st June to 31st October. 14th Jun 2018. For example in third week of July you will see a good number of geraniums it paints the valley in violet colour but by second week of August the geraniums mature and the valley is filled by Impatians Davendre. Yumthang Valley remains closed between December to March due to heavy snowfall. margin: auto; This route was lying closed from last 45 years. Most of these pictures are taken in the first and second week of July. This place is related to the later rig Vedic era when people shifted their belief to worship Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwar. This is the time when snow starts melting rapidly and small plants starts growing and glaciers keeps on melting. The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is between July to September when you can see the valley at this bloom with flowers. I have seen the valley without flowers and also with abundance of flowers and each time the valley looked beautiful as if it is the garden of Gods. The Nanda devi national park is likewise worth going by for its interesting geology and species it underpins. Valley of Flowers is an Indian national park located in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand. Every year huge numbers of devotees visit this sacred place. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2bd35732e7c626cc19140ed57c256ca" );document.getElementById("ca69c81712").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); The site smells of the Himalayas so focuses specifically on the Himalayan Range – a range of mountains going from Arunachal Pradesh in the east till Jammu & Kashmir in the west. Mid even to mid June the buds start showing and some early varieties even start to bloom. This flower looks very beautiful and is found on river banks. Best Time to visit Valley of Flowers is July and August. Valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful natural wonder. The average minimum and maximum temperature of Valley of flowers is as given below. The best time to do the Valley of Flowers trek is during the month of mid-July to mid-August. Sometime in 2009, we were driving through rural Maharashtra searching for a location for a film shoot. We have been taking senior citizens to the valley of flowers. So, get your camera and take the advantage of this pictorial valley. Officially Valley of Flowers opens First June every year. The Valley of Flowers is only open from the beginning of June until the beginning of October, as it's covered in snow the rest of the year. The climate is very cold over here, as a result of which most of the time the place remains covered with snow. Best time to visit Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand. Please go through it and revert us as soon as possible. Gaurikund gives you an amazing picturesque of nature. The perfect time to visit here is from March to June. You can see some flowers at Hemkund Sahib and they are really very beautiful we have put some pictures taken at Hemkund Sahib. Please see Hemkund Sahib and Valley of flowers Opening date 2019 page, Please provide package details of september. The best time and timings of the Valley of Flowers. It’s not only the most peaceful view which leaves one speechless but the peace and serenity which imbibes your mind and soul are priceless. Summers (June to October) have a cool weather with maximum temperature reaches to nearly 17 °C and is a good season for viewing the panoramic beauty. Auli is known as the skiing destination of India. It is in the northern part of India, starting from the Shivalik foothills to the Himalayas, and sharing its boundary with China and Nepal. You will see maximum number of flowers in terms of variety and quantity. It is the only Gurudwara in the world, which is pentagonal shaped in its design. Unknown to the world for a long time, the valley of flowers was only discovered in the year 1931 by a mountain explorer. Mid-July to end of August is the period when you can catch a glimpse of these flowers in full bloom. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Of course God’s own country i.e. 3. It is also a renowned tourist attraction around Uttarakhand. Best Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers is July to September. Departure would be from Delhi. Valley of flowers has a cool but pleasant climate all through the year. This year there has been above normal snowfall in Himalayas. We have seen that shoes of many people breaks while trekking and sometimes people develop blisters. Valley of flowers is beautiful all year round, the best time to visit includes the months of May to September. The view was amazing and anyone who wants to seat in a peaceful environment and enjoy the mountain view with flower. So it is very important to know the best time to visit Valley of Flowers. How to reach Auli from Joshimath : Joshimath to Auli is 13 km by road. It entirely depends on the time when you are visiting the valley. The pristine valley offers a variety of wild and mountain flowers which stretches from the depth of the valley to the portions of hills that human eye can reach. Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand: "What is the best time to visit valley of Flowers" | Check out answers, plus see 288 reviews, articles, and 1,151 photos of Valley of Flowers National Park, ranked No.11 on Tripadvisor among 1,173 attractions in Uttarakhand. Even helicopters are there to take you to the valley of flowers. According to us, the best time to Visit Valley of Flowers would be July first week to mid-August if you wish to see all flowers blossoming. But we tell you that there are some beautiful flowers which are available at Hemkund Sahib and not even in Valley of Flowers as there is a height in defence of about 1000 m in valley and Hemkund Sahib. Best time to visit Valley Of Flowers. Valley of flowers is most scenic trek in Uttrakhand, people from all over the world come here to see the natural beauty. What are the ways to reach Auli in winters. Valley of Flowers is one of the most beautiful national … Read more Can I combine Kedarnath with Valley of flowers tour. By June first week when Valley of Flowers is opened for public you see some small plants and very few flowers. Snow starts melting in April and the seeds put down by plants last year start germinating. When you go for trek you should wear appropriate type of shoes so that your main concentration is on trekking and enjoying nature. Days are warm, so you will get enough sunshine to view the unusual splendor of vibrant flowers covering the valley. } Please feel free to contact us on 9991242759. please send me details for a trip from Dehradun in April. Valley of Flowers Trek: Itinerary, Best Time to Visit. According to Puranas, 64 shakti peeths are present and Nainital is one of the peeths of goddess Sati. If you want to see lot of flowers in the valley, June is not the right time to visit. Valley of flowers open 1st July till Aug, for more information browse through the website. The best time to visit is from mid July to mid August, when the flowers are in full bloom after the first monsoon rain. It truly is nature in its prime form! You can see some berries and flowers as well. Covered in a thick blanket of snow for most of the year, Valley of Flowers is a not-so-difficult trek that entices every nature lover. Puranas says the eye of the goddess were fell down at this place. Valley of flowers trek needs one track for four days ex Govindghat. I am planning for a trip to auli from 29th April to 02nd may.Will it be possible to visit valley of flowers after that ? The color of the valley starts turning from Greenish to yellowish peach. Since the valley of flowers is covered by the Himalayan Mountains, it remains covered with snow most of the year. For example you will find Ladies Slipper Orchid flower mainly in first week of July. Can I combine Kedarnath with Valley of flowers tour. The valley of flowers is surrounded by the majestic mountains that reach the sky and of course the green valleys which adds to the beauty of the park. But now, after the lockdown tourists are allowed to enter to Valley of Flower national park. Valley of Flowers national park rests in the north of Auli. So it is good time for people want to see some glaciers as well as flowers . Normally the road to Auli from Joshimath is open throughout the year except in Jan and Feb month when the snowfall may block the road to Auli from Joshimath. However, trekking in the Valley of Flowers is beautiful all year round, and there are different attractions. There was also a wonderful hot spring, which added more beauty to this place. Since the holiday season in northern India is over by 30th of June the peak season for Hemkund Sahib is also over by 30th of June. Because of this Hindus are more attracted to the place and the scenic beauty, where river Alokananda is also contributing to enrich the beauty of the dham. This website may use cookies to improve your experience. It is situated 1370 meters above sea level. The best time to visit Valley of flowers is also specified. The journey to Vasudhara Falls is very interesting. margin-top: 10px; During the months of April and May, the glacial deposits melt to make room for the plants to come up. Please advise the itinerary. Image Source Duration of Trek: … On September 5 th, the flowers had already started shedding, and with them, some of … At time people asks about going to Valley of Flowers in January. If photography is your passion, then it’s a must visit place for you. We offer true, unbiased, beneficial, and most importantly, interesting information about the places, the people, foods and trekking routes. Valley of Flowers is snow clad for most of the year and it becomes accessible only in the month of June. The Valley of flowers trek is full of ice during this time. The best time to visit is after July and before September because after monsoon the valley covers full of flower. Covid-19 Update. You can also take a refreshing bath, under the falling water. continue. So here we have enlisted the most attractive facts about Uttarakhand. Water flows down from 400 feet high, and it looks really mesmerizing. Once in a life, should be visited this place. The valley of flowers along with Unity Glow garden is a huge garden complex with beautifully planted flowers of various types besides clay models of animals, trees etc. The flowers are in full bloom during this season. It is located at a height of 4,329 meters from the sea level in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. By the end of June the Valley of Flowers is reaching towards its youth and starts changing its color from white to green with new flowers keep on coming on daily basis. It seems funny for them who know that this is not the right time to visit valley of flowers. Best Time To Visit The Valley Of Flowers. How much altitude is to be gained every day while trekking? Light glow of the sun, monsoon rains and chilling cold wind will make your trip more joyful and memorable. The Valley of Flowers in India opens for tourists between June to September, and peak blooming season is from mid-July to mid-August. Winters are snow covered and difficult to visit the outdoor attractions. There are a few flowers which blossom just for a week or something like that. It stretches about 87 kilometres, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and reaches the most scenic stretches of eastern and western Himalayas. Hi, In other words, the Valley of Flowers can be a multi-day trip from a few day trips. The best time to come this place is within May to June. Not even in the last week of August and not even in the first week of September,” he says. Valley of Flowers as seen in Mid July. There is also a myth behind this waterfall that the tourists who come to visit here with impure hearts, the water of this Vasudhara Falls turns away from the tourists. Flora and Fauna of Valley of Flowers. How to Reach Valley of Flowers. Sometimes it also happens that these small torrents are semi frozen that is they cannot be walked over and neither a temporary bridge can be made over it. The best time to visit, however, is July to August, when the valley is in full bloom and bustling with numerous wildflowers. During September most of the flowers convert into berries. Where is Valley of flowers National Park Located. Phlomis in Valley of flowers, peak flowering time is July and August. Uttarakhand Travel Guide Uttarakhand Trips Valley Of Flowers Trek: Itinerary, Best Time To Visit. I was quite taken aback by what he said. The number of flowers reduced, but the color of the valley will change – ( Almost 300 species of wild flowers bloom here unhindered by mankind. In the first half of July, you can witness both icy masses and blooms. Plan your trip to Valley of Flowers with the latest information on best time to visit, current weather in Valley of Flowers, user reviews, photos, map and travel destinations near Valley of Flowers. Valley Of Flower – Best time to visit the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand “Nature is the art of God”, this famous words is very much applicable for one of the most beautiful, mysterious, colourful state of India, i.e. What is Fitness level required for the trek? 3. Let’s read through the lines and feel the scenic beauty of this beautiful state. The best time to visit is July and August. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. margin-left: 0; You can see Bistorta Affinis, Braham Kamals and Blue Poppies at Hemkund Sahib. Also, check out: Valley of Flowers: About Valley of Flowers. 5. Valley of Flowers is always beautiful. Overview. As time passes more and more variety comes and you see different colors of flowers and the valley. Below is video showing the scenes of the Valley of Flowers in June. How to reach Auli from Joshimath in winters when road is blocked by snow. The water of this lake is very pure, unpolluted and crystal clear. Monsoon is when the flowers bloom at the valley. This is another attractive place in this beautiful state. Relevant itinerary has been mailed to you. This park is also popular for its herbal and medicinal plants. You can also find various kinds of trees like Rhododendron, Alpine, Juniper and many more. Lush green forest, the call of the deep blue sky, dense greenery, these creates a pleasant and soothing environment. Day 1– Drive from Dehradun to Joshimath Altitude – Joshimath by taxi (256 Km) (10/11 Hours) (1,875 m/ 6152 feet) But now, after the lockdown tourists are allowed to enter to Valley of Flower national park. Know the best time to visit Valley of Flower to discover the beauty of this place. Best Time for Visit Valley Of Flowers . Yes, July to September is the best time to visit Valley of Flowers. Children’s get to spend a good time over here. While trekking, you need to remember that you must carry food and water bottle with you because you won’t be finding any shop out there. “Nature is the art of God”, this famous words is very much applicable for one of the most beautiful, mysterious, colourful state of India, i.e. Whether kids can do the trek to Valley of Flowers or not? Although it is steep at many places, but except the day you … Read more How difficult is Valley of flowers trek : Difficulty level, Here is a good news for nature lovers !! Valley of flowers holds the most serene view that unfolds heaven before your sight. It is the holy shrine of Lord Vishnu and one of the most sacred destinations for Hindus. Trip itinerary has been mailed to you. Treks in the Valley of Flowers. You should be at the entry gate at 6.45 … The valley is covered in snow for most time of the year and is open for visitors only between June and October. Make sure you plan your journey within Best Time to Visit Valley Of Flower so that you can see the bloom of beautiful flower. The Valley of Flowers trek is ideal for fit beginners and even families with children who want to experience Himalayan trekking. The huge glaciers you saw in the month of June melts to half of its original size but still you can see lot of glaciers on the banks of river Pushpawati and small torrents. One can see a lot of flowers blooming till mid August. The … Read more How To Reach Valley Of Flowers From Auli? So, the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is in the months of July and August when the flowers and plants bloom to their fullest. What is the best time to visit Valley of Flowers?

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