100% Online, 100% Reliable, 100% Professional. It does not give you any rights to stay in … In December 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to introduce the concept of e-Residency. For €100 you can become an e-resident of an EU country you've never visited. The state fee is €100. Estonia currently ranks first … Depending on the chosen pick-up location, additional fees up to 30 euros apply. If you are granted e-Residency, you will receive a government-issued digital ID card that provides access to e-services. But first of all, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the e-residency. Photograph: Getty Images. Let’s just get a few of the glaringly obvious ones out of the way right now. Last week, the Estonian government approved the e-Residency 2.0 action plan that aims to make the e-Residency program more secure, more beneficial for Estonian entrepreneurs and more convenient for the e-residency community as a whole. Solo & Multiple members. What the Estonian e-residency is not: IT IS NOT an actual residency. Open your company thanks to the e-Residency program of Estonia and manage it 100% online with Companio. Welcome to Estonia – … Apply for e-Residency online, wait for approval, and pick up your digital ID card at your chosen Estonian embassy or other service point. E-residency in Estonia does, however, allow you to sign documents, start a company in Estonia, open an Estonian bank account and conduct business — even order prescriptions. It has also been suggested that this e-Residency program can be used to develop cultural export and globally spread knowledge about the vibrant Estonian … The majority of e-services currently available to e-residents are business-related as most people choose to apply for e-Residency in order to establish and manage a company online in a transparent business environment - e-Residency works particularly well for entrepreneurs offering … Estonia’s e-Residency is not a path to citizenship, nor is it a legal residency. The e-Residency program revitalized Estonia’s digital marketplace, bringing fresh new companies and professionals to Estonia’s citizens and economy. They are also pioneers in the conception and implementation of the E-Residency, a transnational digital identity card for non-residents issued and backed by the Estonian Government. The main purpose of the e-Residency program is to make life and business easier for freelancers, business owners, and international partners, as well as any other non-residents, who are related to … Estonian e-citizenship isn’t coming anytime soon. The registrations opened in late 2015 and although the sign-up rate averages around 150 applicants per week, there have been spikes of 800 new e-residents in just 7 days! Welcome to Estonia – your new home, even if only in name. Today, there are almost 20,000 e-Estonians (19,655 to be exact) already registered through the e-Residency Program. E-Residency enables anyone to conduct business globally so international taxation must be easier for everyone too. Visa Free Travel With your new passport from Estonia you'll be able to access 164 countries visa free You can’t use an e-residency to move to Estonia and live there as a full-time domiciled resident.

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