I've had really great results using alcohol as an acrylic thinner for paints from Tamiya, Gunze Sangyo (Aqueous/Mr.Hobby), Vallejo, Italeri, and Akan (don't try this with Testors Acryl, it took some time to clean the resulting goo from my airbrush). I use Vallejo Airbrush Thinner but then I'm a big believer is using the manufacturer's thinner for just about any acrylic paint. Check Price on Amazon. My suggestion for stirring thoroughly in the original bottle, is meant as the means of your actually getting all of the ingredients completely stirred and blended. Within the past few months I have switched from enamels to acrylics (to maintain marrital bliss) It has been a steep learning curve. 2. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials. I read that it is "better" than thinner as it is acrylic paint without the color thusly it is very thin and can extend the paint much better and is much more forgiving than just thinner which can cause the paint to fail. I never get dry tip. But mixing outside the paint cup also helps with consistency. is ontwikkeld om je airbrush goed schoon te krijgen, maar kan eventueel ook gebruikt worden om verf te verdunnen voor het gebruik met een airbrush. To thin Vallejo Surface Primer, you can use water or flow improver additives, such as the Vallejo Thinner. To participate you must either login or register for an account. Purchasing airbrush thinner is a great investment for all types of paint being used in your airbrush. There are days when I really miss using enamels. Airbrush thinners will give you the best consistency in your paints. Stir and add extra drops to get the concistancy. ... Airbrush Paints . Airbrush Thinner: "Thinner for Model Air and Liquid Acrylic. $15.99 Vallejo Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane, 200ml. But, like I said, I switched to preserve marital bliss. Vallejo Air is vaak al dun genoeg, maar andere Acryl verven vaak niet. Mixing well is good advice as that helps a lot. 2. For airbrushing Vallejo paints start with a 50/50 ratio paint to thinner and work from there. The rule of thumb is to start with a thinner to paint ratio of 1:1 and adjust from there if needed. Using Model Color is possible, but tricky. It has to do with the carrier and how finely ground the pigment is. Mixing the paint with the correct thinner/reducer will thin the consistency of the paint but also it will reduce the paint pigment in size. This is the first and only concentrated DIY airbrush thinner for self formulation. I use the following ratios to start. I can verify that there is no exact formula to mixing ratios. Steve, Hey Greg, No, it's not Model Air that's the issue, it's their other line, Model Color, that I am trying to figure out the thinning ratios. There is a lot of good information at the Vallejo website. Stir and add extra drops to get the concistancy. I do not use traditional thinner, but rather Golden's Airbrush Medium. Vallejo seems to offer everything, though Im overwhelmed as a painter moving beyond simple color choice for the first time. Vallejo Air is vaak al dun genoeg, maar andere Acryl verven vaak niet. 2 drops of paint to one drop of thinner. Model Air is used directly or diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. Typically I’d thin Tamiya acrylics with the purpose made Tamiya acrylic thinner X20-A to a ratio of around one part paint to one part thinner (1:1), and airbrush the paint at around 18 psi. When adding thinners, retarders, flow aids etc, it's much easier to be accurate in a separate container. Vallejo Air is vaak al dun genoeg, maar andere Acryl verven vaak niet. I been using two to one ratio for the Vallejo Model paint. I spray a variety of both Model Color and Model Air, and thin both of them. 63 | The Best Rolling Roads Setup For Multiple Gauges | Initial Thoughts on Digitrax UT6D Throttle. The difference in the appearence was dramatic, much thicker and looked like normal paint such as Tamiya, etc. Buy Vallejo: Airbrush Thinner (60ml) for $10.00 at Mighty Ape Australia. Thinner for airbrushing. I used a small metal dental paddle, to actually physically stir the bottom of the bottle. Using a Metallic Acrylic Paint for Airbrushing When using Metallic Acrylic … I didn't thin it at the start and had some trouble with clogging. In those cases, you can probably find a matching Vallejo Air color and it will usually spray just fine right out of the bottle. I’ve used Vallejo Surface Primer for years for painting miniatures. In stock now. I usually shake Model Color until my arm about comes off. I think of them this way, Model Air is useless for brushing, Model Color is not at all ideal for airbrushing, nor does it seem intended as such. Iwata Revolution CR   .35 tip     ~18 psi. I forget how much I used, but I put a couple drops if thinner in the airbrush (gravity feed) first then a drop of paint and mixed. Make airbrush thinner all by yourself! Model Color can be airbrushed, but requires considerable thinning. Hey Patrick, Dilutes color without loss of adhesion, resistance and consistency. Vallejo's airbrush line does not need thinning at all. In fact, as I sprayed it I ended up needing a couple of drops of Vallejo thinner, to adjust it for ideal flow. What PSI and nozzle/needle size are you using? Most paints designed for airbrushes do not need to be thinned, and are ready to be sprayed right out of the bottle. does water work, or should I be looking at something else? A super fine detail needle would need more thinner. With regards to other additives, Vallejo produces two reagents Thinner Medium (#73.524) and Airbrush Flow Improver (#71.62) that are described as wetting agents. It can be tedious measuring in drops. is speciaal ontwikkeld om verf te verdunnen voor het gebruik met een airbrush. The Vallejo Airbrush Thinner will provide you with excellent results and can be used for both your airbrush paints as well as your normal acrylics. 1. Usually 10 to 3. There are many different types of paint that can be sprayed through an airbrush. The mixing ratios can vary depending on the color and color series. I plan to try this out to see if it helps with making the paint less likely to rub off during handling. so, I ended up playing around with different ratios and thinning about 1:1 with vallejo airbrush thinner seemed to work well. I've been using a lot of Model Color because the Model Air is not as easy to find in my area. We recommend the addition of a few drops of thinner to the colors while airbrushing." What thinning ratio do you use? Use a 1:1 ratio and mix your rubbing alcohol and paint, then spray with the airbrush. After stirring is the right time to shake the bottle. Deze verdunner kan echter ook gebruikt worden om de vloeibaarheid te verhogen en de droogtijd te verlengen. I never get dry tip. To sum up, it's a good product that does spray well, but does require full blending to work as intended. Living in San Antonio, TX during the summer I also add a drop or two of their flow improver. Mixing ratio is 2 parts thinner 3 parts water. I mix in the cup and usually do about 50/50 and also a couple of drops of Flo-Aid as I am in Arizona and we don't have hardly any humidity. Hey Greg, Model Color. It is recommended to first prime the surface, and then apply Model Air in several layers. Its. Obviously the more thinner you add, the less paint will be used. I've only had to by the brush paint stuff (model color) few times when the airbrush paint was out at the game store near me. I plan to try this out to see if it helps with making the paint less likely to rub off during handling. Any other tips would be helpful and appreciated. I use the MRH high performance thinner listed in the MRh painting guide for any type of thinning. It doesn't take much with bigger needle setup. Thank you again! *** To improve atomization when using an airbrush, Auto-Air Reducer can be used to dilute paints. -- Likewise, I had some latex paint tinted to the color I need and would like to thin it to airbrushable -- again any suggestions? Mike is quite right, mixing outside the bottle is for the best. However, I have not had a single issue with the Model Air. For airbrushing Vallejo paints start with a 50/50 ratio paint to thinner and work from there. But I am getting consistant results..... Our community is FREE to join. Companies like Vallejo and Citadel make paints specifically for airbrushes. I either have it too thick, or too thin. If that isn't working, I'd say something else is fundamentally wrong. Pressing sideways on the little top allows a fingernail to be placed under the base, then you can lift the top off. When using an airbrush, the colors are often reduced by up to 400% (Auto Air Reducer 4: 1 Auto Air Color). For handpainting you probably want a slightly thicker mix. I was using an Iwata Neo with a .5mm tip and needle,but I am going to go back to My Paasche Millennium with a fine tip and needle. I've been wondering about techniques to make the paint more durable before sealing. This 4-fluid-ounce bottle of acrylic flow improver increases the flow of paint without altering pigment strength and without a … Flow improver + water is generally the best way to get any paint airbrush-friendly. A bottle has lasted for over three years, so it is much cheaper than thinner. I have no problem using Vallejo's own thinner and thinning model color to shoot through the airbrush, some colors it is 60% thinner, other colors it could be as much as 80-90% thinner, just depends on the color, and the saturation of the pigment. Hi, Steve - First, I have used Model Air and Model Color, although not a lot of experience with them. Model Air is a range of liquid acrylic colours developed especially for airbrush techniques, with very finely ground pigments and an acrylic resin with properties of extreme resistance and durability. These days I eyeball it and mix it in the airbrush cup, largely because I’m impatient and Tamiya paints are amazingly forgiving. 3. Agreed shake the hell out of the paint. Mix with distilled water to produce your own sure-fire airbrush thinner. Thing is, Im not entirely sure I … Some colors are happy with a 50/50 mix and others dry on the tip or plug it no matter what mix or even if you use their flow improver. Using  Model Color is possible, but tricky. Just FYI, the milk consistency is only for air-brushing. I'd read that some guys add a drop or two of Future to their mix. Also, when I sprayed it straight out of the bottle it was quite prone to pooling/running, very thin coverage and took a few days to fully dry. After stirring for a couple of minutes the paint was partially blended with the solids, then I put the top back on and gave it a good long shake. is ontwikkeld om je airbrush goed schoon te krijgen, maar kan eventueel ook gebruikt worden om verf te verdunnen voor het gebruik met een airbrush.