Ingo Forum Moderator Posts: 1686 Joined: Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:11 pm Isle Royale Visits: 12 Location: Hillsborough, NC. All vessels (including non-motorized craft) visiting or transiting park waters, along with associated equipment must be decontaminated by an approved method prior to entering park waters. A tent may be erected inside, but not outside a shelter. Boaters must obtain an overnight permit in advance from the Houghton Visitor Center at 906-482-0984. You may be better off taking the Isle Royale Queen from Copper Harbor because it runs nearly every day, instead of the Ranger which is cheaper and free parking but only runs twice a week. Isle Royale Resorts will not operate at Isle Royale National Park for the 2020 season. Make your reservations in advance because the ferries do sell out in advance during the peak summer months. Aquatic Invasives, Camping and Docks, Customs, Dock Closures, Electronics and Generators, Fees, Firewood, Fishing, Fuel and Pump-Outs, Pets, Quiet/No-Wake Zones, Restricted Activities. Isle Royale National Park is located in the middle of Lake Superior. There are NO roads or bridges to Isle Royale National Park. Isle Royale Boaters Association Our mission is to educate, represent, and promote the interest of power and sail boaters, sport fishermen, canoeists, kayakers, backpackers, and all visitors of Isle Royale … Boats depart from two cities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and one from Minnesota. Allowed: The operation or use of permanently-installed (by manufacturer) on-board vessel generators is allowed from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. eastern time in developed zones, and at the following docks: Beaver Island, Belle Isle, Caribou Island, Grace Island, Hay Bay, Malone Bay, Rock Harbor, Tobin Harbor, and Windigo. This fee is charged to enter or remain within the park per calendar day. Pets disturb wildlife and can transmit diseases. Passengers must be at the boat dock and prepared to board 20 minutes prior to departure from Grand Portage and 15 minutes prior to departure from Isle Royale on the way back. We depart at 8:30 am from Hat Point Marina in Grand Portage, MN. No pets allowed. When not in camp, many boaters leave fenders attached to the dock to indicate occupancy of a campsite. Exceptions: North Desor Campground and Minong Trail from Hatchet Lake Junction to East Huginnin Trail Junction. You must present your pass upon arrival in the park. Please check out the park's COVID-19 Boating FAQ for clarification. Recreational activity on Isle Royale includes hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and observing nature. Do not bring wood from mainland as it may harbor disease or insect pests. Closures in eastern time. Grand Portage ~ Isle Royale Transportation Line; Isle Royale Ferry Service; Isle Royale Virtual Visitor Center; National Park Service Ranger III ; Categories. Camping And Hiking Trips. 800 East Lakeshore Drive Isle Royale’s boating season commences in late May and lasts through early September. Isle Royale Boating During COVID-19. There are two main entry points to Isle Royale – Rock Harbor and Windigo. At Anchor: The operation of such generators is permitted between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm eastern time while at anchor within Quiet/No Wake Zones except when anchored within 1/4 mile of park docks (listed above) where on-board generator use is prohibited. Isle Royale Boating During COVID-19 As of April 6, 2020 Isle Royale National Park delayed opening the park due to the COVID-19 pandemic: The opening date of the park is delayed from April 16 to June 15, 2020. A great park service boat to get out to Isle Royale National Park! Be prepared for any Lake Superior challenge. Day Trips To Isle Royale. Permits should be displayed on the boat when at anchor, at dock, or in the campground on a shelter or tent. Isle Royale National Park: Boating to Edisen Fishery and Rock Harbor Lighthouse. They may not be reserved or held for others. Isle Royale Boaters Association. The Rock Harbor Marina has 450' of dock space and accommodates boats up to 65'. Never been to Isle … If it were me, I would take the IR Queen outbound, timed to the Voyager schedule. This fee is charged to enter or remain within the park per calendar day. During this delayed opening, Isle Royale and its surrounding islands are closed to all visitors. The Isle Royale Season Pass ($60) includes up to 3 adults traveling with the pass holder. Rates. Following guidance from the White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Michigan Safe Start plan, and local public health authorities, Isle Royale is increasing recreational access to the park. The vessel is designed to carry 125 passengers, as well as 100 tons of cargo. All boaters staying overnight at anchor, at docks, or in campgrounds must first obtain a camping permit in-person at Houghton, Rock Harbor, or Windigo. All Federal Recreation Passes will be honored for the pass holder and up to 3 accompanying adults. CDC has offered guidance to help people recreating in parks, Beginning June 26, 2020, campgrounds, docks, and trails will be open. The “Fast” Boat to Isle Royale National Park Departing from Copper Harbor, the Isle Royale Queen IV is the only daily ferry service from Michigan to Isle Royale and the also the fastest. Boating As an archipelago with over 400 islands, Isle Royale National Park is an exciting place to embark upon a boating adventure. Jet skis and Waverunners) are prohibited. You can also get to the park by seaplane. Ranger III is a 648-ton vessel built to carry visitors to Isle Royale National Park, on Lake Superior. Prohibited: The operation of such generators is prohibited at: Birch Island, Chippewa Harbor, Daisy Farm, Duncan Bay, Duncan Narrows, McCargoe Cove, Merritt Lane, Moskey Basin, Siskiwit Bay, Three Mile, Todd Harbor, and Tookers Island. The, Any NPS or concession fuel dispensing dock, Shipwreck Mooring buoys (for active diving only), Any other dock posted or signed as closed to overnight use, Any other dock posted or signed as closed to public entry. $87 Day trip passenger over and back in the same day $80 Day trip passenger under 16 years of age. Boaters who are not entering Isle Royale National Park through Houghton, Rock Harbor, or Windigo have the option of requesting a permit in advance by calling (906) 482-0984. It was a rough ride! We’d be taking the ferry back to Copper Harbor at 2:45 that afternoon. You can request a permit in advance by contacting the park prior to your departure. Click the image links below or BOOK NOW above to book a trip. It leaves at 8:00 am daily, and the trip is a minimum of 3 1/2 hours. Enjoy fishing the waters of Lake Superior and the island's numerous inland lakes and streams. Take your trash with you; do not burn it. It is actually tilted up more than this, but for the sake of fitting in on a map it's been turned clockwise a bit. Isle Royale's geology can make navigating its waters treacherous to the unexperienced or uninformed boater. Presented below are Tour Companies that offer boating trips and/or boat and watercraft rentals for lakes and other bodies of water in and near Isle Royale NP. She was built in 1958, and has undergone several refits. Within Quiet/No-Wake Zones, vessels must not exceed 5 mph or create a wake in excess of surrounding seas. Water skiing and personal watercraft (e.g. There are numerous hidden shoals and underwater reefs that create hazards. There are four options to get to the island if you don’t own a boat capable of crossing Lake Superior.

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