In my “subjective” experience, cold cycling (leaving it in the garage over the winter) a carbon frame can cause damage. It was replaced under warranty. 1. Carbon, with all its qualities, also has its shortfalls. If you look at the BMC website and their carbon care page, you’ll see this: “On superlight frames, the tubes can be slightly deformed with pressure from your fingers. :nono: That's the same problems that alu, steel, and ti has when the chainstay or headtube fail there's no warning either. So I was cleaning my bike on sunday ready for a ride on monday and I noticed a crack in the carbon fibre on my seat stay!! Treat a modern carbon frame well and there should be limited potential for degradation over a bike’s working life. Crack in paint on carbon frame - better pics. Carbon fiber recycled from a car isn't strong enough to be used in building another car. Treat a modern carbon frame well and there should be limited potential for degradation over a bike’s working life. While there’s every possibility you could clamp your frame a thousand times without a problem… There’s also a possibility you could crack your frame tomorrow. rolf_f Posts: 15,960. That's a big issue. Arghhh! So, nobody got hurt, but his mum wanted me to check the frame, she was very sorry and apologized hundreds of times. Yes, the resin gets old so if you produce it too much and it gets old, and that too is simply dumped into the ocean. Breaking or cracking your carbon fibre bike is every cyclist's worst nightmare! Welding across the the frame is likely to produce cracks over time. The 200mm-travel Sequence uses carbon for both its front and rear triangles, and Yordanov worked with UK's Easy Composites to manufacture the frame from start to finish. If this one isn’t found in time, the result is usually catastrophic failure and a trip to the dentist (at best). The crack in this Corvette’s fiberglass is on top of the right rear fender. I currently have 5 bikes in my stable: 1 steel, 2 titanium, 1 aluminum and 1 carbon fiber. 165 Dalegarth way, Broughton, Milton Keynes, MK10 7BG (or other plant based carbon capture systems) It may be great, but without information like that, there is no way to tell. If the frame develops a crack, this will become the weakest point in the frame and will cause extra stress which will eventually cause the tubing to crack … But I needed to add carbon fiber to an existing structure. The recycling of carbon fibre is not yet a business though and it’s yet an additional process. Yep, that little line, under the ‘O’ is a crack caused by over tightening in a cycle carrier. Major bicycle brand flagship models are usually equipped with carbon fiber frames. Page 2 of 3 - CRACK IN CARBON FRAME - posted in Tech Q&A: I've had a small accident on my carbon road bike. High-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA) is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties or greater resistance to corrosion than carbon steel.HSLA steels vary from other steels in that they are not made to meet a specific chemical composition but rather specific mechanical properties. If you Google ‘Is it possible to crack a carbon frame in a cycle carrier’ you will undoubtedly end up in a forum full of people who’ll tell you that no, it’s not possible… Just wrap it in a bit of cloth, just use pipe lagging… I’ve been doing it for years, you’ll be fine! Isn’t it worth keeping that gorgeous carbon safe? In essence you might be fine clamping a carbon frame once twice, or even a thousand times… BUT do you know what damage you’re doing to your frame internally? The broken chain then got it… Having cracked a few aluminum and steel frames in the past and having seen countless damaged frames from when I worked at the bike shop and also from my riding partners, I can say that nearly every failure on a steel or Al came with a warning. But like a steel or titanium frame, a carbon-fiber frame can sometimes be repaired. Perhaps it is scenarios like this that the perception of ‘weak carbon’ is coming from? But any damage, including to the paintwork, needs to be looked at. m). Can carbon be fixed? The tap thing only works on absolutely destroyed carbon. The heat treated frames found on heavy trucks were made from SAE 1027 modified. Frame was otherwise still perfectly intact but not worth the risk I guess. It has a Lite side and a Dark side and it holdz the Universe together. No I was just using as an example I just meant in the event of a crash I just need to avoid sharp objects from clipping the frame and not worry about the normal impact from the crash. 1. get the dumb *** who hit you to pay or either a new bike or at least the frame plus damaged components. Q: Will I lose frame strength by not compressing? In the end, the best advice I could find was to wrap the crack as tightly as possible with multiple layers of electrical tape, and to watch and listen for telltale cracking or crunching sounds. Can carbon be fixed? The only exception would be around a cable stop or a dropout that is bonded in. Chilled Carbon. Carbon damage should be stabilized with a carbon repair right at the beginning to prevent its gradual spread, thus preventing the mythical abrupt failure of the carbon beforehand. Even if you had a chunky aluminum frame, it is easy to save a pound or two with the ... the weakest points. Trying to find out if i need to replace the entire frame or if i could get the crack repaired and without breaking the bank! Somehow — and we're not precisely sure of the precise sequence of events — it seems that I managed to break the bike chain. Is this a crack on the carbon frame? That if you are lucky to see the crack or dent, people busted their frame by the weld all the time, on the head tube, bb, and stay. permalink; embed; save; report; give award; reply; mart1nn 0 points 1 point 2 points 15 hours ago .

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