TSHABALALA African, Zulu, South African. Nearly all South African girl names have a distinct story behind them. Ian Malherbe. Source: National Civil Registry (2010)[3]. Pages in category "Afrikaans-language surnames" The following 138 pages are in this category, out of 138 total. There are rare names and there are names shared by millions of people. When I think of a South African surname, then "van der Merwe" comes to mind, the object of many jokes. Spoken in the southern countries of Africa, especially Lesotho and Botswana. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Oil companies, aid groups plan to press Biden to allow Venezuela fuel swaps, Man charged over death of brother on Mornington Peninsula. 8. Adebisi Lv 7. 8. Over several hundred years, borders have been made, changed and broken, making family history difficult to trace. 9. For a third year in a row, Junior took the top spot as the most popular name for boys in South Africa in 2016, followed by Blessing and Gift, according to data released by Stats SA on Thursday. The main difference is that African parents will not just put a label on their progeny without finding out what the label is saying about their hopes and aspirations, beliefs and culture and life experiences. Some last names that come to mind. Surname. Dlamini is also the surname of the reigning royal family of eSwatini. Popular AFRICAN names from the author of THE AFRICAN BOOK OF NAMES. 2. Izithakazelo, or better still, Zulu clan names are the authentic African identity that all Zulus identify with. There were many women who had babies from the whites. 0 0. cakes4southafrica. I maintain the list. It means ‘he came in a joyful time’ or ‘the king/crown/royalty meets joy’ in Yoruba. The language is made … 9. Also known as Sesotho or Tswana. Here are some common South African last names: Dlamini: A popular surname in Southern Africa. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Surnames. Surname 1: 2.175: Quispe (Quechuan surname) 2: 2.144: Flores: 3: 2.031: Sánchez: 4: 1.987: Rodríguez: 5: 1.948: García: 6: 1.66: Rojas: 7: 1.456: González: 8: 1.434: Díaz: 9: 1.412: Chávez: 10: 1.403: Torres: 11: 1.395: Ramírez: 12: 1.373: Mendoza: 13: 1.364: Ramos: 14: 1.351: López: 15: 1.26: Castillo: 16: 1.26: Espinoza: 17: 1.172: Vásquez: 18: 1.076: Huamán (Quechuan surname) 19: 1.072: Pérez: 20: 1.068: … You e-mail me the surnames you are interested in, and I send you the e-mail address(es) of the person(s) who are researching these surnames for their own family history. C-Cruywagen. … African. south african surnames ?!?!? 20 Common Australian Surnames and Their Meanings Vanderbilt Surname Meaning and Origin Eight of the top 11 surnames end with "ez", the distinctive suffix of Castilian family names. HelloFresh Offer Revealed: Get 40% Off Over Your Next 4 Deliveries Now. All names in the list are of Spanish origin (2010 data). Names are of huge significance in the continent and that is why some cultures go as far as having naming ceremonies where families … The most popular baby names … im thinking about changing my surname and want it to be from south africa as my parents are from there. The list of most common surnames in Paraguay, reflected in the national voters register, shows the influence of Castilian Spanish in the Paraguayan society. Most of the surnames of the Brazilian population have a Portuguese origin, due to Portuguese colonization in the country (it is estimated that 80% of the Brazilian population has at least one Portuguese ancestor), while other South American countries were largely colonized by the Spanish. African first names typically hold a deeper meaning and history. Afrikaans is one of the native languages of South Africa that is, however, spoken mostly by the Dutch settlers in the country. Revealed: The most popular baby names in South Africa right now Some beautiful titles on this list, it has to be said. Jelani Origin: Swahili Meaning: Full of strength. Origin: West African (Yoruba) Meaning: ‘Born with wealth.’ Abara Origin: West African (Igbo) Meaning: Spirit. The 10 most typical names for kids and ladies offer us a fascinating insight into what moms and dads are choosing– and one name tops both tables. This is a list of the most common surnames in South America. Durban - Dlaminis continue to rule the roost in South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal as the most common surname, according to figures for births in 2018 released by Statistics SA. Note that in particular French, German and Dutch surnames are common to pop up in Afrikaans. In such cases, the child was given a surname of his mother or father or may be a third surname. "TRES MILLONES DE CHILENOS FIGURAN CON LOS APELLIDOS MÁS COMUNES", "González, Muñoz y Rojas son los apellidos más comunes en Chile", "Los apellidos más comunes en el padrón que se usará en abril", "The Top 10 most common surnames in Suriname", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_most_common_surnames_in_South_America&oldid=992536506, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 20:00. 8 years ago. Williams. 7. Communications . Dlamini was the most common surname for both sexes followed by Nkosi and Ndlovu. A - Adendorff. This is similar to the suffix "son" in English (Johnson, "son of John", Jackson, "son of Jack") and to "ic" or "ich" of Slavic names such as Ivanovich ("son of Ivan").

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