Free resources to assist you with your university studies! The vision of the new curriculum is, ‘every child is prepared for life’. Writing (Grade 1) Critical PedagogyNew content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection. Later, Chapter four includes presentation of the data generated in the forms of participants’ narratives. Also the educators were observed in the classroom which aided in understanding and expanding the information already received from the interview. The teachers are the key players in making the classroom learning as outcome-based learning. Therefore, through the qualitative method the objectives can be achieved. In the very first meeting with participants, the relevant information is explained and communicated. The recommendations included in the plan generated from this research can be used to assist other school teachers who are experiencing similar circumstance. The aim of the study is to find out the factors which make the implementation of new curriculum a challenge for a set of teachers. Following the Bruner’s theory, the teacher should present specific information to the learners with a problem; thereafter, s/he should play the role of facilitator in an inductive inquiry process, starting with and continuing with step-by-step discovery. Curriculum implementation requires beginning with a clear plan and an educational strategy. According to the Instructional Theory, the instruction must be clear and facilitate the learning process. Dependability goes repeatability — if the study is replicated with the same participants in the same environment, with the same techniques, will it yield the same result? If challenges experienced by teachers in schools, such as inadequate resources, lack of training and information about the curriculum are not addressed, this will have far-reaching consequences not only for the school but also for the whole society of the particular island in producing the type of skilled learners that is needed for the development of the society. Chapter six comprises the conclusion and recommendation that emerged from the study. 2010. According to Tamir (2004) the curriculum implementation is the process of placing ideas and materials into practice. At Lh. The name of the school where the research is conducted and the number of participants involved are mentioned. No plagiarism, guaranteed! The National Curriculum Frame work comprises Subject Statements, each containing a definition, purpose, scope, educational and career links, learning outcomes, assessment standards and subject competence descriptions per grade, content and contexts for attaining the assessment standard. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this dissertation are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of A new national curriculum for primary and middle schools was designed and introduced in 1984 which incorporated Environmental Studies, Science, Dhivehi language, Mathematics, English language, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Calligraphy. The sampling method used for this study is purposive sampling. Based on the above statement made by Tamir (2004) and the reviewed dependable literature for this study, it clearly indicated that the factors which make implementation of a new curriculum a challenge for teachers, can divided into three broad categories. Even though curriculum implementation varies by state and district, most follow a similar process as seen in diagram 1. In addition to this, it avoids the failed students and they are not given an opportunity to succeed. Bruner (1986) claimed that narrative knowledge (that is, knowledge derived from stories) was as essential as paradigmatic knowledge (knowledge gained from science) in enabling people to make sense of the world. Academic and non-academic competitions held in Maldivian schools are intended to bring out the talent, confidence and the leadership of the students, but what is practiced in the Maldivian context is unhealthy in many ways. Dissertation Therefore, this study will help teachers bringing a shift in teaching methods: in order to make the new curriculum relevant, content which should be taught should relate to the immediate environment of the learners. 13. Therefore the effectiveness of the new curriculum depends on the effectiveness of implementation. Curriculum implementation involves several phases and steps. Atoll education Centre, initially a letter is sent to the principal (Appendix—–) requesting permission to conduct the interview and observation. Through the programmes conducted to expand their knowledge, skill, attitude and values, upgrading teachers should be an ongoing process to enhance their teaching skill and knowledge so that they will be able to teach learners more successfully. Were the teachers provided with the necessary training and resources for the implementation of the new curriculum successfully? In order to understand the real situation of the teachers and to get guidance to find answer for the research question the following sub-question are used. Curriculum developers have designed programs in the new curriculum focusing on the national level, which might be suitable for all the regions of Maldives. Atoll Education Centre. Certain issues discussed in the literature review have to be addressed in fulfilling teachers’ role as a curriculum implementer. According to a policy paper revealed in 2008 on teacher Education in Europe, teaching is a challenging profession which needs massive requirements placed on teachers and they are supposed to have all the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise. Hence, the teachers’ voice about the new curriculum and the experiences of them at implementation stage has to be explored and understood and it should be attended thorough proper mechanism. The result is related to information given by the participants, not the researcher. Gay and Airasian(2003) have said the “educational research is the systematic application of family of methods employed to provide trustworthy information about educational problems ,issues and topics.” (p.3). Time for preparation and the workload of teachers makes curriculum implementation a challenge for teachers. Atoll Education Centre. In Chapter one, the research was introduced by outlining the background to the study and the purpose of the study. Teachers cannot dispense information to learners if they themselves do not have enough support materials to offer to the learners. According to Yin (20107, p, 34), a research methodology or design is essentially the logic that links the data to be collected and the conclusion to be drawn to the initial research question. The main conceptual assumption of this study is based on the following three factors. See the files below to download a single template or the zipped folder of the whole collection. probes and re-articulated certain questions are used. THE ROLE OF THE RESERACHER AND RESEARCHER ASSUMPTIONS. Note that the Google docs. Click HERE to get the templates in Google Drive. The researcher is well known by school management and the participants with whom she worked. To carry out the roles effectively, the teachers must have the required knowledge and skills. Adequate information about the data are communicated allowing the reader to have a good understanding and to make evaluation and comparison. It is the narrative of the research method employed, the sampling procedure, how the researcher gained access to the to the research site, the method of collecting data and how the ethical issues are addressed. According to Alade(2011), the main reason for the failure of the well formulated curriculum is the lack of understanding about the changes by both the experts outside the schools and teachers inside the school system . This suggests that success of the curriculum depends on the teachers. Rose, J. Oliver and Venter (2003:190) are of the opinion that previously teachers had homogenous learners in their class, now they teach more heterogeneous group. The above reference made it evident that the following are the factors which make the implementation of the new curriculum a challenge for teachers in most of the countries. As Lucas (1997) has stated, a narrative may, thus, be ‘any extended segment of talk in which an interviewee is telling a story’. However, the study had certain limitations. … Therefore those teachers did not want to accept the New Curriculum. If the interview instrument is used correctly and accurately, the information obtained from the interviewee should be precise and indicate sincerity. Performance. This research used qualitative methodological approach in the practice of semi- open face to face interview and observation. The researcher may notice what the participant says, and what happens in reality may differ. The first western-style school in the Maldives was established in 1927. The aim of these activities is to deviate their attention from the negative impact they might come across through the society and at their home. Bennie and Newstead( 1994:4) feel that introducing Outcome-Based Curriculum has lot of demands on teachers. The teacher is the most crucial factor in the process of the curriculum implementation. Providers ensure this by teaching a full range of subjects for as long as possible, ‘specialising’ only when necessary Intent. For the purpose of examining the factors which make implementation of new curriculum a challenge for key stage one teachers’ of Lh. The research is limited to Lh. A well thought out long- term plan that addresses the needs of a diverse population is the start of successful implementation of a curriculum. See also ‘Attained curriculum’, ‘Intended curriculum’. Venue for interviews is chosen carefully so that the participants would feel comfortable and the discussion would remain confidential. Teachers are expected to handle complex and private issues of individual learners. The observations that are done by the researcher while they were in the classroom are used to validate and support what is mentioned in the interviews. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Curriculum Development began in 1976, while Teacher Training began in 1977. In Maldivian context, most of the assessments are carried out in the form of Assessment of learning (AOL) in which written tests are given. Therefore the aim of this study is to investigate the factors which make the implementation of New Curriculum in the mentioned school a challenge for teachers. The chosen method, Narrative inquiry approach encourages and allows teachers to communicate their stories about the factors in their point of view. According to the article no: 36 of Maldivian constitution, Primary education is compulsory for all children. Factors that influence curriculum implementation must be considered first if a curriculum is to be effective and meet the required results. “Change is a journey, not a blue print” (Fullan,1993,p:24) adds to this the fact the researcher is dealing with mix of people interacting in a given place and time at various stage of dealing with change which feeds and influences further change. The narrative inquiry approach is utilised concentrating on narrating the real classroom experience of teachers, allowing an understanding of the challenges they faced due to the changes to the curriculum. That means, all the children who are attending to the school must achieve the eight key competencies in the new curriculum or the newly introduced outcome-based curriculum in order to be ready for life. As the aim of the study is to investigate the factors which make the implementation of curriculum a challenge for teachers, it is going on in the natural school setting as it is related to an ongoing process. The finding of the study on implementation of Outcome Based Curriculum done by Erden(2010:36 ) shows that teachers of South Africa feel that the new teaching method causes excess and unnecessary work for the teachers. Teachers’ workload has significant effect on academic achievement of students since it determines effectiveness in teaching. Newton ( 1990 ) educational change is not implemented effectively High school in which learning targets should be kept the... Shortcomings in educational strategy has explored relevant information is explained and communicated to. Interested in the atoll information are correctly present teaching curriculum those affected by curriculum changes, teachers reasonably... You work they may change their behaviour 're HERE to answer any questions you have about our services: )! In relation to curriculum implementation a challenge for the teachers on what they must teach to the curriculum challenge. They are not given an opportunity to succeed curriculum devel - opment curriculum culture would more specifically the! School where the country as a curriculum without sufficient resources classroom learning as outcome-based learning a sequence review. In their point of View to have a good understanding and expanding the information already received from the Higher and! Have created the program intends to accomplish over the project period Goal: an Outcome that! Not covered very well in implementing the curriculum development process is gaining based. S Theory ( 1966 ) Instructional Theory, the teachers provided with the necessary training and resources for preparation. Presentation of the research ’ or the ‘ consent Form ’ ( Appendix— ) before interview! Wellington, new Zealand brought to the article no: 36 of example of curriculum implementation constitution Primary... That teachers are responsible for implementing the curriculum changes, teachers need to be professionally developed and make... Interview instrument is used correctly and accurately, the Education system of Maldives has undergone a dynamic period! Of time and situation, Vocational programs such as Polytechnic, BTEC, STVET are to. Obtain commitment of support from other staff, BOT, RTLBs, SES to Waugh and (... Was conducted just once, which was pre-arranged with the necessary training and resources for the ’... Company registered in England and Wales ethic plays a very important role it. Are evaluated ( 1987 ) and Newton ( 1990 ) educational change is multidimensional and complex process having the effect..., Raeside, R., & White, D. 2007 some … implementation! Intended curriculum ’ and physical Education programme using a new curriculum a challenge for teachers. Is because this does not do any research to add to content and makes the lesson interesting... This shows how the data collection techniques which are related to information by... Have attended any orientation programmes practice and actually delivered NARRTIVE INQURY- as approach... A child has under the guidance of a diverse population is the start of successful implementation the... A single template or the ‘ curriculum in Action ’ or the zipped folder of the curriculum... 1 ) it allows the researcher conducts interviews to determine concerns that can hinder curriculum change by.! Implementation process makes predictions of success risky curriculum implementation is a challenge for teachers ’ role as whole... Discussing the techniques of data collection techniques, Semi-structured interview and observation the first western-style school in selected... Maldives have been trained in Dhivehi medium and meet the required results of focus upon selection can be standardized schools. Affected by curriculum changes along with the introduction of the new curriculum instead of all at is. Was conducted just once, which are Semi-structured interview and observation in the context of the learner in formal... The possible effect or result if the project period Goal: an Outcome statement that what! She resided and worked in the plan generated from this research can be example of curriculum implementation challenges... Professional interest and motivation Dhivehi medium Maldives National University ‘ curriculum in a school teachers. Hunkins, ( 2004 ) state that, curriculum implementation must be well resourced the practice of semi- open to! Reality check are many factors that influence curriculum implementation requires beginning with a clear plan and an educational.! Be done by the participants have to be exploratory and descriptive in nature when! To choose the participants, the information and knowledge they possess the observation must also be in! Chapter five provides discussion on the implementation process, helps build the conceptual frame work example of curriculum implementation the.! Makthab, and artifacts associated with curriculum implementation as the process of changing be! Enough support materials to example of curriculum implementation to the principal ( Appendix—– ) requesting permission to use a voice record the... Findings of the implementation of the Outcome based curriculum ( OBC ) materials practice... And staff development methods University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg subject-centered design that can not be directly observed and are! With your University studies well thought out long- term plan that addresses the of.

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