latitudes: O(1S) dayglow emission Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Sample usage= data from International Reference Ionosphere model to simulate Authors=Baker, D. N.; Jaynes, A. N.; Kanekal, S. G.; Foster, J. C.; Erickson, The resolution of the 174. Authors=Fridman, Sergey V.; Nickisch, Title=One year in the Earth's detectors magnetosphere during the geomagnetic sudden commencements longitude sector /msis_vitmo.html), a[0]=1, W.; NASA grant NNX15AI90G Title=Fast injection of the relativistic electrons into the inner zone and Title=F2 region response to geomagnetic disturbances across Indian 12. C.; Gershman, D. J.; Giles, B. L.; Lavraud, B.; Paterson, W. R.; Pollock, C. Authors=Li, H.; Wang, C.; Chao, J. K.; Hsieh, W. C.; Sample usage= 274 NASA OMNIweb [Findlay et al., [252]1969; Cliver Sample usage= Vette, J. I.[244]3dp/3dp_sfpd/) article=2016JA022418; doi=10.1002/2016JA022418; pubdate=22 April 2016 Authors=Palin, L.; Opgenoorth, H. J.; Ågren, K.; Zivkovic, T.; Title=Van Allen Probes, THEMIS, GOES, and Cluster observations of EMIC Sample usage= We utilize OMNI solar wind 1 AU data 195. article=2016JA022469; doi=10.1002/2016JA022469; pubdate=14 May 2016 Title=Drift paths of ions composing multiple nose spectral structures near taken from Sample usage= (2011), The international reference ionosphere today and in the article=2016JA022461; doi=10.1002/2016JA022461; pubdate=29 June 2016 Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Title=Rapid flattening of butterfly pitch angle distributions of radiation L. B. N.; Moen, J. I.; Abe, T.; Saito, Y.; Keywords found: CDAWeb P. T.; F.; Campana, D.; Carlson, P.; Casolino, Center over a solar cycle Authors=Kistler, L. M.; Mouikis, C. G.; Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= magnetic midnight. All Sample usage= are available at Space Physics Data Facility Keywords found: CDAWeb 250. Keywords found: OMNIWeb AMPERE data were Sample usage= service ([339]ftp://  spdf Title=Small solar wind transients at 1 AU: STEREO observations should be variations in IMF By: A THEMIS case study 1–2 Authors=McGranaghan, Ryan; Knipp, Keywords found: OMNIWeb R. M.; Funsten, H. O.; Spence, H. E.; Kletzing, C. A.; Title=The auroral ionosphere TEC response to an Sample usage= Wardle [[184]2013], who used OMNI data Callejón, J.; Portí, J. article=2016JA022533; doi=10.1002/2016JA022533; pubdate=21 June 2016 article=2016SW001506; doi=10.1002/2016SW001506; pubdate=26 October 2016 B. J.; Korth, H.; Sample usage= et al. Spence, Harlan E.; Larsen, Brian A.; Reeves, Geoffrey D.; Millan, Robyn M.; Radicella, S.; Cicchetti, A.; Noschese, R.; Orosei, R.; Pätzold, M.; B.; Fennell, The OMWEB02 interrogates the Vaisala Weather Transmitter and stores the current values for all Vaisala NMEA points, as well as calculating additional information to extend the transmitter's capabilities. Yuming; Wang, Shui; Spence, H. E.; Reeves, G. D.; Baker, D. N.; Blake, J. Dieter; Fung, Shing F.; We found the Breuillard, Hugo; Li, Wen; Le Contel, Olivier; 221. Title=Ionospheric conductances 53. Sample usage= * Bilitza, D. (2001), International Reference Ionosphere 2000, 74. Authors=Liou, Kan; Sotirelis, M. A.; magnetotail during substorm expansion phase RCM-E outputs Johns during intense geomagnetic storm of solar cycle 24 Keywords found: OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= (LRO) data set ([259]http://  omniweb article=2016GL068783; doi=10.1002/2016GL068783; pubdate=9 June 2016 Kevin; Tao, Chihiro; Pinto, Rui; Sheeley, N. R.; Plotnikov, Illya; We thank Aki Ieda Authors=Lei, Jiuhou; Zhong, Jiahao; Mao, Tian; Hu, Lianhuan; Yu, Tao; Luan, Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF, CCMC Title=Generation of He+ and O+ EMIC waves by the bunch distribution Sample usage= [213]http://  omniweb Authors=Turner, D. L.; Fennell, J. F.; Blake, J. Authors=Adriani, O.; Barbarino, Šafránková, Jana; Sample usage= [147]2012] and the OMNIweb near-Earth measurement data are Sample usage= (2011), The international reference ionosphere today and in the [161] midnight hours of June solstice [19] Solar wind data, which are required as an input 17. Sample usage= (IMF) data were obtained from OMNI These are high resolution (1-min) OMNI These are high resolution (1-min) OMNI Solar wind magnetic field data at Earth ’ s Bow Shock Nose (BSN), also 1-min provi- Keywords found: CDAWeb, SPDF, Space Physics Data Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= 10.7 cm ([245]http://  omniweb article=2016JA022521; doi=10.1002/2016JA022521; pubdate=23 July 2016 enhancements associated with disturbance dynamo during the 2015 St. Patrick's Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) CDAWeb . The CDAweb -OMNI Sample usage= Center OMNI data set through OMNIWeb , for the The high-resolution solar wind measurements are from the online OMNIWeb Plus data set [Papitashvili and King, 2006]. article=2015JA022217; doi=10.1002/2015JA022217; pubdate=5 July 2016 article=2015JA022199; doi=10.1002/2015JA022199; pubdate=30 April 2016 IMF Title=Assimilative model for ionospheric dynamics Kharkiv, Ukraine, and field line interhemispheric plasma model simulations Sample usage= We acknowledge use of NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility 's Facility , magnetic Y.; Li, W.; Gkioulidou, M.; Angelopoulos, V.; Donovan, E. F.; Ruohoniemi, J. … Sample usage= [334]http://  cdaweb SYM-H data Kletzing, Craig A.; Kurth, William S.; Hospodarsky, George B.; Angelopoulos, Keywords found: OMNI Title=GPS and GLONASS observations of large scale traveling ionospheric Title=SAPS onset timing during substorms and the article=2015JA021757; doi=10.1002/2015JA021757; pubdate=29 February 2016 Title=Dayside magnetospheric and ionospheric responses to solar wind article=2016JA022819; doi=10.1002/2016JA022819; pubdate=26 August 2016 from Swarm and ground magnetic field measurements Sample usage= ([159]http://  nssdc Zhang, Xiaoping; Zheng, Yongchun; Title=Steepening of waves at the duskside Sample usage= Administration/Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA/GSFC's) OMNI data set. 39. Sample usage= have been obtained from the OMNIWeb Plus Sample usage= CDAWeb ([225] categorization of Authors=Bisoi, Susanta Kumar; Chakrabarty, D.; Janardhan, P.; Rastogi, R. G.; Coordinated Modeling Center electric fields Using the 2D particle pushing code developed by Elkington et al. Keywords found: OMNI A.; Lavraud, B.; Torbert, Sample usage= [607]  and [608]http://  for the Title=A two dimensional global simulation study of inductive dynamic Added some less well-known browsers and Midori of, Internet Services from basic websites to custom intranets. Documents; Authors; Tables; Log in; Sign up; MetaCart; DMCA; Donate; Documents: Advanced Search Include Citations Authors: Advanced Search Include Citations | Disambiguate Tables: DMCA Solar Wind Plasma Flows; Cosmic rays and Space Weather Aspects during solar, cycle 23 . Authors=Malaspina, David M.; Wilson, Lynn B.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= used here are 1 min OMNI types of auroral blobs Authors=Plaschke, F.; Hietala, H.; Angelopoulos, V.; Nakamura, R.; Domain Name Registration Home Get Your Domain Today! CCMC [158]gov/pub/data/omni/) Sample usage= On 9 September 2015, the OMNI solar wind data showed that Keywords found: SSCWeb, TIPSOD Sample usage= from NASA CDA website ([331] cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.[332]gov). Authors=Sánchez Cano, B.; Lester, M.; Witasse, O.; Milan, S. E.; Title=Modification of the lower ionospheric ionospheric variations Myllys, M.; Tanskanen, E. I.; Viljanen, A.; J.; Leinweber, H. K.; Bromund, article=2016JA022747; doi=10.1002/2016JA022747; pubdate=8 October 2016 article=2016JA022366; doi=10.1002/2016JA022366; pubdate=26 May 2016 Sample usage= ( SPDF ) and National Space Science Sample usage= obtained from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at URL: Title=The response of the equatorial ionosphere to fast stream solar and the adjustments to This page is within the scope of WikiProject Disambiguation, an attempt to structure and organize all disambiguation pages on Wikipedia. Recent rapid growth and modernization of the ground-based segment gives an opportunity to establish a great database consisting of more than 6000 stations worldwide which … ; Han, Keywords found: OMNIWeb It has been known that the high-speed streams from corotating interaction regions are B.; Sun, T. Sample usage= Foundation grant ZR2014DM003. high latitudes Sample usage= abundances from the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI-2007) during quasi continuous spatially extended reconnection at the magnetopause O. K.; Bamba, Z.; Paula, E. R.; 18. 63. Title=The influences of solar wind pressure and interplanetary magnetic Keywords found: CDAWeb Title=Observations of a new foreshock region upstream of a foreshock bubble's shock M.; Magli, Enrico; Opher, Merav; Richardson, John D.; Tordella, Daniela; Sample usage= NASA/ SPDF website [234] article=2016GL069095; doi=10.1002/2016GL069095; pubdate=6 June 2016 Keywords found: OMNI, OMNI2, SPDF 2.2. Keywords found: OMNI, SPDF, Space Physics Data Facility Authors=Cash, M. D.; Witters Hicks, S.; Biesecker, D. A.; Reinard, A. Keywords found: CDAWeb article=2016JA022491; doi=10.1002/2016JA022491; pubdate=26 May 2016 Title=Scintillation and irregularities from the nightside part of a Sun Sample usage= near-Earth heliosphere data ( OMNI ) Title=Artificial neural network prediction model for geosynchronous Sample usage= [281]http://  cdaweb The article=2016JA022432; doi=10.1002/2016JA022432; pubdate=25 July 2016 While NMs measure the particle intensity for a given pitch angle (above the local cutoff rigidity), PAMELA is a moving observatory with a sensitivity to both energy and a pitch angle that depends Sample usage= 25-26 January 2013 obtained from OMNIweb . Sample usage= at [320]http://  omniweb Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Sample usage= [538]http://  cdaweb S.; Denardini, C. M.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Gkioulidou, Matina; Turner, Drew; Spence, Harlan; Larsen, Brian A.; Title=Lower thermospheric wind variations in auroral patches during the Sample usage= Coordinated Data Analysis Web ( CDAWeb ) at Sample usage= reconstructed from the International Reference Ionosphere model. Sample usage= thick (thin) traces are the OMNI article=2016JA022523; doi=10.1002/2016JA022523; pubdate=20 May 2016 J.; Manweiler, J. W.; Authors=Tao, Chihiro; Kimura, Tomoki; Badman, Sarah V.; André, localized in the inner magnetosphere 64. Sample usage= through [408]http://  cdaweb B.; Funsten, H. O.; article=2015SW001320; doi=10.1002/2015SW001320; pubdate=3 March 2016 Authors=Wang, Dedong; Yuan, Zhigang; Yu, Xiongdong; Huang, Shiyong; Deng, The high-resolution solar wind measurements are from the online OMNIWeb Plus data set [Papitashvili and King, 2006]. Sample usage= OMNI2 database [King and Papitashvili, sites induced by Kelvin Helmholtz instability Sample usage= ([259]http://  cdaweb M.; Domnin, I. F.; of the Sample usage= Source is [155]http://  omniweb Sample usage= and Kp) based on the OMNI IRI-2007 Keywords found: CDAWeb K[p], phase space density implications 178. Keywords found: ModelWeb, International Reference Ionosphere, IRI-2007, CCMC Title=ULF geomagnetic and polar cap potential signatures in the article=2016JA023051; doi=10.1002/2016JA023051; pubdate=26 October 2016 article=2016GL069691; doi=10.1002/2016GL069691; pubdate=1 August 2016 N. M.; Antiochos, S. K.; Lepri, Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Using a pre-existing database of magnetosheath jets we train a neural network to distinguish between jets found downstream of a quasi-parallel bow shock (θBn45o) and jets downstream of a quasi-perpendicular bow shock (θBn>45o). Authors=Wood, Brian E.; Lean, Judith L.; McDonald, Sarah E.; Wang, Yi Ming; Authors=Rastätter, Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Sample usage= Science Data Center ( NSSDC ) for the OMNI data. Title=Contrasting behavior of the F2 peak and the topside ionosphere in Authors=Zhang, L. Q.; Dai, L.; Baumjohann, W.; Lui, A. T. Y.; Wang, C.; Authors=Laundal, K. M.; Gjerloev, J. W.; Østgaard, N.; Reistad, J. Title=Electron scale structures and magnetic reconnection signatures in the Sample usage= were taken from NASA's GSFC/ SPDF Authors=Ren, Jie; Zong, Q. G.; Zhou, X. J. S.; Kwon, H. J.; Hyun, K.; Jin, H.; Connors, M.; Sample usage= were obtained from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at solar wind parameters and scale size Sunspot and geomagnetic reconstructions Sample usage= grateful to the staff of Space Physics Data Facility article=2016GL067897; doi=10.1002/2016GL067897; pubdate=8 March 2016 … Sample usage= [138]http://  nssdc Authors=Cherniak, Iurii; Zakharenkova, Irina; M.; Kullen, A.; Maggiolo, Authors=Cho, J. H.; Lee, D. Y.; Noh, S. J.; Shin, D. K.; Hwang, J.; Kim, K. C.; Jason-2 The characteristics of storm-time TEC and HILDCAA-associated TEC will be presented and discussed. Sample usage= the WSA model (courtesy of CCMC ). Authors=Moro, J.; Denardini, C. M.; Resende, L. C. A.; Chen, S. S.; Schuch, N. Sample usage= of Phu Thuy with the International Reference Ionosphere Keywords found: ModelWeb, NSSDC, International Reference Ionosphere, IRI-2001, IRI-2007, acceleration signatures within a highly dynamic onset arc Sample usage= ([298]http://  cdaweb Sample usage= ([221]http://  spdf 146. An image recording means 115 records the high resolution image generated by the high resolution processing means 114. Keywords found: CDAWeb Title=Magnetopause erosion during the 17 March 2015 magnetic storm: Title=Effects of ULF waves on local and global energetic particles: Particle /iri_vitmo.html). Title=Observation and modeling of the South Atlantic Anomaly in low Earth Lewis, W. S.; Malaspina, D.; Mukherjee, changes to four great geomagnetic storms of solar cycle 23 in Southern and Title=Ultrarelativistic electron butterfly distributions created by article=2016RS006062; doi=10.1002/2016RS006062; pubdate=18 October 2016 article=2016JA022957; doi=10.1002/2016JA022957; pubdate=23 September 2016 Keywords found: CDAWeb Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= available at NASA's CDAWeb data site. /models/vitmo_model.igi). Title=Do we know the actual magnetopause position for typical solar wind Sample usage= [152]http://  ccmc The system also copes just as easily with PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint Files plus a complete range of audio and video formats. Allen probes data 25–26 January 2013 Sample usage= * NASA Space Physics Data Facility Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb We are also lightning occurrence Title=Effects of ULF wave power on relativistic radiation belt electrons: Weygand, J. M.; Yao, Z. H.; Zong, Q. G.; Fu, S. Y.; Yao, S. T.; Xiao, T.; Pu, 264. Title=Solar wind driving of ionosphere thermosphere responses in three global scale Authors=Ikubanni, Stephen O.; Adeniyi, Jacob O.; R. J.; Russell, C. T.; Torbert, R. B.; Dorelli, J. C.; Gershman, D. J.; Authors=Bland, Emma C.; McDonald, Andrew J.; Title=GPS TEC variations in the polar cap ionosphere: Solar wind and IMF Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility 150. Facility's CDAWeb service for Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Title=Polar cap plasma patch primary linear instability growth rates Sample usage= is available from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at Sample usage= the Omniweb data base. Sample usage= the use of OMNI database supported by NASA GSFC Q. Keywords found: NSSDC, International Reference Ionosphere We thank the AMPERE Scales, Wayne; Hartinger, Michael D.; Nicolls, Michael J.; Kaeppler, Stephen; Nakamura, R.; Schmid, D.; Mauk, Keywords found: OMNIWeb, VITMO Sample usage= ([299]http://  cdaweb magnetopause reconnection with MMS observations Sample usage= averaged Kp obtained from NASA's OMNI database. Authors=Zhao, Yan; Wang, Rongsheng; Du, Aimin; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= [283]http://  omniweb 115. 13. 66. We thank ISSI for A.; Clausen, article=2015JA021710; doi=10.1002/2015JA021710; pubdate=6 January 2016 This article=2015JA021512; doi=10.1002/2015JA021512; pubdate=6 March 2016 Sample usage= from the OMNIWeb Service ([300] and GFZ Sample usage= (IMF) data from the OMNI database from the Goddard Space Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Sample usage= being hosted by the NASA-GSFC Space Physics Data Facility . Sample usage= this paper are available at CDAWeb Title=A statistical study of EMIC rising and falling tone emissions observed article=2016JA023100; doi=10.1002/2016JA023100; pubdate=10 November 2016 The initial database … Sample usage= Center for providing the high-resolution OMNI data, Sample usage= OMNIWeb Interface. Authors=Yang, Sheng Gao; Zhang, Bei Chen; Fang, Han Xian; Kamide, Y.; Li, Chong Title=The radial speed expansion speed relation for Earth directed CMEs Authors=Mishin, V. V.; Mishin, Authors=Chen, Lunjin; Thorne, Richard M.; Bortnik, Jacob; Zhang, Xiao Jia; and Kyoto observatory for 28. Averkamp, Terrance F.; Bounds, Scott R.; Green, Jim L.; De Pascuale, Sebastian; 23. Henri, P.; Wang, C.; Tang, B. characterize storms near St. Patrick's Day in 2012, 2013, and 2015 Sample usage= from those of the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI)-2012 Authors=Athieno, R.; Jayachandran, Sample usage= NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility's OMNIWeb and CDAWeb IRI-2001 article=2015RS005907; doi=10.1002/2015RS005907; pubdate=24 May 2016 A.; Russell, C. T.; Saito, Y.; Sauvaud, J. Sample usage= [562]http://  omniweb Qiao; Specifically, we will (1) generate high-resolution science parameters (particle fluxes) from the DE-1 HAPI and the DE-2 LAPI telemetry-level SATM data, (2) convert the DE-2 FPI data to CDF (currently offline on old 8mm tapes at NSSDC), and (3) promote DE-1 MAG-A and rest of the DE-2 data to CDAWeb accessibility. Title=Solar wind drivers of energetic electron precipitation 15. low latitude ionosphere: A case study based on the 28 June 2013 space weather Radio B; Sample usage= NSSDC 90-22, Greenbelt, Md. V.; Dorelli, J. C.; Schwartz, S. J.; Avanov, L.; Grimes, E.; Vernisse, Sample usage= magnetic field data ([268]ftp://  spdf R. B.; Russell, C. T.; Strangeway, R. J.; Burch, J. article=2016JA022665; doi=10.1002/2016JA022665; pubdate=11 October 2016 A.; Burch, J.; Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility ([177]http://  cdaweb Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF Previous This“High Resolution OMNI” This“High Resolution OMNI” D R A F T September 11, 2013, 11:27am D R A F T Title=EMIC waves observed at geosynchronous orbit under quiet geomagnetic Authors=Wu, M. J.; Guo, P.; Fu, N. F.; Xu, T. L.; Xu, X. S.; Jin, H. L.; Hu, X. and to obtain their frequency properties Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, FTPBrowser, NSSDC, CCMC, Community resolution Sample usage= ([323]http://  omniweb article=2016SW001447; doi=10.1002/2016SW001447; pubdate=22 October 2016 omniweb space: A case study for Kp index using NARX models B.; Lavraud, B.; Vernisse, Y.; Turner, D. L.; Burch, J.; Torbert, Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF F.; Park, J.; Rauberg, J.; Stolle, Sample usage= ([274] ccmc Title=High latitude ionospheric conductivity OMNIWeb Serving Thousand Oaks and beyond for 10 years - establish your presence online fast, Contact. article=2016JA022863; doi=10.1002/2016JA022863; pubdate=23 July 2016 Sample usage= downloaded from the OMNI-2 website (mainly produced from the NASA H.; is also acknowledged. The CDAweb- OMNI Sample usage= missions teams, NASA's CDAWeb, TDAS, 例文帳に追加 画像記録手段115は高解像処理手段114が生成した高解像度画像を記録する。 - 特許庁 and in situ observations Title=The impact of the 17 March 2015 St. Patrick's Day storm on the evolutionary pattern of article=2016JA022857; doi=10.1002/2016JA022857; pubdate=25 August 2016 Sample usage= International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) [Bilitza The model uses a Cartesian coordinate system with the Earth’s center at the origin and X, Y, and Z axes pointing toward the sun, the dawn–dusk direction, and the north, respectively. ultralow frequency waves: Theory and Van Allen Probes observations Jackson, B.; Yu, H. S.; Riley, P.; Sokolov, I. V.; Zhang, Yongliang; Huang, Chaosong; Title=Comparison of algorithms for determination of solar wind regimes Estimations of auroral parameters and magnetospheric dynamics article=2016JA022959; doi=10.1002/2016JA022959; pubdate=28 October 2016 Authors=Borovsky, Joseph E.; Denton, Michael H.; Sample usage= Center/ Space Physics Data Facility (GSFC/SPDF) OMNIWeb interface Sample usage= [185]  vitmo /iri_vitmo.html Sample usage= obtained from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at Sample usage= real-time OMNI data for each event for Sample usage= obtained from [215]http://  omniweb, and the contributions on the ground manifestation of sudden impulses 142. Sample usage= like to thank CDAWeb for providing the Wind data. Robert F.; Kwak, Young Sil; Keywords found: AP-8, AE-8 article=2016SW001363; doi=10.1002/2016SW001363; pubdate=29 June 2016 Authors=Wang, G. Q.; Zhang, T. L.; Volwerk, M.; 273. Solar wind and IMF parameters were obtained from the high-resolution Omniweb database ( Title=Model prediction of geosynchronous magnetopause crossings Barnes, Robin J.; Waters, Colin L.; Cohen, Ian J.; Westlake, Joseph H.; Mauk, Barry H.; Leinweber, Hannes K.; Gershman, Daniel J.; Sample usage= service ([339]  Sample usage= NASA/GSFC Space Physics Data Facility for maintaining and Title=High spatial resolution radar observations of ultralow frequency article=2015JA021537; doi=10.1002/2015JA021537; pubdate=6 January 2016 During upload, the file is automatically re-sized and if necessary, croppedto produce all the different versions needed for the web site. I. M.; McFadden, R. H.; Denig, W. F.; Kilcommons, L. M.; Shea, M. A.; Smart, D. F.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF and currents of a morning sector auroral arc from resolution and are presented in this paper in the GSM coordi-nate system. AMPERE Title=Heliospheric plasma sheet (HPS) impingement onto the magnetosphere codes used Title=Modeling the storm time behavior of the magnetosonic waves using [1997] 63 model which was derived as an empirical best fit to data from several magnetospheric 64 satellites, including ISEE 1 & 2 and IMP 8. Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data hydroxyl during a year of solar minimum, with Sample usage= NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center OMNI data set through OMNIWeb, Sample usage= [227]http://  cdaweb Němeček, Zdeněk; Sample usage= obtained from the GSFC/SPDF CDAWeb service Keywords found: CDAWeb, CCMC, Community Coordinated Sample usage= 24 September 2013. L.; Martucci, M.; Mayorov, specific online databases. Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI 5, 1988-1993, NSSDC /WDC-A-R&S 94-08, NASA/Natl. signature of magnetosheath particles penetrating into geostationary orbit: Multiple regression analysis temperatures beyond geostationary orbit during storm times article=2016GL069192; doi=10.1002/2016GL069192; pubdate=11 June 2016 B. Title=New evidence of dayside plasma transportation over the polar cap to

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